Saturday, August 31, 2013



Couldn’t seem to get myself too interested in doing a whole lot of anything today so I’m a bit short on usual blog fodder tonight.  Spent the whole darn day thinking it was Sunday too.  I am not impressed with myself!!



DSC_0004 DSC_0009




We did some more measuring in the Winnebago today & realized we do not have a lot of room to work with in replacing the air bed couch with a couple recliners.  Only 69” across & 30” deep on the slide.  Definitely have to be wall hugger recliners if we decide to swap out our couch/bed.    We do not find the leather couch/air bed that comfortable & going through the hassle of blowing that bed up does not appeal to either one of us.  The guy where we bought Winnie tried to demonstrate the bed & even he had trouble with it.  However, I think we will just go with the couch for now & see how we make out with it on our trip west.  If it doesn’t work out we will see about swapping the couch out for a couple recliners when we get to Congress.



Comment from Don in Shout Box about using Google Earth maps in trip planning.  Yes, I do this as well plus use MapQuest for checking mileage sometimes.  Google Earth is so totally excellent for finding off roads, potential boondocking sites & checking terrain.  Wouldn’t leave home without it:))


IMG_3246 IMG_3252 

Liked Cheryl Ann’s post over at DEEP CANYON as she talked a bit about herself growing up in & around Los Angeles.  Living in Palm Desert now she is looking forward to retiring with her husband to a smaller community & getting away from big city living & being out of all the summer’s heat & humidity.  I sure know how she feels.  Nice when folks tell you a little bit about themselves sometimes.


Mark’s got himself quite a project going on over at BOX CANYON BLOG.  Well in fact he’s got a couple projects on the go.  He’s doing fine about affixing some additional storage space to the rear of his Class C but needs a little input from readers regarding some solar panel placements.  It’s quite a cardboard template he has put together & it looks like he is quite the upside down welder as well.  Oh how I envy all these talented folks who are so adept at doing so many mechanical handyman things themselves’.  That is one very big huge financial asset to have in one’s life.  Wished I had taken an interest & paid more attention in ‘shop class’ oh those so many high school years ago.


WOW, tomorrow is September 1rst already. What a welcome turning point in the long summer that is & how rejuvenating for we Snow Birds. All those long months have finally slid on by & we birds can now begin to get down to a little serious thinking & planning about our upcoming travels. What a super grrrrrreat ‘Tony the Tiger’ feeling that is.


Don’t know why it is but I have never had any great desire to travel anywhere off the North American continent.  There are countless wonders of the world to see & experience worldwide but my interests have never really spurred me on to travel off in search of them.  My Mother traveled to Hawaii & countries in Europe years ago but I just have never had a hankering to go to those places.  I think I would find being in a country that didn’t speak the language I understood kind of intimidating.  I get the feeling many European countries are very crowded with masses of people.  Well, that sure wouldn’t work for me.  And driving on the wrong side of the road…..what’s that all about!!  No, I think I’ll just stay put here in Canada & the United States.  Lots of great wonders to see right here at home in our own 2 great countries.  We drive on the right side of the road & I can understand what folks are talking about most times.  Prefer the lifestyle & freedoms we have as well.  And for the most part I know what I’m eating.  I get the feeling in some of those countries you had better hurry up & eat what’s on your plate before it hurries up & eats you.  Nawwww, think I’ll just keep my boots on the ground, kick up a little South West desert dust, hike me some forested mountain trails, & drive me along some nice relaxingly quiet country roads right here at good old ‘home sweet home’……………….10-4:))


GROANER’S CORNER:((  Just a few thoughts……..

Q. What do you do when your nose goes on strike?
A. You picket!

Q. Why is psychoanalysis quicker for men than for women?
A. When it’s time to revert to childhood, most men are already there.
- Apple Inc. has developed a new high tech toilet. The details are not yet clear, but the company is torn between two names for the new device: Either the iPood, or the iPeed.
-A man walks into a piano store and says, "I would like to buy a hairy piano." Perplexed, the sales clerk asked, "Why do you want a hairy piano?!" Nonchalantly, the customer responded, "Well, the last piano store only had Baldwins."
- A crook rented an apartment over a police station.
He feels he is "above the law, now!”
- A group of doctors were out duck hunting, when a large bird flew overhead.
The family doctor raised his gun to shoot, but then lowered his gun saying "I am not sure that is a duck."
The Psychiatrist raised his gun, but then lowered it again saying “I know it's a duck, but I'm not sure that it knows it's a duck."
The surgeon raises his gun and blasts the bird out of the sky. He turns to the pathologist and says "Go see if that was a duck."
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. I just tell folks That the rest of the world will have to wait until I finish my adventures here.

