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Had an email Friday from a long time Blog reader currently staying over at North Ranch for a few days.  Had a few boondocking questions & wondered about getting together.  Sure could so this morning Simon & Sandy from Winchester Ontario rolled into our yard in their nice looking 03 Jeep Wrangler.  Well Okay, don’t all Jeep Wranglers look nice eh.  Travelling in a Triple E Motorhome these folks have a love for the South West just as Kelly & I & many others do.  Simon brought his Atlas along so I was able to point out some of the spots Kelly & I had just been to over in the Kofa & Castle Dome mountains this winter.  They are heading that way next.


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Sandy & Kelly got to talking about things & one of those things was hair.  Turns out Sandy is a hairdresser.    Well between the two of them they cooked up some plans for later in the afternoon.  Sandy & Simon headed back to their rig at North Ranch & Kelly slipped over later & picked up Sandy for a trip to Wickenburg.  Some hair products, a stop at a health food store & some groceries.  I kinda had myself a wee snoozle.


Shortly after Kelly arrived home Sandy & Simon came back over with Sandy doing a great job on cutting & trimming Kelly’s hair.  Kelly’s picky but she was really pleased.  She also picked up some good tips & pointers from Sandy as well.  While the ladies were doing the hair thing Simon & I armed ourselves with our telephoto lenses & headed out into our backyard in search of some bird photos.  Well there never seems to be a shortage of birds in our back yard so we were both able to rack us up a few pics. 

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Hope I don’t get myself into trouble with this commenter who left a comment on a fellow Blogger’s post but I felt it interesting enough to be repeated here in the RV community.  I feel it is well written & thought provoking.  It regards an RV topic we don’t always see folks writing about & it is also from a non RV’er & reader’s perspective.  A perspective we RV’ers were all at one time or another but a perspective we sometimes forget.  We often hear the Rah-Rah Awesome-Awesome side of RVing but what about the ‘other side of the coin’.   (can’t believe I just used that 7 letter ‘A’ word twice in a row)  The comment was left on Steve’s latest post entitled, THE MOMENTUM DREAM COMES TO A SCREECHING HALT.  Here is that comment……..Hi Steve, I read your blog as I do a few others but I very rarely comment - Your thoughts about not wanting to give up your home and your last special possessions are oh so true - I can tell you that unless you are rich you will never be able to buy another nice home like what you already own - without a job you can not qualify for a loan and even if you are lucky enough to get another job you have to be on it for 2 years before they will even consider that employment. Plus to start all over again making payments on a loan you would not be able to afford to travel or even retire - I have several friends who have been caught in a similar Catch 22 - they find a cheap property and then find out the bank doesn't even make loans under $50K or if they try to get a bigger house they don't have enough for a 20% downpayment and/or can't qualify for the high payments. I live in Dayton, Ohio and this has been the worst winter of my life - and it has only made matters worse to read blogs about all the fun in the Southwest and the warm sunshine , all the pictures of sunsets and campfires and jeep trips - and how "awesome" everything is and on and on and on - And then I gave up reading all those blogs and I was so much happier !! - But, reading blogs can become and addiction just the same as playing video games or being on facebook - I fell off the wagon even though reading them is just a waste of time. I think we are just searching out those that reinforce our own thoughts. Yes, I hate winter and I'm cold so let me read about how wonderful it would be in Arizona ! We have to remember there are only a handful of these bloggers who have a huge following and they kind of "feed on each other" - They travel in the same circles and literally fall over each other in a 3 million acre desert ! Bloggers write for various reasons - some to earn money on Amazon, some as a form of therapy against depression, some just to keep in touch with family, others to share photography or RV tips like how to flush a black tank. But whatever they write about - they are just throwing their ideas and experiences and thoughts out into the universe. They are not trying to hurt anyone - they have just formed their own little community and are chatting back and forth. We wouldn't even be exposed to them except for the internet. So it is sad that those of us who are unhappy or restless or vulnerable - might be swayed into giving up everything we have and following the pied piper off to Arizona. I can't imagine you or your dogs being very happy if you give everything away and sell your vehicles and your home - I'm glad you stopped before you reached the point of no return. It would be nice to travel and leave winter behind for 4 months - but the other 8 months in the midwest are pretty great and the sky and the stars are free. I think a lot of fulltime RV people have a lot of regrets - but unless they are rich they are now trapped by the decisions they made - they don't write blogs and you never hear about all the hardships and loss of home and family and what happens when they are sick and can't travel anymore I think you are making the right decision to keep your HOME and the possessions you love and hold most dear. I apologize for such a long comment - but your blog really touched me - maybe my comment helped me sort out my own feelings ? - Time to get on with LIFE !. Anyway I wish you luck - Spring will be here soon and it will be the sweetest one in many years !



