Monday, March 03, 2014



Had been waiting on cooler temps & sunny skies before resuming my clean-up project on our neighbor’s property.  Today was that day.  Hooked up the utility trailer & headed next door to begin picking up the piles of brush along the driveway I had raked up over a month ago.  Already was a brush pile on the property so I hauled the driveway piles back to that.  Also trimmed up an overgrown Palo Verde tree.  Been awhile since I’ve been doing any physical work so I about wore myself out in just a short couple hours.  I’ll have another go at picking up more brush in the morning.


It seems at this older age now muscles just go to mush & joints seize right up if they are not being constantly used or exercised.  I can be working away at something outside, come in & sit down for 20 minutes & it’s a struggle to get back out of the chair again.  Leg joints just seem to seize up that fast.  I am certainly not impressed with this darn constant aging thing……………….



JANNA & MIKE dropped in this afternoon.  Always nice talking to these folks because we have many of the same interests.  Pheebs got to see Emmi again too.  We might just have us some plans brewing for later in the week:))


Not a lot on my mind tonight.  Well not a lot I feel like writing about that is.  May have some things coming up but we’ll see.  Most nights writing comes fairly easy but there are times when just trying to put two simple thoughts together seems all but impossible.  All day today & tonight has been one of those times.  Too many days in a row of doing too many of the same things methinks.  Say, are we not overdo for another week long road trip again…….:))



GROANER’S CORNER:((  So this guy opens the 'fridge to get a beer and there sits a rabbit."Rabbit, what the hell are  do doing in my refrigerator." To which the rabbit replies, "Well, this is a Westinghouse, isn't it?"  "Well, yes," says the guy. "Well, I'm westing!"………………Of course this joke reminded me of our own Wasscally Wabbit problem here at our house in Congress.  Since putting the granular repellent around the big hole in our foundation we have not seen hide nor hare of a rabbit since.  I put sand all around the hole as well to see if there would be any rabbit tracks…..nothing:))


  1. A road trip always sounds good!
    Love the pictures of Pheebs...what an awesome pup!

  2. Please do not drive off into the wild West until I get a pic Wednesday. You sure get a lot of use out of that trailer. Perhaps I should keep mine.

  3. My mind is a blank slate right now too...I think we know the same couple at Hickiwan...Not sure about next year..we have some family that are dealing with serious health concerns..and no, it's not the elders...Time will tell.

  4. My dear mother-in-law, who lived to 92, loved to say "aging is not for sissies!" Keep at it, otherwise it'll really be hard! Gosh, your neighbor is fortunate you live next door!

  5. Pheebs and Spencer make good models. After keeping Ollie company on the couch for two days, I found our walk harder to do today!

  6. Yep, time to get on the road again, love road trips, alwaya stimulating.

  7. You are right about the use it or lose it stuff. Is stiff the high point of aging?? Love the picture of Pheebs and her white tiger friend.

  8. Love those photos of Pheebs and her pal Spencer. Your all wore out from the thinking you did about your sunroom. I would love to see that happen for you one day.

  9. Craig and I have both gotten soft this winter. Not that we were ever athletic to start with. Looking forward to a short walk at the beach today. Ah! Sunny skies!

  10. I don't know how you manage to write a daily (or nightly) blog post and make it so interesting and/or humorous; always with such beautiful photos!

  11. Got to admit that constant aging is not all that great, however it sure as heck beats the alternative.

  12. With all you do, Al, you're certainly allowed to have your mind in neutral once in a while...

    Of course, when I put my mind in neutral, it's very hard to get it back in gear! ;c)

    About PDD. It's an abbreviation for "Paul Dahl Disorder". It was invented by Sherry for my tendency to drive way too many miles in one day. Usually at least 500+ miles.

    It's become a joke with my blogging friends and it's usage now applies to anybody that drives excessive distances (ie: "I had a PDD driving day").

    You, too can qualify for membership in the "club", you do make some serious tracks between AZ and Bayfield...

  13. Looks to me that you just might be a wabbit wangler. Maybe it is time for another woad twip.

  14. Well of course the rabbits all moved out after that rain. They were only there to stay dry. You shouldn't expect to see them back again with that tiger out on the deck.