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Well, I’m having quite a time with myself.  Knowing we have a major trip ahead I am itching to get on the road & get rolling.  This sitting around waiting to go somewhere has me about half drove crazy. We both agreed today if we had a larger more spacious rig we might have been on the road already taking a longer leisurely route maybe first to a never before been to place for us Sue from The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales mentioned in her recent post.  The MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE in California lies just North of JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK.  Could have spent some time there before working our way Eastwards over towards & through Arizona’s Monument Valley.  I remember in 2009 when we left Borrego Springs in March we went up through Joshua Tree to LONE PINE CALIFORNIA.  Because I didn’t take any photos today I have included photos from our Lone Pine trip.  What is really holding us back from heading to Bayfield too soon right now is the amount of ice & snow still on the ground.  Neighbor emailed us saying there is still nearly 2’ of hardened snow in our driveway at home.  Certainly do not want to arrive home to those conditions.



Reading MERIKAY'S post this morning I was reminded of why we return to the South-West every year.  Florida would be much closer for us each winter as would the popular Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  But our hearts are in the South-West.  I have traveled at one point or another through probably two thirds of the States.  I have a tendency to look for & usually always find the scenic beauty in each State I have ever been in.  It was on a trip West through America’s Northern States in 1971 that I first saw mountains & that was it.  When I traveled down through Utah into Arizona as far as the Grand Canyon’s North Rim in May of 1992 & saw the desert lands through Monument Valley my destiny was sealed.  From that point on my soul purpose was to some day if possible return to the great South-West.  Been doing that now since 06 with not a single solitary regret.  I have posted many times in the past why we prefer the Western side of the country as opposed to the Eastern side but I’m not going to get myself into all that again.  Just as the saying goes, ‘Different strokes for different folks’ & leave it at that.


DSC_3339 DSC_0034


Merikay also mentioned she wouldn’t like to live in the desert long term.  Nor would Kelly or I.  We’re fine for the months between late October & early March but to spend hot summers here would not interest us.  Just as much as we do not like cold northern winters we would not like hot desert summers either.   Both those 2 weather elements would trap us inside with furnaces running in winter months & air conditioners going full blast in summer.  Not our idea of a healthy environment.  And boondocking in the heat would be totally out of the question for us as well.  Can’t see sitting around in the hot desert with energy levels sapped by the heat.  Desert walks & hikes would be out as well because of snakes.  We could never relax knowing Pheebs could run into a Rattlesnake at any time.  Even right here on our own property & that is one reason we will be glad to put a few miles between us & Congress shortly.  Not that we don’t love you Congress, it’s just the Rattlesnakes we want to avoid.  And we know they are around us right now………………….


DSC_0026 DSC_0025DSC_0188

Kelly has never seen the Canadian Maritime Provinces or traveled up through Northern Ontario & out across the Canadian Prairies.  She has never seen the mountains of Alberta & British Columbia so those two trips are of definite interest to us at some point.  The Canadian West & American North-West might be an option for us this Fall, we’ll see. 



DSC_0103 DSC_0158DSC_0076

A reader sent a link this morning which may be of interest to Canadian Snowbirds again.  U.S. CONGRESS OFFERS LITTLE WARMTH FOR SNOW BIRDS.  RVing would be so much easier for we Canadian RV’ers if there wasn’t that darn border with all those rules & regulations between our two countries. 