And these photos are for you DONNA & RUSS:))DSC_0038

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As promised I have a few pics of Kelly’s outfit she picked up in Jerome Friday at at a shop called ‘MAGPIE’.  She also picked up a scarf at 'christy fisher' in Cottonwood that matches well with her dress.  And she reminded me this morning it is a dress & not a shirt as I previously stated.

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Plus I have some Jammie Bear pics as requested.  Photos were taken in the early morn so that yellow caste to the photos is the early morning sunrise.


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GROANER’S CORNER:(( Why do they call it the Department of the Interior when they are in charge of everything outdoors?

Why do you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?

It's zero degrees outside today and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow. How cold will that be?


  1. Having just sold everything we own, and are just waiting for the house to close, I find some of the words that have been bouncing around the blog world quite disquiting. We do have a pretty good saftey net, and will not be destitute when we decide to hang up the keys. We just don't want to be held down anymore by a house and stuff. I hope we are not heading for disaster!

    How much is enough?

  2. Cute pictures of Kelly in her new dress. The bright colors are very nice on her. I was wondering the same thing about your hat, then you answered my question as I read along. Looks like it might be a bit uncomfortable sleep in your hat. Your new jammies look nice and warm, glad you were able to find them. Becki

  3. Wow, love those jammies. Mine will arrive next week. I'll probably like them so much I'll wear them everywhere - shopping, hiking, etc.

  4. PS Forgot to add that Kelly looks fantastic. And I also found that comment on Steve's blog very interesting.


  5. OH WOW ..... Love the fashion show .... TERRIFIC COLORS in the dress and scarf ......purse too, the color is sassy ...Kelly, you look wonderful !!!!. On to the PJ'S .....Looking good and comfy all the way around the front yard !!!! Now, where is the new hair cut ? I'll bet it looks like a million bucks ......that is pretty neat a traveling, stop in to say hi hairdresser !!!! Hey, Al you could have had a trim !!!! What a fun day .....

  6. Really like the photos of the dove, Al. Very nice. You outdid yourself on the pictures you took of the crystals. They look fantastic. Knew we sent them to just the right place. Kelly looks very good in her colorful dress. If you sleep in your cowboy hat, you must have a BIG pillow, eh? HAHAHAHA

  7. Wow, you guys could make it big on the fashion runway lol! Great models. You got some great shots of Kelly, she really lit up the camera. I like the photo of the collared dove with that inquisitive look.

  8. Kelly really made a fashion statement. Love the colors. Both of your jammies look warm and comfortable. Joe and I both agree we like like the idea that we have a home base. We can come and go as often as we want for as long as we want. The bird pictures are beautiful. I always love to see your bird pictures.

  9. Beautiful crystals; great bird pictures; cozy jammies and a lovely lady. Kelly - you look so happy and well. :)

  10. Al,Kelly, as always thank you for your blog! I need it every morning just like my cup of coffee.
    Thank you for including the comment left on Steve's blog - I went over there and was elated to read everything to know I am not alone in my worries. I agree, you guys (Al, Kelly, Pheebs) have the very best of all worlds. KELLY IS GORGEOUS!! Kelly you look so gorgeous in the dress (not a shirt, a dress). Al, I believe you have earned a great western nickname. Much like Billy the Kid, Black Bart, or Buffalo Bill, you will be "The Jammie Bear Cowboy". Yes!! Oh, and must mention Pheeber: The photo of her with that green pepper she found was HYSTERICAL!!! So like her, she is so happy with that thing! I would put an 8x10 of that photo on my wall. She makes me smile every time.
    Jool in N. Texas

  11. LOVE Kelly's dress. She is beautiful! And, you too, look nice in your jammies! I wish I could get a nice dove shot like yours...I'm going to have to work on that!
    Cheryl Ann

  12. Oh my.. .what a risque blog post!!! All this negligee wear!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  13. Some people need that safety net, but we were unable to keep our house and rv as well. So we dove in feet first bought the coach of our dreams, sold the house, quit work and hit the road. No ties, we do have a few optional plans at the end of the road. It has been perfect since 2006, ups and downs yes, but more fun that being stuck in a house.

  14. Having retired several years ago, we hit the road for a couple of long exploratory trips to see if we could do the RVing thing long-term. We were well setup for it with a 3/4 ton truck and a 32 ft high profile fifth wheel. We learned a lot from that trip. First and foremost, we had to compromise with each other. I could have quite cheerfully kept on traveling, but Karen was getting antsy to get back home to her routine, her quilting frame, etc. and that has been the case for every long trip we've made since. We also had a big problem with our fifth wheel. Karen was just overwhelmed by the fifth wheel's front looming over us as we drove down the road and my trying to park it in anything that wasn't wide open and level gave her a lot of anxiety. It was also too big for a lot of the more rustic campgrounds we like to frequent.

