Wednesday, February 19, 2014




I had a long last look across Arizona’s darkened Verde Valley early this morning.  Jerome’s twinkling diamond studded treasure chest sparkled against the blackness of Mingus Mountain.  Thanks for that Jerome & next time we’re here we are planning to come over to see you again.  It’s been awhile…………………


Well I sure got spoiled this morning.  I drove a brand spanking new Honda CRV & it floated over the bumpy roads like a Cadillac.  Make me wonder now if maybe our Jeep could use some new shocks.  No I didn’t have the Honda out for a test drive, I was actually moving it from one campsite to another campsite for someone.  Annie decided a couple days ago she would still like the site we were vacating so we were able to help her with that move this morning.  Her own Honda was in for servicing so she had a new one for a couple days.  She drove over to our site, picked me up & we went back to her site.  She fired up the big Bounder & drove it over to our site a couple miles to the north.  I followed in the smoooooth Honda CRV.   Pheebs & Jake got to race around again for a bit.  It was a few minutes before 9 when we said goodbye to Annie, wished her the best & pulled out headed for home.





DSC_0017 DSC_0004 DSC_0022 DSC_0025



One stop for gas & coffee at McDonalds at the #17 & 260 interchange & we were on our way.  Traffic was lite.  Little bit of construction on southbound 17 & we were soon on 169 heading west through the Prescott Valley.  Nice scenic & relaxing drive around the Prescott by-pass soon had us on Iron Springs Road southbound for Skull Valley, Kirkland Junction, Peeples Valley, Yarnell, & down the Hill to our home base in Congress.  We rolled into our yard as the bell tolled high noon.



Nice to be back to our sticks & bricks & holy ker-smokes was it ever warm.  Reminded me of a nice pleasant Summer’s day back in Ontario.  As always we hit the ground running & had the rig completely emptied & everything put away in under an hour.  Couple loads of laundry, bird feeders filled, a long hot shower, & I even managed to catch my favorite Canadian half hour sit-com ‘Corner Gas’ at 2.  A bonus day & hey, no complaining from me for a change:))


DSC_0038-002 DSC_0046-001DSC_0045-002


We noticed right away how well our Aloe Vera plants are already growing.  Found them in a ditch a few weeks ago.  About a dozen or so.  Tall stocks with flower pods.  Hope all my Cactus plants will soon start showing signs of Spring growth as well. 


DSC_0052-002 DSC_0053-002DSC_0054

Saw a package leaning against the fence inside our gate.  UPS had left it there whenever & it was my new PJ’s.  I’m happy for that because my old ‘jammies’ were well beyond wearable.  But wear them anyway I did.  One set of new ‘jams’ are blue with gold teddy bears on them.  Second set are camouflage colors which I could wear to Walmart & people would think I was one of the local hunters.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042


I usually dump the black & gray tanks soon as we get home along with checking the Jeep, Winnie’s, & generator’s oil but will do all that in the morning.  Just a little too warm for me outside today. 



Had a little chuckle at NAN'S comment on my Tuesday post when she said, “Three years ago, we were climbing up to a vista in Death Valley. A tour bus came in and a gaggle of oriental tourists got off, rapidly walked past us to the vista, snapped their photos and left without appreciating the beauty. They just wanted their photos”.  If you go back to my ‘bus photo’ in Tuesday’s post & look closely at the people you will indeed see that was an Oriental tour bus as well with folks doing just as Nan said……:))



Slight correction to Tuesday night’s post.  Ranger at Montezuma Well said that big Sycamore Tree was the oldest tree in Arizona not the largest.  Kelly thought he said 150 years old & I thought he said 300 years old.  When we have a difference of hearing like that I have learned to defer to Kelly’s audio.  And about that green pepper Pheebs had……just about the time I snapped the photo of her laying down to eat it I thought ‘oh-oh’ could be a HOT pepper so walked over & took it away from her.  And no after effects for Pheebs after eating those 8 chocolate chip cookies a few days ago.  We kept an eye on her & she was fine.  Thanks for your concern Chinle.


And as much as we both enjoy getting away on our little adventures every 3 weeks or so we also enjoy returning to our sticks & bricks home base each time as well.  It’s almost like we have to come home for a rest & a re-charge.  When on the road we go at our day trips pretty hard sometimes & it is not unusual for me to take a couple hundred photos a day.  Soon as we get back to the rig I start right away writing my nightly post.  Then comes the editing of all my photos.  Each & every photo has to be looked at, assessed, & edited accordingly.  I enjoy this process but it takes time & it can be very tiring.  Once the post is written & the photos edited I have to put it all together in some semblance of reasonable readability.  Usually by this stage I am so tired some times the printing gets blurry, I make time wasting mistakes, & what little patience I have with myself just drains out through the bottom of my feet.  Final proof reading of the post is a chore.  By the time I hit the ‘Publish’ button it could be around 10 p.m.  Publishing times on the road can very from maybe 20 minutes to over an hour sometimes.  I have to stay awake for this because sometimes it times out & I have to re-start the post by hitting the Publish button again.  Not unusual for me to finally turn the lights out sometime after 11 & crawl up my bunk ladder to bed.  Add to this the fact I do not have a comfortable work station in the rig & you can begin to see why I sometimes look forward to coming home after just a week on the road.  I need that comfortable home time to get rested up for a few weeks before we hit the road again.  Am I complaining?  No Sireeeeee, despite the obvious & occasional difficulties I do love sharing my hobbies with everyone.  Thanks again for stopping by & making this Blog possible folks………………….:))  


GROANER’S CORNER:(( An Asian fellow has moved in next door. He has travelled the world, tried swimming with sharks, wrestled bears and climbed the highest mountains. It came as no surprise to learn his name was Bindair Dundat.

