Monday, May 05, 2014




Yes indeed, I did have myself a confusing morning.  The confusion did not come from the outside in rather it came from the inside out.  Had it in my mind to buy a new Shop-Vac so loaded up the little Bugsy Buns & off we went.  Couldn’t seen to decide whether to go to the Canadian Tire Store or TSC. (Tractor Supply Company)  Waffled with that somewhat simple decision all the way to Goderich & somehow ended up at Canadian Tire.  Found the Shop-Vacs, checked the price & immediately went into one of my ‘cheap-skate’ modes.  Wrestled with myself for a few minutes then headed off to the other end of town to check out TSC.  (Tractor Supply Store)  Cheapest one they had was twice the price of the Canadian Tire Vac but had more power & was of better quality.  No matter, I wasn’t in the mood to spend that kind of money on a simple Shop-Vac.  McDonalds is right near TSC so Pheebs & I headed on over there but I couldn’t decide on the Drive-Thru or walk in.  Walked in, stood in line, looked at the prices, & hauled myself right back out of there again much to the disappointment of an anxiously waiting little dog.  Back to Canadian Tire I went but could not get myself to make a decision on the Vac.  Walked around a few isles in a stew thinking about it.  I’m not normally indecisive like that but by golly this morning I sure was.  Bought a bag of Peat Moss & 3 bags of Top Soil instead & figured I’d better get myself on home right quick.  Knew I needed another bag of grass seed but couldn’t part with the money.  Jeep’s gas tank was down to half & I knew I needed gas for a trip to Cambridge shortly but I went home with a half empty tank anyway.  Somewhere in all that muddled indecisiveness I managed to tear a sizeable hole in a five dollar bill after leaving Canadian Tire when I slipped through a Tim Hortons Drive-thru for a coffee & sausage breakfast muffin.  I would no doubt have Scrooged myself past Tim Hortons had I not had a smiling little doggy sitting beside me with her paw on my arm reminding me it was breakfast time Dad.  When we got home I decided it was best I just go sit in my recliner & stare at the wall for awhile fending off any more of that darn decision making stuff which just might happen to come my way………………………………………………


Despite starting the day off under sunny skies our weather went right back into the dumpster again.  Cloudy, damp, & cold.  Spent a few hours this afternoon familiarizing myself with ROKU & so far I am really liking what I am seeing.  Checking Roku’s music channels I found the very same SOMA FM program we have been using on our desktop computer.  I wasn’t long in adding my favorite channel, GROOVE SALAD.  That was a bonus find.  Groove Salad is described as, ‘A nicely chilled plate of ambient/downtempo beats and grooves.  Downtempo and chillout electronica featuring artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fila Brazila, Dhzian and Kamien, Afterlife, Zero Seven, Nightmares On Wax, Shantel, Groove Armada and artists on Pork Recordings, Waveform Records and Cafe del Mar recordings’.  We now have Groove Salad booming from both ends of the house.  Grrrrrrooooooooovy:))



Annie at Annie and the Fur Kids is at this moment thinking seriously of downsizing from her late nineties Class A 38.5’ Fleetwood Bounder to a smaller early 80’s 26’Class C Mobile Traveler.  Changing rigs for whatever reason can be a difficult decision for anyone & Annie is appealing to anyone for their thoughts, opinions, & suggestions.  In her post Annie talks about why her decision to downsize.


Email from Don tonight saying the Big EEE was e-tested today (emission tested) & the rig goes in tomorrow (Tuesday) for it’s safety inspection.  Barring any unforeseen problems & weather permitting it’s possible we could bring the rig home Wednesday.  


GROANER’S CORNER:((  Aviation 101

Take-off's are optional. Landings are mandatory.

If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger, if you pull the stick back they get smaller. (Unless you keep pulling the stick back -- then they get bigger again)

Flying is not dangerous; crashing is dangerous.

It's better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here.

