Wednesday, July 23, 2014



I thought school teacher Cheryl Ann over at DEEP CANYON had an insightful post about her thoughts & feelings on returning to the classroom in another 4 weeks.  She brings up some interesting points about the differences in teaching today compared to years ago when we at this age were all in school.  I don't know a whole lot about kids & stuff but what she says makes sense to me & I can understand what she is saying & the frustrations she is facing.  I have often said, 'newer is not always better' & I think that saying may apply to what Cheryl Ann is referring to.


GROANER'S CORNER:(( A band performing at an outdoor concert kept playing although the crowd had dwindled down to one man. Finally, the tired musicians told the man that if he left, they could all go home.  "It's up to you," he answered. "I'm just waiting to put away all those folding chairs your sitting on."


  1. Many of my friends, no wait, most of my friends are either Teachers or retired Teachers, and from some of the stuff that I hear from those still working, I wouldn't do the job for all the tea in China.
    One retired teacher, who has been "out" for over a year now, still has dreams about being in a school and not knowing how to find her class. More along the lines of a nightmare.
    I ain't no psychologist, but to me that's something akin to PTSD.
    Wouldn't surprise me. I mean, why would you still be having disturbing dreams about your previous job? I know I sure as heck don't.
    I say good luck to all of them.

  2. A Teacher in today's world? No thanks, think it would be pretty scary.
    Two of my young Grandson, just transferred to small town private Christian school. (they even get some religion too) and they both love it and are much better behaved.

  3. Our oldest teaches math in a large high school. He uses the tools the kids are familiar with (like Twitter) to enhance his teaching rather than fighting the inevitable. He loves his overcrowded, under-funded classroom. Test scores are up, but more importantly the kids are enjoying learning. He may be the exception but I remain hopeful :-).

  4. My back-to-school nightmares have begun. Most involve the kids really misbehaving when my principal walks into the classroom!
    It is extremely difficult to be a teacher today. At least at my school, there are very FEW consequences for misbehavior. The administration's attitude is, "See, suspensions are down!" Well, that's because nobody in their right mind sends kids to the office because they are just sent back to our rooms! Once in a while, a parent is called, but that's about it. We are really limited as to what WE can do to kids nowadays. My retirement countdown HAS STARTED.
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~