Saturday, April 26, 2014




Turned out to be another inside day with our furnace running. Just couldn't reach quite far enough down into my motivation bag to pull out anything of interest. I'm sure the cold 35F overcast dull looking day had something to do with that. Still lots of outside work awaiting but I'll save all that for warmer sunnier days. No big hurry.
Watched parts of a couple old movies, ‘Red Badge of Courage’ with Audi Murphy & ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ with Marlon Brando. Hadn't seen either one of them before but had heard of them many times over the years. Had the weather been least ways nice I would have skipped the movies & been outside.

Heard Kelly answer the phone a couple days ago with the words, 'Pepi's Pizza.' Call display had alerted her to the incoming 800 number sales call. Person on the other end was befuddled & offered a 'sorry' for calling a commercial number. Score one for our side. Pizza anyone:))


How nice to see sunshine pouring threw our Pine trees early this evening but it was too little too late to save the day.  Maybe Pheebs & I will wander some scenic back roads in the morning just to give ourselves a break from being cooped up in the house these last few days.  In all honesty I do not know how we would ever survive having to stay here at our Bayfield house for another winter.  In reality the day will come of course but it is so unimaginable that I can hardly comprehend the thought when it occasionally rears it’s ugly head.  I’m sure many folks who have never had the opportunity to travel or spend their winters in an actively healthier warm southern climate may not understand my line of thinking.  I suppose there was a time long, long, ago when I didn’t understand it either but I’m thinking I had my sights set on the American West ever since I was old enough to read & look at pictures.  Kelly & I have always noticed how much better we feel in a warmer dry winter climate.  Both mentally & physically.  Just so many more things to see & do, places to go, trails to be walked & hiked, rocks to be scrambled on, & bouncy Jeep rides through the desert to be had.  Just so many more opportunities & options when one is not being held captive in their house day after day by icy cold winter snows & seemingly endless stormy days.  It is so important in these Senior years now to keep ourselves as active as we possibly can.  Yes, when the time finally comes & we are not able to return to our beloved South-West again it will truly be one very, very, sad day for the Bayfield Bunch just as I’m sure it has been for countless thousands of folks before us.  But enough of that kind of thinking for tonight.  Sunny warm Spring days ahead & we are sooooooo looking forward to picking up ‘The Big E’ as soon as it has cleared it’s mandatory safety inspection.  No idea what day that will be yet but we’re anxious to get er home:))

GROANER'S CORNER:(( Dept. of the Army Regulations For Operation Of Aircraft
Commencing January 1920

1. Don't take the machine into the air unless you are satisfied it will fly.

2. Never leave the ground with the motor leaking.

3. Don't turn sharply when taxiing. Instead of turning sharp, have someone lift the tail around.

4. In taking off, look at the ground and the air.

5. Never get out of the machine with the motor running until the pilot relieving you can reach the motor controls.

6. Pilots should carry hankies in a handy place to wipe off goggles.

7. Riding on the steps, wings, or rail of the machine is prohibited.

8. In case the engine fails on takeoff, land straight ahead regardless of obstacles.

9. No machine must taxi faster than a man can walk.

10. Never run motor so that blast will blow on other machines.

11. Learn to gauge altitude, especially on landing.

12. If you see another machine near you, get out of the way.

13. No two cadets should ever ride together in the same machine.

14. Do not trust altitude instruments.

15. Before you begin a landing glide, see that no machines are under you.

16. Hedge-hopping will not be tolerated.

17. No spins on back or tail sides will be indulged in as they unnecessarily strain the machines.

18. If flying against the wind and you wish to fly with the wind, don't make a sharp turn near the ground. You may crash.

19. Motors have been known to stop during a long glide. If pilot wishes to use motor for landing, he should open the throttle.

20. Don't attempt to force the machine onto the ground with more than flying speed. The result is bounding and ricocheting.

21. Pilots will not wear spurs while flying.

22. Do not use aeronautical gasoline in cars or motorcycles.

23. You must not take off or land closer than 50 feet to the hanger.

24. Never take a machine into the air until you are familiar with it's controls and instruments.

25. If an emergency occurs while flying, land as soon as possible.


  1. Agree with it from the bottom of my heart!
    The day started sunny and I had some good hours in the garden. Now we are back again to rain and cold wind. :((
    But it is not so bad than the tornados, like in NC.

  2. The reverse is also true for some folks. This will be the first summer in 15 years that we have been forced by health problems to stay home in the heat of TX. How we loved those cool MN summers!

  3. I so agree with you about feeling better in warm weather. Just a little sunshine goes such a long way! We actually have been really luck here in Ohio. Since we arrived back about three weeks ago, the weather hasn't been all that bad. Hope the warm weather arrives for you two and stays!

  4. Dang #21 means I will never get to be a pilot.

  5. Sooo agree. I am wondering why we still live in Illinois, home of the corrupt governors and sucky weather....Den is now 72....time for a change.

  6. Can you believe we stayed inside to day too! Here in Camp Verde it rained, but we saw snow on the mountains.....our high was 52! Such a change from yesterday.....

    The duck in flight is beautiful!

  7. I feel so much happier spending my Winters in the warm Sunny South. Even a walk is fun.

  8. Same kind of day here but I did get out for a few walkabouts all bundled up.
    Like you we love the southwest, and will truly miss being there in the winter when the time comes.

  9. Unimaginable...that is exactly how I feel about the fact that one day we HAVE TO spend the winters in the cold windy weather up north. It really frightens me.

  10. With Kelly being an American citizen, why couldn't you retire to the U.S.?

    I love Kelly's method of dealing with unsolicited calls. Since Nancy telecommutes from home for HP, she could honestly answer with, "Hewlett-Packard".

    I believe #17 in the Groaners Corner has a typo. It should read, "No spins on back (inverted) or tail SLIDES will be indulged in as they unnecessarily strain the machines."


  11. Is Kelly from Oshawa? "Pepi's Pizza" was the first pizzeria there. Or did every town have a Pepi's in the day?

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