Monday, March 24, 2014



Other than slipping ourselves down to EL Mirage just south of Surprise Arizona this morning there isn’t a whole lot on my mind tonight.  Just kind of ended up at the end of the day here drawing a blank.  With the days getting hotter my mind is getting slower.  Think maybe it’s time to get on home & shovel some snow eh………………….


Thanks to everyone for the reading ideas.  Some of the books suggested I have read but most of them I haven’t.  I have made a note of the one’s sent in that perk my interest.  Some of the suggestions reminded me of my reading years.  Went through a phase reading many books about the first & second World Wars.  Shipwreck salvage operations held my interest for quite awhile.  I spent some time this morning browsing through Kindle book lists.  I have the links saved people have sent in as well.  And from some of the comments it looks like the Kindle can be used in other ways as well.  Very interesting.  Kelly has already downloaded so many books it takes two of us just to lift the Kindle up off the table……

DSC_8885I did take a walk around the yard later this afternoon looking at the Cactus pads I had planted this season.  23 of 42 have buds on them so I know they are going to make it.  About a dozen are still green & healthy looking but no buds. The rest are not looking well & I suspect they will be ka-put by the time we return in the Fall.  About 60% of the Agave’s are looking good & the rest are debatable.  About 90% of the Aloe Vera I put in are doing great.  Two new Creosote bushes are struggling & that’s because I forgot to water them for awhile when they were first planted.  The 5 Joshua Trees I transplanted are still green but who knows.  All the Yuccas I dragged home after a road grader ripped them out last Fall all look dead but I’ll leave them in the ground anyway.  Desert plants are extremely hardy at surviving harsh treatment.  I’m already looking forward to seeing how all the plants are doing when we return in 6 or 7 months………………..


GROANER’S CORNER:((  "It has been said that there is no fool like an old fool, except a young fool. But the young fool has first to grow up to be an old fool to realize what a damn fool he was when he was a young fool."

And remember….nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up your interests weakens the soul.


  1. Your Groner has bit of truth in it tonight.


  2. We haven't got a Kindle yet, I guess
    we will someday, for us part of the fun is trading in our books for new ones.

  3. Global National's photo on "your canada" at the end of the broadcast was Lake Huron in Bayfield Ontario. Just thought I'd share. Pretty photo for sure.
    Thought of you :)


  4. Hey, Al I can tell your mind is working on the road trip home to the Bayfield digs !!!! Hope it will be a great trip and maybe an interesting stop or two along the way....Or who knows you may opt for EXPRESS !!!
    Have had a Kindle (the first version) for a long time....very convenient and so easy to take along on the road, etc...Sometimes I still like turning the pages of a book for old time sake .... But all and all, it is super to live in the age of fun and convenience....
    Glad THE Pheebs is better and on the move....I also feel she is ready for your rides to the country !!!
    Kelly's walking stick is one of a kind and has her name written all over it ..... She will really enjoy it ....
    Always grateful for your time and effort, that's for sure AL.....Thanks-a-million. SallyB

  5. Yes it does sound like you are getting hitch itch and are ready to head back to Bayfield. I read a lot of books but get them from the local library. When I hear about a book I think I'd like I just put in a request for it and they let me know when it's in. Mainly I love talking to the librarians - can't get that with a Kindle!

  6. I too saw that photo on Global National of the view from Bayfield, and thought of you guys.
    Erp. Still a wee bit frozen.

  7. The photo of the red chair.. the fish.... and the shadows is outstanding!

  8. Have fun with the Kindle, we still enjoy search and exchanging paperbacks in our travels.

  9. Yesterday you said: "In latter years my interest in fiction waned. I have no interest in long fictional novels anymore regardless of who wrote them."

    I then see that over half of the suggestions you received were fiction titles or authors that wrote mostly fiction. Interesting.

  10. Don't want to be a downer but remember Kindle book downloads take up Millenicom GB's, not much but they do. If you don't all ready know how, I can tell you how to check your usage on the Millenicom website.

  11. Me too Al. My mind slows down when it's hot. My body slows down. Hammock time. My camera died today and I came to find your side bar info on your camera so I'd know what to at least dream of getting as a replacement. But I guess when you lost your template, that got lost too. I tried search the site but nada. Is it anywhere? Today's groaner isn''s give up your interests/principles/goals weakens the soul.

  12. Pay NO attention to the woman who made that last comment. She was going back to previous posts to catch up with you and the kindle and found the camera info some how. She's a nice person, just not very bright.

  13. Al, interesting you should talk about heat. It is in the mid 80's here this week and I'm MELTING! I'm finding that as I get older, I just CANNOT take the heat. That's too bad, considering we live in the DESERT!!! I frequently escape up into our local mountains, however, and, as you know, we do go to the Sierras or up to the Mogollon Rim.
    Cheryl Ann ~ I'm currently reading Mayflower and The First Frontier, both non-fiction books.

  14. I'm reading Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen.. riveting...