Wednesday, September 04, 2013


We've been waffling again on our recliners idea for the Winnebago. We know for sure recliners are far more comfortable than the couch in our rig right now & far more practical for our purpose. We have no intentions of ever trying to deploy the air bed in the couch. We know we could make do with the couch, grumble & complain about it's uncomfortability a lot & save ourselves some money. Depends on our priorities I guess & at this age & stage comfort is always high on the priority list. If it wasn't, we would still be traveling with a tent. So with waffled minds in gear we motored off to La-Z-Boy in London Ontario this morning.
DSC_0037 DSC_0025DSC_0035
An hour & a half later with 18 annoying London traffic lights behind us we pulled into the Laz-Z-Boy parking lot. Nice patient & helpful sales lady by the name of Michelle showed us what they had in smaller RV oriented wall hugger recliners. While trying out different chairs for comfort & asking a handful of questions we decided to have a look at reclining loveseats as well. Discussing & weighing the pros & cons between recliners & reclining loveseat couches we took ourselves a fancy to one of the loveseat units they had. Biggest problem for us is the small 30x69" space we have to work with & the reclining leather loveseat we liked could possibly be a close fit. Before committing to any final decisions we decided to carefully re-measure our rigs space & compare them to measurements we took of the loveseat in the store.  La-Z-Boy is having a sales tax free Saturday sale in a few days & that would save us a nice chunk of change by not having to pay any sales tax. They will deliver, assemble, & install the loveseat in the coach & that again is a big plus for us. We will sleep on the decision tonight, maybe tomorrow night too & see if we are left with any waffles in the morning. We also have to decide what we will do with the mint condition (& maybe never used) leather couch/air bed in the rig right now. We have also decided we will not attempt to take the couch/air bed out ourselves. We will have to get someone to do that for us.
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Kelly was also on the phone this afternoon with one of the Amish places in Elkhart Indiana who also custom make furniture such as recliners & loveseats for RV's as well. Prices were comparable to La-Z-Boy. If we had any kind of a problem (under warranty) with a La-Z-Boy unit we could simply go to the nearest La-Z-Boy store in either Canada or the U.S. Any kind of a problem with the Elkhart unit would mean we would have to return the unit to Elkhart. Safe to say we are leaning towards the La-Z-Boy deal in London……..or
Now, just before publishing this tonight we have had 2 more late irons added to the fire. Two more possible options. One for sure. We just may go with one of those 2 options.  Tomorrow night at this time I’m hoping we will have reached a decision.
Couldn't help but think while driving in London today what a huge change of pace & scenery it was for me from just a short 24 hours before when Pheebs & I were cruising around in our peacefully relaxing beautiful countryside. Thank heavens Kelly & I, former big city people, had the opportunity years ago to live for 7 years in the country. It thankfully changed us forever:))
And then there was Pheebs & my walk on a secluded beach Tuesday afternoon which I had remembered from a late night visit about 38 years ago. Found the narrow gravel dead end road & narrow steep path through a heavy stand of Cedar trees leading to the beach. Heard the roaring of waves before even seeing the water. How nice to be standing on that beach without a soul in site, wind blowing through my hair listening to & watching the crashing of those waves upon a stony shore. Pheebs dashing about up & down the shoreline being oh so careful not to get her paws wet.  Some days are just downright nicer than others:))
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Thanks to readers for their suggestions about rotating our sewer pipe assembly upwards. I loosened two large bandit-clamps holding it tightly on & managed to gain about 3 more inches of road clearance. And yes, I even remembered to tighten those two clamps back up again. That whole low slung outlet system sure makes me appreciate how our Sunseeker & Damon both had that assembly installed higher & enclosed in a bin making it much easier to access & keeping it free from road dirt, flying debris, & curbs etc.
'Cozy' is not exactly a guy's word. Probably won't find many fellas using it either verbally or in their writings. I like the word because of what it conjures up & means. 'Snug, Comfortable, & Warm.' Autumn is a time for cozy & for me it has to do with cooler crisp outdoor air & the warm Potpourri scented atmosphere one encounters when coming indoors. A warm cozy fire in the fireplace with mellow ambient music & soft lighting. Turning on the furnace or even a heater & feeling one's skin being enveloped by warming air gives me a sense of well being. Maybe a toasty sweater, a cozy blanket, flannel pyjamas or fuzzy slippers. A favorite movie on TV while snuggled up on a couch or stretched out lazily in one's very much most favorite recliner with a furry little Pal snoozing on their lap. One of my favs is sitting in our softly lit sunroom each night writing my posts.  Nice music, a gas fireplace stove aglow off to my right & a small electric heater at my feet if needed.  Outside the night air may be crisp & cold.  But no matter, It all means ‘Snug, Comfortable, & Warm’, & that in the end spells 'Cozy' for me.   I love it....... even if I am a guy. 10-4:))
Now, one last thing before some sharp minded readers with excellent memories check me up on something. I have some leather Crow to eat. I have blogged in the past stating my dislike for leather furniture. Not just once, but several times. I blah blahed about not liking leather seats in vehicles or leather seats & couches anywhere. Cold in the winter, sticky in the summer, etc. etc. blah blah babble babble.  You know me & my gripes.  Well Oooops, we now have two very comfortable & supple leather seats in our Winnebago. Had em in the Sunseeker as well. Bought a couple of nice used leather recliners for our sunroom earlier in the summer & now I am telling you about our plans to maybe buy an all leather loveseat recliner for our Winnie Wagon. What happened?? Well, I'd tell ya right now if I wasn't choking on my big slice of leather Crow............................Geeezzzzz, what's next, a new state of the art SAMSUNG SMART WATCH:))
GROANER'S CORNER:(( A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses.
She started her class by saying, "Everyone who thinks you're stupid, stand up!"
After a few seconds, Little Johnny stood up.
The teacher said, "Do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?"
"No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!"
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. We took the horrible jackknife sofa out of our trailer, and replaced it with a reclining loveseat. It's a La-Z-Boy, and fits in the space perfectly. It's sooo comfortable.