- An auto club tow truck stopped beside me at a street light today and the driver was sobbing uncontrollably. I thought to myself, "that guy's headed for a breakdown!"

- My dad worked repairing roads for the city for twenty years before he got fired for stealing! At first I didn't believe it...but when I got home all the signs were there!

- What do you call a Pope who has already resigned?


  1. You are back at home base and we will be taking off tomorrow....heading a bit more west.

    You know, I just love Pheebs. She has the sweetest face.

    Now get out there and finish those shed doors, ya hear????

  2. That picture of you and Pheebs having a bedtime story is the BEST! What a gorgeous face!!

    Enjoy your long hot showers, and comfy bed in your new jammies, while you think up your next adventure. We'll be waiting!

  3. It's always so nice to get back to home base, but before long the urge to hit the open road takes charge of you.

  4. Love your jammies! I'm jealous!

  5. Pheebs listening to her bedtime story really pulled my heart sweet! What's her favorite stories :)

  6. Wow! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog, Al! It shows--your blog is very readable, full of great photos & comes from your heart. Pheebs is such a peach of a dog. She's gonna be able to read to you one of these days--and maybe even spell you on the driving!

  7. Nice post and really impressive one to read this post. thanks for sharing this post.
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  8. Aw....I love the photo of you & Pheebs having a bedtime story! I have a 2008 Honda CRV and I LOVE HER! She takes me everywhere. I've been on some mountain roads and she does just fine! I'm thinking about camping out in her this summer, if it is too hot down here in the desert!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  9. Nice jammies..
    Think you need a rig with a comfortable work station, would be much nicer.

  10. Glad you finally got your pjs! Mike and I would love to visit all these beautiful, spectacular places with no people around too but in today's world I don't think this is going to happen. :( We did luck out at Montezuma's Well a few years ago--only about 4 other people around the whole time we visited.

  11. This is what I had to say about my visit to a VERY popular tourist site in Japan:
    Hiraizumi was the cultural center of the Tohoku region as is Kyoto in the south. It was here that the Fujiwara family held sway from 1089 to 1189 until destroyed by Minamoto Yoritomo. This is the period that all the Japanese "samurai dramas" on Japanese TV use as a historical backdrop. What exist today is a small town with a couple of small remnants of surviving and reconstructed temples that cater to large Japanese bus tour groups...

    The Japanese bus tour groups acted the same way there also. Run off the bus, huddle around their guide holding their tour bus flag aloft then rush around taking pictures and back onto the bus - chattering all the while.

  12. LOL on the Asian tourists. I see them around Moab and it's the same deal, even when they rent a jeep and drive themselves and shouldn't be in such a hurry.

    And glad the Pheebs is OK. :)) Thanks for the update, though I know you guys are on it. Some people don't realize that chocolate can be lethal even in small amounts because their little bodies can't process it and it sits in their stomachs for a long time, or at least that's what my vet told me.

    I'm going to order some of those PJs for cold nights - like the stealth ones for sleepwalking.

  13. In August 2011 you said:
    "It took us 2 Class C's, a Travel Trailer, a 5th Wheel Trailer & 2 pick-up trucks before getting it right & ending up with a Motor Home."

    Since then you have bought two more Class Cs and are now 'leaning hard' in the direction of another Motor Home. I am not posting this as a criticism of you Al I simply want to point out to the 'newbie' RVer that it is VERY hard for some individuals to get the "right" RV. Other people buy one and stay with it until it falls apart and then get another one just as much like the first as possible. I think the best way to judge which type of RV buyer you may be is to ask yourself how many cars have you bought in your life and how long did you keep each one.

  14. We have a Honda CRV back in Ohio. Love that car!

    I am with you. It is so much fun and a wonderful experience to get away for several months, but there is no place like home.

  15. Al, thank you once again for all of the time and effort you put into your photos and this blog. It's always a joy for me to see the great pictures and read about your day. Of course, photos of Pheebs really catch my attention ;)) Glad you're back home safe and sound.

  16. I heard that an Agave will die after they bloom. I looked it up and sure enough--the agave is a monocarpic plant and dies after blooming. I love your photos especially of Pheebs! Jim gets like a crazed monkey when he gets around a crowd of people or when people crowd him. I just swear ;-)

  17. I'm sure Pheebie would be happy to drive if you'd let her.

    Just remember to keep the camera handy so you can capture the server's face when she pulls up to the McDonald's drive thru window... :cD

  18. I think you are now in competition with MOI for best evening "ensembles". I am very jealous of those bear jammies..

  19. Hi Al,when we were in Quartzsite a few weeks ago, we went down a trail by the courthouse to an Ironwood tree they claim to be 1,015 years old. I think there are probably a lot of Ironwood trees that are many hundreds of years old as they are very slow growing and some of them have a lot of girth.

  20. About 30 years ago I toured the USS Alabama and there were a bunch of Japanese on the ship too. Kind of a strange feeling.

    I bought a CR-V a few months ago but haven't had it on any dirt roads yet. I really do like it. The best part is that I usually average 32 MPG. Nice after a van that got less than half that and a motorhome that gets 10 MPG. The first time I filled it up I thought it was strange that the pump shut off so soon. lol My complaint with the new vehicles is that there are too many buttons. My husband doesn't drive the CR-V very often and he can never remember how to turn the lights, wipers and air conditioner on.