Tuesday, April 15, 2014



No wind as snowflakes lazily floated lightly to Earth through our surrounding Pine trees at daybreak.  Cold but pretty as clumps of snow hung heavy on sagging Pine boughs. It's the kind of winter snow we don't mind, knowing it is temporary & soon will be gone. It was a photographer’s true winter scene.  Unfortunately the only photos I have of it are from in the house. Although the weather was picturesquely perfect outside I’m afraid I was under the weather inside.


Must say how nice it is being back at our desktop computer in our Sunroom again.  First time since last October I have not had to have my laptop…..on my lap!!  Nice to have a big screen that remains stationary on the desk therefore making it much easier for me to edit my photos.  I always have trouble getting exposures right while balancing my Toshiba on my knees.  If the screen tilts just an inch forward or back it affects the exposure & with me constantly moving around either on our rig’s loveseat or my recliner & Ikea chair in Congress it is near impossible for me to get the photos edited correctly. 


Aside from that it is doubly nice to be sitting comfortably with large windows on three sides of me overlooking our whole front yard.  Hope to get some birdfeeders hung up tomorrow to again bring all the birds back into our yard.  I can just sit right here at the computer & photograph them as they freely come & go.  I also have a nice sound system here in the Sunroom & with our ambient lighting it all makes for one very pleasurably cozy place for me to spend my evenings contentedly working away on my posts. 


Soon our front yard will green up & green in giving our Sunroom a tropical atmosphere.  Running water in our Frog pond, birds singing in the trees & shrubs, Frogs croaking, Crickets cricketing, & Owls hooting in the Pine trees.  And nobody can see in through all the foliage we have planted over the years.  Yes, it sure is nice to have a pleasant home to come home too.  We are so fortunate in so many ways.


A few days ago I mentioned I had not climbed out of my PJ’s until 10:30 a.m.  I never got out of of my PJ’s at all today & I’m guessing that has to be a first since maybe when I was kid.  Stuck close to my recliner with a blanket & watched a few old movies.  That darn chest congestion which I thought would have cleared up on it’s own by late last week is being persistent despite starting the meds today.  Felt like Kelly had the heat cranked up to about a hundred all day.  I am hopeful for some improvement tomorrow. 


DSC_0006 DSC_0003

Despite blowing snow coming in off Lake Huron this afternoon we did end the day with sunshine beginning late afternoon & as I type this in early evening I have sunshine streaming in our west Sunroom window lighting up my Spirits.  Sunglasses may be required at any moment.


Wondering if anyone out here is familiar with Canadian made Triple E Commander Class A Motorhomes??  From what we have read they were a quality built coach, very solid & very well insulated.  Built with a Northern climate in mind.  I’m thinking they were comparable with some of the higher end American coaches. 


GROANER’S CORNER:((  When the Mother returned from the grocery store, her small Son pulled out the box of animal crackers he had begged for. Then he spread the animal-shaped crackers all over the kitchen counter.  "What are you doing?" his mom asked.
"The box says you can't eat them if the seal is broken," the boy explained. "I'm looking for the Seal."


My class was touring the local animal shelter, oohing and awing over the lost and waiting-to-be-adopted animals.  One of my third grade boys was gazing intently at an elaborate aquarium full of different species of fish.  "They're beautiful, aren't they," I commented.
He looked at me thoughtfully, then replied, "Yes, but I don't understand...how can anyone lose a fish?"


Both of my parents are full time RV’ers and lead very hectic lives at times. So my father Fred W. was bound to forget their wedding anniversary.  Remembering at the last minute, he sped to the stationery store, flew through the door, and breathlessly asked the salesclerk, "Where are the anniversary cards?"  To his surprise, he heard my Mother Jo call out, "Over here, Fred."


  1. You do have a inviting comfy place to spend Summer, why did you go there in the Winter?

    Hope you get well soon.

  2. Beautiful scene. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Don't go out and play in the snow!!

  3. Here is a old timey cure for a cold that even many doctors will admit works.
    When you go to bed rub Vick's on the bottom's of your feet then put on cotton socks. We absorb a lot of things through our feet and that is why Vick's works so well applied there.

  4. ...or better yet, cover your chest with Vicks, warm up a nice thick hand towel or kitchen towel, pin it inside the tops of your pj's or a T-shirt & then put the towel on your chest. It smells really good & will probably even make you sleepy. Take good care of yourself--the birds are waiting. What a lovely sunroom you have--you've gone from the desert to the tropics!

  5. I had the chest congestion & coughing crud too. Used Vicks on the chest before bed, took Musinex to loosen the congestion and elderberry syrup to fight the virus. Doesn't really matter if you go to the doctor or not...it lasts 2-4 weeks. Stay warm, rest, fluids, you will recover.

  6. almost looks like Christmas?
    I am sure it's great to be home, the sun may come out tomorrow and melt all the white stuff!

  7. We have that same weather here will be back into Ontario to enjoy it there Wednesday.
    I always use my laptop computer on the table. much more stable that way. Maybe your next rv will have a kitchen table.

  8. Al, my own doctor told me that with a Z-pak, which is what you have, you have to finish it and THEN it takes another 7-10 days for the symptoms to go away. So, hang in there, rest, stay in your jammies, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors from inside your house!
    Take care. I'm still coughing, too.
    Cheryl Ann

  9. Photos? Editing? Huh?
    I certainly do appreciate that you're willing to edit your pics, but I guess I don't have the patience. And quite possibly the skill set.
    And the evidence of that shortcoming is overwhelming....

  10. We got the snow by now, Wednesday morning. :((
    I agree to "Vick" on the chest. We did that already when I was a kid and I have always turned back to this the few times I got sick. It was told that we should inhale the smell while sleeping. There is no quick-fix, your system needs time to deal with it, pills or not.

    I had never heard putting it on the feet! :))

    Just DON'T put the salve too close to your nose. That will be too strong and actually does more damage than good.

  11. Your yard definitely looks like a winter wonderland.

    Your sun room looks so inviting! I would love to sit with you and Kelly and watch the birds.

  12. Good morning Al and Kelly, I think Simon and Sandy have that same motorhome you are asking about, I have their email if you need it. And, remember you were in the land of Valley Fever not long ago--don't let this "cold" run too long before getting checked out!! It is so nice to be boondocking again!

  13. Sauch an RV that is suitable for cold, should also be great in very hot weather.

  14. My brothers family have a Triple E Class C and it is certainly a well built coach. My understanding is that they are built in Manitoba and quality is job #1. It is certainly well set up, my only interaction with it is when I winterize it each fall but just that job and the way it is set up show that no corners have been cut to save a few cents as is common in other manufacturers.

  15. We hated to go to our Grandmother's house when we were sick. She would mix vicks and kerosene, soak one of Grandpa's wool socks in it and pin it around our neck. If she didn't get the mix right it would take your hide off. I can't stand to wear anything wool.

  16. Hope you feel better soon, Al. That is the combination John takes when ever he comes up with a cough. It is the best combo for what you have. Now, forget about going outside tomorrow and let your meds do their job. ...... please.

  17. Your scene is beautiful but cold looking. No thanks. I enjoyed a shirt sleeve day with windows open in Yarnell. It was probably hot down the hill.