  2. Did you check to see if there are any electrical or plumbing connections hidden under the RV couch that would make it difficult to put a traditional couch in its place?

  3. I don't know how heavy the reclining love seat is but we have one of the sofas with a recliner on each end and it's heavy. I don't think it has been moved since it was delivered. I think there is a way to take it apart but I don't know how. Lazy boy does have a good warranty. I bought a used recliner at a garage sale and they worked on the chair for free.

    My motorhome has leather seats and I think the leather holds up better but don't sit on them in the summer with shorts on.

  4. Kelly, did that recliner fit you? I have tried those kind in the past (5'7")and I have to put a pillow behind my back because it sinks in farther than my head. It makes my neck sore. I needed the back that is one big piece with no buttons or tucks or seams that makes the top half push my head forward. Did that make sense?

  5. Our J sofa is going as soon as we get to southern Michigan! John's recliner from our sticks and bricks waiting for us there! Good luck in choosing the perfect fit for you two.

  6. is kinda fun to try and figure out what you really want. Enjoy!

    Your farm and field photos are very the colors of autumn.

    Glad Pheebs had a fun beach day!

  7. Is that a Dexter tractor hiding in them weeds?

  8. I never sit on my couch and love my recliners, one a rocker. But couldn't handle leather and even the fake stuff on my desk chair makes me sweat.


  9. We never cared about leather either, thought it was cold, got a recliner an few years ago then a love seat, and we like them both. especially with the dogs.

  10. Teri is really right..... Look underneath that sofa and see what is installed in the space between it and the floor.... Like sub woofers for the stereo, or water tanks and such...

    Is there a door on the outside that leads to a locker under the couch...?

    Your know the drill.... Rod

  11. Cozy to me is sitting in my recliner with Skittlez tucked in on my left side - that's the only place she wants to lay. Can't imagine not having a recliner. Could care less about the couch except the girls like it.

  12. I used to feel the same way about leather. My daughter has leather couches and recliners in her home, and leather seats in their van. She likes it because it's easy to clean and that's important having 2 small children. I find I really like the leather myself and don't really notice the hot & sticky vs cold thing at all. I would get all leather furniture and seats for my car if I could afford to switch.