    Long story short -- we still do the RVing thing, but we're keeping our paid-off home in the middle of the USA. It's more than just a base camp as we are here more than we're gone. We also didn't have to figure out how to dispose of everything that wouldn't fit in the RV and we don't have to figure out how to transition back to a stick-house after living on the road.

    The fifth wheel is long gone. We downsized to a 25 foot Class C motorhome and tow a small car behind it. RVing is pleasurable with it, for us, and we can park it in just about any campground that allows RVs. I still have the truck.

    I've been following your blog for several years now, but I think this the first comment I've left.

    Always, always love the photos!

    Mike Goad
    Haw Creek

  15. We sold it all...feeling anxious sometimes? YES, you bet! But would we trade it back to what we left...NO! After a costly rig change, we took the option to find a park, work on padding our pockets again, and then we'll begin moving on. That is one beautiful "dress"....and you look awfully smart in those PJ's!

  16. I'm with Marikay when she says "How much is enough"..But we are both retired and while definitely NOT rich, we are set enough with no house or car payment..I would love to FT for just a year, not selling the house...that would be the big trial. Also, we have some family back home that is having to deal with very serious health issues, so we need to get back to give support right now..Al, I really loved that shadow you cast behind you in the porch photo..THAT is the BESTEST!!

  17. Hi Al, I am honored that you chose to include my comment to Steve on your blog. He sent me a personal email to say "Thanks". I have been with you since 09 and got very involved with the Belle Starr story - I have sent you a few personal emails thru the years and I think you forwarded one of them to your Aunt Jean. I am a private person so rarely comment but do read a few of the blogs on your sidebar. I will probably never have the opportunity to experience the RV lifestyle - but I enjoy the stories and photos & admire the courage it takes to make life changing decisions. Thank You and Kelly for sharing Pheebs and a little piece of your life with those of us who can only dream - Cindy in Dayton

  18. Some people, like myself, don't have the option of having a house and also an RV. We have to make a choice... one or the other.

    I've been full-timing for almost three years. I'd rather have those three years than decades stuck in my former house without enough money to travel. I like being untethered to one place.

    I don't feel like I'm traveling in a circle. Every year the crew and I see and experience new places and people.

    As with most decisions, it depends upon the individual.

    Thanks for posting the comment, Al. It's an important consideration.


  19. Holy Cow, Al! I think you've just pioneered the next big fashion trend: Cowboy hats and jammies. :cD

  20. I love Kelly's dress and hair...
    And I love that first picture of Pheebs...she is such a pretty girl!

    Great jammies you two!

  21. You two should be professional models. Love it.

  22. As usual, another great post with fabulous pictures. You look fantastic both in your jammies and in the shot with your friends by the jeep. It's clear your place in Congress agrees with both you and Kelly. You two look wonderful. Great ads for the SW! Interesting comment you posted about the choices in RVing. I have only known a couple of people who left full timing and settled down but they seemed able to do it without problem. But each one must decide for himself what is best and how much risk he is willing to take. To that point was the commenter's description of all he had in his home town of Dayton Ohio. This was my home town too and I was never so happy as when I left it at age 18 never to return. Great post Al!

  23. You and Kelly both look great in your new clothes.

    I would have had to sell my house and move closer to family within a few years anyway, but I regret selling all the contents and furniture. I didn't have much, certainly not a cluttered house, but I lost money in the process of getting an RV that didn't suit a woman traveling alone. I don't regret anything I've done in life because it's all led me to where I am today, but there are times I wish I'd done it a bit differently.

  24. Way to rock the threads! You both look great! Love the crystals/rocks/bird pics too.

  25. I assume a lot of RVers are like me - I didn't sell out and get rid of everything to travel in an RV. I retired, got rid of everything I didn't need and bought an RV so I could live in different places. It's a very low cost way of living simply wherever I want to live. My RV IS my home, so I haven't left anything behind. I have no home mortgage and no credit card debt, and if I'm careful I'm still able to save money each month.

    Some day I might want to live in a stick home again. If so, I'll figure out a way to do that. But I'll probably rent, because I know in a year or so I'll want to move again because that's been my history. Much easier to give notice than to sell another house.

    I truly have never loved living in a house as much as I love living in The Palms, because I can move whenever I want. Some of us are just Gypsys. :)

  26. A great post & pictures... as usual! I would like to comment on RV Full Timing Lifestyle portion of your post too. If possessions & and home bring you happiness, then by all means keep the house and all of your possessions. If your love of possessions & a fixed dwelling keep you from traveling, so be it.

    Most of us either can't afford to keep our homes or we don't want the added responsibility once we hit the road full time. We will have a safety net in place just in case we hate the lifestyle, one of us gets sick, etc. But we will no longer allow stuff to control our life plans. No house & limited possessions means we are free to come and go as we please and the money we spend on maintenance will be used for our enjoyment, no roof to replace, gutters to clean, taxes to pay, leaves to rake, etc.

    Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.

  27. I just want to add a ME TOO to what Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said!