Sunday, November 03, 2013


A 3 minute splash of rain in the night hardly settled the dust but did make for some soggy work gloves left in a wheelbarrow this morning.  We awoke to another big bright sunny Arizona day with temps pushing 70F
Disappointed to see some of my newly planted Cactus has already been nibbled on.  I suspect rabbits because we do see them in the yard.  So discouraging………With a combination of dog poop & moth balls we just may have convinced Louie LaPew to vacate his premises under our house. We have not heard any activity for about 3 days now.  I may have to try that same combination of deterrents around my cactus plants too.  Dumped the rig’s tanks this morning so that’s another ‘to do’ off the list.
At last we have some birds beginning to frequent our feeders so I am encouraged once they get used to us being here I’ll be able to come with a few more bird photos before too long.  Waiting for a cloudy day before I wash the rig.  Topped up the coach batteries today as well.  You can see I am scrambling for things to write about here.  Needless to say it was a pretty quiet Sunday. 
<<< ??
Ever get bombarded with questions by a barber when all you want to do is sit there quietly & enjoy a slight head massage from the cutting & trimming.  Maybe just close your eyes & catch up with some thoughts for 10 minutes.  I liked how TOM, a skilled aircraft technician ( I think that’s what Tom was/is) handled the barber’s persistent questions.  I probably would have made a relaxing barber guy because it’s not likely I would have asked nobody nuthin.   IVAN has himself over near the controversial super secret military base known as Area 51.  If he gets his Chopper in the air he & Hailey, the truck, & the fifth wheel may vanish forever without a trace.   But not to worry because rumor has it Wandering Willy (in stealth mode of course) has slipped quietly out of Canada heading south.  Where oh where will that Wily Willy be headed this winter:))
Couple questions from STORMRUNNER Dianne over there in our Shout Box today.  “I have forgotten Al but how far did you say you were from Yarnell”…… We are 10 driving miles from Yarnell or about 8 miles as the Crow flies.  And a bacon & eggs breakfast with home fries & toast at the Ranch House Restaurant in Yarnell is $7.95.  A bit steep for my pocket book of course:))
GROANER’S CORNER:((  The irony of life is that, by the time you're old  enough to know your way around, you're not going anywhere anyway.  And blessed are those who can  give without remembering and take without  forgetting.   Oh & when I was younger I was always taught to respect my elders, but it keeps getting harder to find one these days.  (Keep in mind folks I don’t write these jokes, I just find them on the internet.  I do re-write some of them a bit & string them together sometimes though……AL:))
- Tourists see the world, travelers experience it.
- Home is where your pet is:))
- "If having a soul means being able to feel
love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals
are better off than a lot of humans."
(James Herriot)
- The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails -William Arthur Ward
- The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.
- It is not so much having nothing to do as it is not having the interest to do something....AL.


  1. Glad to see your birds are coming back. Always enjoy your bird pictures.

  2. I didn't think the birds would stay away for long. They can tell a friend when they see him.

  3. Birds are opportunists, they'll come for free food! I love that you don't know many of them...why? Because I don't either!!

  4. Oh the birds. I have been patiently waiting for them to find you! I do love the photos! Thanks Al,

  5. Hi Al
    Thanks for the shout. At this time in life, I do not know what I am. Clueless Know It All seems to be a nice title.
    I have Shrews (mice) in my garage and 4 Wood Peckers in my attic and a 14 pound Cat in my lap.

    Last week I spent about two hours explaining the operation of the pressurization and air conditioning of a Boeing 737-400, to a group of student mechanics.
    I gave a tour of a Boeing 727-200 with all systems covered to a few instructors.
    I explained how to start and fly a 727 to a new CFII, who has big metal dreams. I enjoyed it more than he did.
    I showed a telecom technician how to tune a microwave radio oscillator.
    I had a fun life and learned a lot along the way. I still have my tickets: ATP, Flight Engineer Recip and turbojet and A&P Mechanic. 2 FCC license and a commercial A drivers license.
    Thank you very much for the Wood Pecker photo. Very nice pic.

    Where did the tanks get dumped?

  6. I think you beat the birds to Arizona, ut now they have finally caught up to you, enjoy their company.

  7. I sent you an email with photos.
    Looked up: house sparrow

    Sonoran Desert Birds

  8. Told ya... the dog poop would work against skunks. They are probably offended by the foul smell. :-)

  9. It is indeed discouraging to look at newly chewed plantings...or none at all. We have the same problem here with deer. Ya never know what they will munch on. I am getting used to making wire baskets to put over plants. It's even entered my mind that it's an outdoor cheap decorating scheme.

  10. Those Thrashers have the most evil eyes ever!!! I really enjoy the Cactus Wrens..They would sit outside our big back window of the Hiker and peer at us inside!

  11. I have not written lately, so first let me say I am very glad you got to your lovely home in Congress safely. Your photos of your home are a joy to see, so glad you enjoy it there so much.

    Keep the beautiful photos coming! I think you have a Ringed-Turtle Dove there. Inca Doves don't have the ring on the back of the neck. FYI- only!

  12. when we bought this place 2 acres, I dreamed of a nice garden with lots of tomatoes and lettuce...well the bunnies and other critters had their own agenda..I finally gave up. Before this area becamed populated and we still had our pond I counted 32 different types of birds in my yard...I knew what about 10 of them were :-) not knowing their names didnt deter me from enjoying them.