Friday, April 18, 2014



Had ourselves a rain soaked gloomy morning but it worked out Ok for us as we were able to concentrate our work efforts inside getting things organized & put away from our return home last Saturday.  We needed to get organized because we knew we had to completely empty the Winnie Wagon of totally everything.  Want to get Winnie cleaned up quickly as possible & get her on the market.



Soon as the rain let up we were outside working at the task at hand. Had to move things around & make space in our carport as well to temporarily accommodate all the stuff . Shop Vac out & vacuumed up more Arizona dust out of Winnies empty bins. Sirius satellite antennae off the roof etc. Saturday is supposed to be sunny & warm so out will come the buckets of soapy water & cleaning supplies as we give Winnie the Bago a last good scrubbing. Will probably turn the outside water on & maybe fire up the pressure washer. Got to get as much out of these energy spikes as we can.



A commenter wondered what the Triple E owner's reason for selling was. Don retires in 6 months, has already bought a 45' Entegra diesel pusher & he & his wife plan to hit the road full time. Their first trip with their new rig will be to the South-West next winter.  Another reader wondered if we had any concerns about getting the coach serviced in the States & the answer is, no we do not.  And ‘no’ we will not be painting the interior of this one but you might see a few South-West Lizards on the wall.  And when will we pick up & bring the Commander home??  Well, in Ontario any sold vehicle has to have a safety inspection done & that is always the responsibility of the seller so Don will have to make arrangements to have the rig inspected & a safety certificate issued.  It will all depend on when he can get the coach into a garage.  Could be this coming week or possibly the week after.  Of course you know we have our fingers crossed for this coming week:))


Some may wonder why we would go from a 2003 Class A to a 2012 Class C, then to a 2011 Class C & finally back to a 2003 Class A. Well that’s a perfectly logical question. Aside from the obvious size thing it has to do more with the quality of the rig than the year of the rig. And also price was a big factor. Buying a newer high end rig was out of our price range & the only way to move ourselves into a quality built coach was to go older with the hopes of finding ourselves a well cared for & well maintained Gem. And that is exactly what we did & exactly what we found.  There is also another huge benefit for us.  Our Winnie Wagon will sell for substantially more money than we paid for the Triple E & in the short run that is a big plus for us.  If we can get a good 3 to 5 trouble free years out of this coach then it will have been worth it in the long run as well.  With the added bonus of the complete solar system & the price we paid for the rig we think we landed ourselves a very sweet deal.


On March 26th of this year I wrote a post which included a few paragraphs dealing with, SOME CLASS A MOTORHOME THOUGHTS. Forgot to mention in those thoughts was another reason for changing back from a Class C to a Class A & it has to do with light & dark. Class A’s by virtue of their design are much brighter coaches inside than Class C’s.  This was something we had failed to take into consideration when we downsized to a C class. Noticed after awhile we just couldn’t see out nearly as well plus we missed the open airy feeling the big windshield & bigger windows of a Class A gave us. It’s nice to sit by a window watching all the goings on of Nature outside & in our C there was no place we could do that.  Of course another nice plus is to have the option of all that basement storage space again.  Not that we fill it all up like our first few years on the road but it’s just nice knowing one has the space if one needs to carry any additional stuff.



The couch in the Triple E is a power couch that makes out into a bed & it’s quite an arrangement.  This will be where Pheebs & I sleep.  No more crawling up & down to & from a an overhead cab bunk.  And this is going to be soooooooo much better for Pheebs because now she can easily jump right up on the bed for our morning & evening tussles & snuggles plus she can sleep right on the bed with me if she wants.  And we have lotsa room to play toys again now too.   Of course we haven’t told her all this new exciting stuff yet but we already know she will be very excited & very happy.   


Talked to Aunt Jean on the phone a couple night’s ago & she’s doing pretty good.  Had a windy day on the gulf course this past Tuesday & with some piles of dirt from a nearby construction site blowing around there was a lot of dust in the air.  Not one of her better golfing days as she tried to keep herself anchored to the ground in the swirling dust.  Said it made her golf balls go backwards.


GROANER’S CORNER:)) The owner of a priceless antiques collection allowed a museum to exhibit his treasures. The movers packed the vases while the collector hovered over them. "Do be careful," he cautioned one burly mover. "That vase is nearly two thousand years old." "Don't worry," the guy replied. "I'll treat it like it was brand new."
The teacher was giving her class of seven-year-olds a natural-history lesson. "Worker ants," she told them, "can carry pieces of food five times their own weight. What do you conclude from that?" One child was ready with the answer: "They don't have a Union."


I went to the Doctor to see why I had fluid on my knee……He said, “your not aiming straight.”


  1. Very nice RV you found Al and Kelly. Where do you plan to list the Winnebago for sale? We're putting our RV up for sale too (maybe the truck too, if somebody needs it to pull the toy hauler). Finding space for all the "stuff" is very tricky indeed.
    - Mary Ann

  2. You guys sure stay busy, very nice rig.
    I looked at the giant propane tank and wondered if the drive engine burns propane also.

    Hope you make many great memories in it.

  3. We have had the class B, Class C and class A and agree on your assessment of the living lifestyle, can't ever see us changing vehicles, this one works well for us and is exactly what we want.
    good luck with you new coach.

  4. We all like something different. Isn't that a good thing? Hopefully you'll sell your Class C and for the price you're hoping for.

  5. I am so excited for you Kelly and Pheebs. What fun adventures you will have...

    The grackles are beautiful!

  6. You two have so much energy! But this kind of cleaning is fun!

  7. We too love our older high end coach and you will get many, many years of enjoyment out of this one we bet!

  8. When my husband and I went RV window shopping I was not as impressed with the physicality of the Winnebago's as I was with the other brands... I think my favorite was the Phaeton. So I asked the dealer why the prices on the bago's were so high and he said because the safety build and the quality of the bago's are much better than the others..... It was then that I realized that "just cause its pretty does NOT mean its quality" haha! I sure do like the look of our new ride, I would buy something like that in a second if I could.

  9. "If we can get a good 3 to 5 trouble free years out of this coach then it will have been worth it in the long run as well."

    A perfect example of how everyone thinks differently; for me 3-5 years is short run. You will be thinking of getting rid of this Class A and getting another by the end of your long run period and I would be just settling in.

  10. Congratulations on your new home.... I am on the hunt again for a new TT too but a jaunt to Utah took over for a bit.... Back home to home turf and the hunt becomes serious. Don't work to Hard!!

  11. We decided to do some costly improvements rather than trade for a different rig. We like what we have. It isn't quite as big as some, but it suits us quit well.