The propeller is just a big fan in the front of the plane to keep the pilot cool. Want proof? Make it stop; then watch the pilot break out into a sweat.

Speed is life, altitude is life insurance. No one has ever collided with the sky.

It's best to keep the pointed end going forward as much as possible.

The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.

Every one already knows the definition of a 'good' landing is one from which you can walk away. But very few know the definition of a 'great' landing. It's one after which you can use the airplane another time.

The probability of survival is equal to the angle of arrival.

Always remember you fly an airplane with your head, not your hands. Never let an airplane take you somewhere your brain didn't get to five minutes earlier.

You know you've landed with the wheels up when it takes full power to taxi.

Those who hoot with the owls by night should not fly with the eagles by day.

A helicopter is a collection of rotating parts going round and round and reciprocating parts going up and down - all of them trying to become random in motion. Helicopters can't really fly - they're just so ugly that the earth immediately repels them.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

Trust your captain .... but keep your seat belt securely fastened.

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.

Aviation is not so much a profession as it is a disease.

There are three simple rules for making a smooth landing. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

The only thing worse than a captain who never flew as copilot is a copilot who once was a captain.

Be nice to your first officer, he may be your captain at your next airline.

It's easy to make a small fortune in aviation. You start with a large fortune.

A fool and his money are soon flying more airplane than he can handle.

Remember, you're always a student in an airplane.

Keep looking around; there's always something you've missed.

Try to keep the number of your landings equal to the number of your take-offs.

You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.

There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold, pilots!

Gravity never loses -- the best you can hope for is a draw!

You start out flying with a bag of luck and a bag of experience, the trick is to get your bag of experience full before your bag of luck is empty.


  1. It's not necessarily being cheap with the vac. It's a matter of priorities. Some things are more important to us than other things. We can save the $$ on those things that aren't.

  2. I hate when the indecision bug bites.... seems one bought with indecision leads to another, it's a catchy thing. I find it best to go straight away and lay down for a spell. No sense aggravating ones self over decisions not made.

  3. I love using the ROKU box. I cancelled my cable entirely, and found that I now watch TV with intention. Instead of plopping down on the couch and watching whatever is on, I select something that I will enjoy. Much better TV watching experience...and the $$ savings are a bonus.

  4. Ex-husband was taking flying lessons in SC. He was getting ready to take his first night flight by himself. He asked the instructor what to do if when landing he didn't like what he saw. Without missing a beat the instructor said "Go back up".

  5. I have those same decision making blues days. I guess I just don't want those things as badly as I thought I did and perhaps when I do the money will be easier to part with. Nice shout out to Annie.

  6. I think we all have days like yours Al.
    Can't wait to see the Big EEE parked in your yard!

  7. Dude, I wouldn't have figured you for a SOMA FM listener!

    I have always enjoyed their Boot Liquor channel which is classic and alternative country and American roots music, great stuff. That Groove Salad is a bit too 'rave' for me and I'm actually from San Francisco. But they have something for everybody.

  8. Then there are the times when you really, really need something you passed on and would pay any amount of money for it.

    Don't ask me how I know... ;c)

  9. I often go into a store, put something in my basket, and wander around. then put the thing back and don't buy it. You do need a decent shop vac and gas. You didn't need the snack, but maybe the dog did.

  10. Decisions, decisions, maybe all you needed was to get out and have a snack.

  11. Sometimes "paper or plastic?" is just too much......there are few simple things that can't wait until tomorrow.

  12. I think the older Paul and I become the more difficult the decision making becomes. It isn't that we don't have the money; it is just that our priorities have changed so much what was important isn't any longer. We would rather spend out money on family, friends and travel. But this kitchen updating sure is putting a dent in the old budget.

  13. I am kind of like that sometime....even if I need it things are just so expensive it seems. But those drive through snacks add up too....never do those for more than one reason. My vet told me one time "if you really love your dog you will not feed it people food" and I stick with that.