DSC_0043 DSC_0003DSC_0024


A friend of ours in Bayfield also sent us this bit of information regarding Canadian Snow Birds::  On February 4, 2011 the Canadian and U.S. governments issued a declaration known as Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. The purpose of the program is to enhance security and increase the legitimate traffic of people, goods and services. ------ By June 30, 2014, as part of the Beyond the Border initiative between our two countries, the border program will be expanded to include the sharing of entry and exit information on both Canadian and U.S. citizens. Thus, an entry record into one country can be utilized to establish an exit record from the other. ------ While this expansion will mean travellers will have to be more vigilant in calculating their length of stay in the United States, it will have no impact on the current policies which Canadian citizens are already subject to. To be clear, this exchange of information will in no way change or shift the way in which either country determines your residency. Canadian and U.S. policies related to immigration and taxation remain unchanged. ------ For immigration purposes, eligible Canadian citizens are generally admitted into the United States for a period of "six months less a day" which is calculated within any twelve month period. ------- For the purposes of taxation, generally speaking, if you consistently spend four (4) months or more each year in the United States, you would need to file IRS Form 8840, in order to avoid paying U.S. income tax.


DSC_3342 DSC_3296DSC_0186

First book I have chosen to read on our Kindle is, UFOs:  Generals, Pilots, & Government Officials Go On The Record. (suggested in our Shout Box)  One of the last books I read a few years ago while we were near Elfrida Az was, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso.  With so many schlocky books & hoaky TV programs on UFO’s it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.  Have read & seen many TV shows on the subject but it was Corso’s book a few years ago that logically put a lot of the UFO pieces of the puzzle together for me.  I am a very skeptical person when it comes to a lot of things & that up to a point includes the UFO phenomena.  I have never seen anything I couldn’t explain but my Mother did & when she told me about the large round object that floated silently over our house in Tavistock Ontario one summer night many years ago I believed her & that went a long way towards blunting my UFO skepticism & opening my mind.  Not just that but I have always had some kind of ‘knowing’ feeling inside about life elsewhere in the Universe.  Nothing I can explain.  It’s just a feeling I have & I’m sure many others have it as well.


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As mentioned a few times previously my favorite time of the week is Saturday morning. Has been for as long as I can remember. In 1970 the Sandpipers came out with a song called, Come Saturday Morning & for me it sums up my feelings exactly. The words, "we'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles" have always stuck with me. The harmonies are soothing. You can listen to it here....SATURDAY MORNING. Two of my other Sandpiper favorites from the 60's are, GUANTANAMERA & Misty Roses. (couldn't find free music for Misty Roses)DSC_0002


DSC_0004 DSC_0001DSC_0035

Noticed an odd thing has been going on with my Picasa 3.9 photo editing program these fast 3 months or so.  The exposure I set (and save) for some photos is not the same exposure which publishes.  Darker photos such as sunsets, Moon, or night time often come out way lighter than I intended them to be.  Never had this problem until the past few months.  Wonder if anyone else using Picasa has noticed this.


DSC_3295 DSC_3337



GROANER’S CORNER:((  An elderly couple was attending church services when about halfway through she leans over and says to him, "I just had a silent passing of gas, what do you think I should do?"
He leans over to her and replies, "Put a new battery in your hearing aid..."


  1. I'm glad you understod what I was saying about the desert. It's great in Jan, Feb, and early March. Butwhen it gets hot and windy so you have to stay ndoors all day, it is not for me. .We saw one snake on oneof our hikes, but it was not a ratteler.

  2. I, for one, would be surprised if you ever spent a 'leisurely' journey back to or going from Bayfield. ;)

  3. Think how many hard boiled eggs you'd have to boil up. :O

  4. We soon be on the road too, but really need to come back to the southwest.
    Hope it warms up back home soon.

  5. You have shown the best way to enjoy the snow....on mountains in the distance. I must make a note of that... Someday I will be able to put that in practice! Beautiful Pics

  6. Sounds like both governments are trying to make it harder to RV. Hang in there.

  7. It was that first picture today, that had hooked on the idea of boondocking! thanks for that!
    we can hardly wait until we experience the boondocking in desert for ourselves, but until now we will peruse your pictures and dream a little!

  8. The Southwest is a magical place and you capture it so well in your pictures. We love it there too and just can't get enough of it. :c(

  9. Most excellent pictures from the past tonight. The depth captured in some was amazing and I enjoyed them.

    I am not wanting to go back to snow myself, but the time is near.

