Thursday, July 25, 2013



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Took us awhile to remember something the fella at FORREST CITY MOTORHOMES had told us about our Winnebago. Try as we might this morning we could not figure out why we had no power to our rig's power outlets even though we had the generator running. It was Kelly who remembered the shoreline plug in the outside electrical bin that had to be plugged into a power box also located in the electrical bin. Don't know why Winnebago does it that way but they do. Soon as we plugged the shoreline cord into the onboard power outlet we were fine. Yep, we have started loading the Winnie Wagon for our first shake down cruise week after next.


Made me feel good to see Kelly bringing some things out to the rig. That always kind of puts an ‘official stamp of approval’ on our travel plans for sure. Figured this morning would be as good a time as any to hook the Jeep up for the first time & make sure everything was compatible between Winnie & the Jeepster. First hook-up of the season can sometimes be a little bit of a head scratcher for me as I try to remember the procedures.  Clamps, safety lines, electrical, pins, bolts, etc. And to get the Jeep’s 4 wheel drive crankcase correctly configured for towing. Luckily I have a check list to follow. No problem remembering all this stuff when we are on the road using the equipment but after sitting dormant for months at a time the old RV memory stick in the brain gets a little rusty.  Make that ‘a lot rusty’.  Checked & rechecked the hook up a couple times & off the little Bumble Buns & I went for a trial run with the Jeep on back. Everything checked out A-OK & 20 minutes later we were back home.

Maybe not fair to compare the 26’ 10 cylinder Ford Winnie with the 8 cylinder 23’ Chevy Sunseeker we had but the difference in handling & power sure are noticeable. That little ‘Jackrabbit’ of a Sunseeker sure spoiled me. The Chevy 8 cylinder just seemed so much more powerful than this Ford 10 cylinder engine. The Chevy handled like a sports car while the Ford handles more characteristically like a bigger RV. I think a fair example would be the storybook classic, ‘The Tortoise & The Hare’. I think once I get a bunch of good old road miles under my belt with the Ford the comparisons will fade & I will be just fine with driving a heavier & longer Class C again. Besides, there’s a lot of nice things to like about Winnie the Bago.  Did a few measurements today too.  From Winnie’s front bumper to the rear of the Jeep we are 46’5” long.  Our clearance height from the road to the top of the A/C unit is 11’3”. 


For the past 6 years we have traveled with an onboard solar system & that has enabled us to travel freely & stop whenever & wherever we wanted.  We could seek out quiet boondocking spots along our travel routes.  Of course that's the fly in the ointment for us at the moment & it's not likely we can get ourselves self sufficient again until we eventually have a solar system installed on the Winnie Wagon. That is not likely to happen until we reach Solar Mikes in California's Slab City sometime in maybe November. In the meantime we'll have to work things out using our generator etc. I’m not a big noisy generator fan & we having been totally spoiled these past 6 years by the Damon’s silent & efficient solar system.  We will find our upcoming journey to the South West not quite as comfortable as we have been accustomed to. We'll see how we make out on our short trip up around Ontario's Bruce Peninsula shortly.


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Further travel talks are leaning both of us more & more towards the Colorado route about mid September.  The Canada west/ U.S. coast route is longer & would be lengthier in time so it makes more plum good sense for us to do that route once we have our solar system installed now that we think of it.  Thanks to the folks along that Canada/Oregon route for the invites to stop by:))  Also talked today about maybe not doing the Spencerport trip with the rig.  Kelly continues to feel better & said she just might slip down to Spencerport with her car sometime next month.  We’ll wait & see how that shakes out……………...



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  1. Things look great all hooked up! Too bad you had no place to go yet. Mid September is just around the corner!!

  2. The jeep looks good following the Winnie. Like they were made for each other! Love the butterfly picture - a prize winner for sure !!

  3. The fact that Kelly continues to feel a little better reinforces the thought that she may have Valley fever. Her immune system has fought it off for now, but she may have a reoccurrence later. it is a shame that she never got definitive test results.

    Best wishes in this regard. She is a strong woman, and I hope her healht returns to 100%.

  4. My mother contracted Valley fever when she was in her mid 80's. It wasn't pretty. Sure hope that's not what Kelly has...

  5. Hey, Al, I really like your butterfly photos! Just like all of your others, they are great!! You could put together a mighty fine photo book. You should think about doing that, it's pretty simple nowdays.

  6. The butterfly pictures are awesome!
    The Winnie and Jeepers sure look good hooked up! I am excited for you!


  7. The Winnie and the jeep look really good hooked up.The next six or seven weeks will fly bu fast.

  8. Wonderful Butterfly pic's, they shore blow my fuzzy bee away. I like the way you raise the bar and make me work harder. I just have not seen any butterflies to practice on, will keep looking.
    That shore power setup is like my old Adventurer and is simple and reliable. I have made the mistake of not plugging into the genset connector once, I learned quick, after having to get out and connect it in a less than comfortable area we chose to use the microwave.
    Your rig looks great!

  9. Now you talkin. Hop in Winnie and tour. Love the Bruce Peninsula, its been a long time since we toured there, can't wait to see more pictures.

  10. Winnie the Bago...LOVE IT!! We are grounded for an undetermined amount of time...Think I'll just go sit inside the Hiker ..makes me feel instantly better..Hey, at least we have the Hiker sitting and waiting patiently for us..She isn't gonna jump ship!! Anxious to travel with you 3 again..LET'S GO!!

  11. Love your Winn the Bago! Classy!
    Chuck and I are almost ready to go full timing! We have a Honda 2000 Generator and it is the quietest one I have ever been around. He had it changed over to run on propane instead of gas. We didn't want to be carrying spare gas around! Propane lasts a long time too! Laughed out loud at your last photo! That was funny! Too bad it's true!

  12. Winnebago, in order to save money has not installed a transfer switch in your rig.. This could be done by your local dealer that you like there in Bayfield... They are kind of pricey but keep you from the plug me in part in the bays...

  13. The reason you have to plug into the generator is you don't have and automatic transfer switch. Not a bad thing either cause that's just something else to fail.