  2. Hola from New Mexico,

    Been following your Blog for over a year now, almost two. Enjoy seeing what your up to.

    You mentioned going by Santa Fe this trip West.

    There's much to see & do in the [url=]Santa Fe & Bandelier Nat'l Mon't[/url] area of New Mexico -A Trip Report last summer.

    Bandelier Nat'l Mon't is off US 285. We were there in August last year. Not too hot at all. Cools off quickly after sundown each evening. I believe we were there years ago in July. Warmer during the day, but cool nights.

    Los Alamos is a very neat small city in itself. Free bus system with very neat buses. Very pretty setting up in the high country. Somewhat of a gated community as well. We only drove through & stopped at a SuperMarket. A nice town. [url=][/url]

    [url=]More on the Santa Fe Area Expanded & ABQ[/url].

    If you get to the Chama Area. A little on the [url=]Chama Area[/url].

    Two neat stops, north of Abiquiu, worth a see would be the Echo Amphitheater, a Natural rock formation, and the Ghost Ranch Piedra Lumbre Education and Visitor Center, located on U.S. Highway 84 just one mile north of the main Ghost Ranch entrance, has exhibits and a gift shop. A very nice museum in "O´Keefe Country." The Echo Amphitheater is past the visitor center some miles.


  3. Looks Like one can not do the url links.

    Maybe this will work:


  4. We have been enjoying rving in north America. But some of them deep southern states are sure hard to understand some of those southern drawls, but fun too.
    Did three moths in Mexico too and was fun just trying to read the road signs and converse with the friendly small town Mexican people, was a blast.
    We like to tour wherever we can drive our coach to.

  5. Love the beautiful Autumn Leaf photo!!

    Tomorrow will be two months or less until we head south!! Starting to get "itchy" feet, as I expressed to Gay the other day!!!

    Need six new tires prior to leaving! Ouch!!

  6. I told my wife that when they make a bridge or tunnel long enough to reach Hawaii and/or Europe, then I will drive there...otherwise, there is enough to see in the Northern American Continent (and I don't include South of USA border only due to safety reasons) - Dave (

  7. I feel the same about much I still want to see in the USA and Canada. Pheebs looks so sweet all curled up and sleepy. Makes me just want to give her a hug!!

  8. Your blog post almost hit the nail on the head. I was never going on another of Kathy's Groupon special trips again, but we are booked for 11 nights in Peru. I just tell myself " I lived through many a tough times and if it does not kill me, it will make a good memory" It is $ 2000 a person from Miami airport with all transportation, hotels, tours and food provided. Our neighbors did it and they enjoyed it. They are rough tough third world travelers for their jobs.
    I like Canada and rural USA myself.

  9. For some reason I have never been able to do a thing with Google Earth, and I have had several versions of it over the years. It's a total mystery to me. If I zoom in everything just becomes too blurry, so what's the point of it.

    I've traveled in my younger years to a lot of European countries and the Far East, also Hawaii and Central America. I'm really glad I did, but now in my old age I'm content to stay in North America.

  10. I have traveled to many places in the world but probably no more. If I have to fly out of the USA I'm not going until TSA is disbanded and I don't think that will happen in my lifetime.

  11. Loved the birds taking a bath photos! I am so glad Michael is handy--it is a HUGE financial asset as you said, Al.

  12. I so agree...Canada and the US are beautiful. It would take several lifetimes just to see all there is the see. We have no desire to travel abroad. Plus, I don't think our 4 pups would enjoy it either!

    The picture of the light thru the fall leaf in the pine tree is gorgeous!

  13. I love the slow shutter speed on the bird photos...especially the one where one bird is in sharp focus and the other a blur, shaking off his bathwater :)
    And thanks for the mention...doing so brought a lot more opinions and suggestions on how to DYI my solar panel install...
    As far as being "handy," I'd rather be rich enough to pay someone to put my ideas into reality :)) Oh well...
    Box Canyon Mark

  14. We took out our sofa and replaced it with two Amish made wall away recliners... don't miss the sofa and love the recliners.


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