    We love Western Canada and have vacationed there a lot. The 6 million mile drive from Bayfield to the Northern Rocky Mountains might drive you nuts. The fields of grain start to look the same.

  10. I certainly understand about hating to just sit and wait until it's time to go. I would definitely be itching to get on the road too. I love the desert for a while but give me the beach anytime.

  11. I've said before and I'll sound like a broken record here, but for two countries that have so much going on in the way of trade and travel, we have the DAMNEDest border relationship I can think of.
    Once you've traveled from country to country in Europe, crossing into the States seems like something from the dark ages. Just blows my mind.

  12. I'm with Judy...seems like once you get those wheels on the road heading towards home, they seem to get a mind of their own and make a beeline for the driveway. :)

  13. Al, I'm LOVIN' your post on Lone Pine. That is one of our favorite spots!
    And, I ordered a copy of the UFO book (used)...still can't wrap my hands around a Kindle, but I can with a real book. It looks interesting! I'm going to write a post today about Deep Canyon and what my friend saw stay tuned!
    ~Cheryl Ann~

  14. The desert calls to us to the winters here!

  15. Al, we so enjoyed your incredible pics of the Alabama Hills, so sharp and distinct! But when I came to the one of Mt. Whitney, I had an "AH HA Moment"! We climbed that beast in 9/76. and I remember walking behind those jagged peaks to the top! Breath taking photo with the snow!

    I sure wish it were a lot easier for our Canadian neighbors, who cross all of the time, to come in and out of the border!
    Thank you,
    Kathy and Grant

  16. I will never regret coming West back in the day. Your photos are just gorgeous.

  17. Your header photo is gorgeous! Wonderful photos all the way around!

    We hope to hit AZ again next year. We haven't been there for a couple of years and love the climate and scenery.

  18. The difference between the cold of the North and the heat of the Southwest is, when the Sun goes down, the cold gets colder, but the heat gets cooler. We may sit in the house much of the day, but the nights are wonderful and the night sky spectacular.

    As to UFOs, since the last year of my military service included activities that added to UFO sightings here in the Southwest, I have some knowledge of what is “observed” and what is “seen”. The two are not the same. It’s much like “observing” stars in the sky and “seeing” the scorpion in Scorpio. Taken further, an Astronomer “observes” a star for what it is and the Astrologer “sees” the scorpion and attributes powers upon it that, they claim (for a price), influence human behavior.


  19. Sure great to see those photos of the dogs again. Nothing ever can really replace our feelings and memories of our best friends who have crossed that Rainbow Bridge. Precious memories, for sure.

    Love those pictures from the Lone Pine area, too. We may see that area once more before June, if all things work together.

  20. I love your photos in today's blog. I was thinking how beautiful the header picture was, and as I read through the post I found each pic to be just gorgeous!

    I'm surprised no one has suggested the missing Malaysian plane might be on a UFO space ship somewhere! Really. I keep an open mind about UFO's, but am amazed at the lengths most governments will go to in order to keep the truth from being known.

  21. I never seem to hear CALIFORIA mentoned. We have it all and all year long!!! Come visit us.

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  23. We occasionally have rattlers around our house and in our gardens. We got snake aversion training for our 2 large dogs and I can testify it is highly effective. We paid $60 per dog, they give them a couple shocks with a collar around live snakes and teach the sight, smell and sound of them. Afterwards I killed a snake in the gravel driveway unknown to them, then directed them to that spot, they jumped back immediately, hugely alarmed when they got a whiff! I do my rattler hiss every so often to test them and they just go off barking!

    We love Lone Pine and have climbed Whitney. The drive over the Panamints to Death Valley from there is a big favorite also.

  24. beautiful pictures. Have a safe trip home, we will be spending our first "snowbird" winter in the west this coming year. I'm pretty sure I won't be missing the snow after the amounts we had this year here in Ohio. Kris