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I usually finish up my daily post somewhere around 9 ever night.  Into my PJ's, out to the living room & stretch out in my recliner for some TV time.  Kelly's in her recliner & Pheebs is all stretched out on her very own couch.  Same one we had in Winnie The Bago over the winter.  As is routine Kelly heads off to bed somewhere around 9:30 or 9:45.  I hang on until 11.  TV off, stove light off & a small night light on.  I shuffle off down the hall to bed with the Pheebs trotting right along behind me.  She waits until I have flopped onto my bed without hurting myself then lays down on her special doggy mat right beside my bed.  That's how we end each & every day here in Bayfield.  Morning starts for us usually somewhere between 5 & 6 a.m. & again it is pretty much routine.  I roll over onto & bump into a snoozing furry object.  Well sort of snoozing.  No need to open my eyes because I know it's the Pheebs.  She always climbs on my bed sometime in the night when I'm sleeping.  But now begins the fun.  If I want to sleep in a little longer I have to be careful to make only sleeping sounds & not waking up sounds.  A waking up sound could be a deep breath & that's just exactly what Pheebs is waiting for.  If I'm not quick enough to get a cover pulled over my head my day starts with a whole bunch of slurpy doggy smooches on my face & an over exuberantly happy bouncing little Pheeber Buns on top of me.  We go through this every morning & our frolicking lasts for nearly a minute sometimes before she lets up & I am able to roll out of bed & onto my feet.  What a super great way to start every day I’d say:))

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Kelly noticed we still had last year's calendar on one of our wall & in taking it down she casually flipped though it.  With the words, "well we sure had a different summer last year" she pointed out last summer’s Doctor appointments, a couple emergency room visits, blood work appointments, tests & procedures in both the Goderich & Stratford Hospitals.  Big change this summer from last summer.   However, we are off to London's University Hospital this Friday morning where Kelly has an appointment with her liver Specialist.  Far as we know it will just be a routine check-up to bring her up to date on how her auto immune problem is doing.  As I said, it's been a much better summer for both of us on the medical front.  My hip pain cleared up just over a year ago & other than the everyday stiffening arthritis in my legs & the fact I am overweight I'm doing fine.  And of course Pheebs is always her happy little self as well.  Motorcycle is running good, Kelly loves her Sunbird, we finally have an RV we are totally happy with & the Jeep continues to be my all time favorite vehicle. 

Now speaking of vehicles I am reminded of a post I wrote back in 2007.  I looked up that post a short while ago & updated it.  A few guys out here might find it kind of interesting because It's all about cars, pick-trucks, motorcycles, RV’s & stuff.

ImageProxy 67
ARCHIVE MEMORY:: (Updated:: August 2014)   ‘A Lifetime Of Old Clunkers And Some Nice Ones Too’………………….Yup that's really me in the Triumph TR3 above:)) Originally wrote this article in response to some postings on the 50+ forum one time by some guys talking about all the different cars they've had over the years. It got me thinking back to seemingly simpler times & ways of doing things. Once I sat down with a pencil & paper & began putting to-gether a list of remembered vehicles I was truly surprised at the sheer number of vehicles that have passed through my hands.  And trying to remember them all sure has been a great exercise for clearing the aging cobwebs out of my brain. Hard to recall exact years of the vehicles but I think most of them are right or very close.  One of the reasons for so many vehicles was that years ago you could buy a used car from a buddy for fifty bucks or off a lot for a couple of hundred. Sometimes you just traded stuff. All my vehicles were used except for a 73 Mazda 808 & an 85 Pontiac Fiero. Didn't need expensive insurance (if any) back in the 60's, no costly safety checks, & sometimes ya got away with an expired drivers license for awhile too. And sometimes you didn't even bother changing over the ownership before you sold it again. Oh dear!! To the best of my knowledge here are the vehicles I've had. I probably have forgot a few VW Beetles here & there.  Loved those things & ya could take em anywhere.....& I did.  As far south as Sarasota Florida, east to Halifax Nova Scotia, & west to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.  Well, here’s my line-up…………………………………………………………………..
1 - 1961 Volkswagon Beetle (my very first car. but being a smart-aleck teen-age male, I wrecked it:((
2 - 55 Ford (red & white with big rust holes in the floor))
3 - ?? Ford Falcon (blue....hit a parked car with it & that was the end of that!!)

ImageProxy 12
4 - 62 Mini-minor (red & the starter button was under the drivers seat)
5 - 59 Triumph TR3 2 seater sports car (burgundy with racing stripes) Picture at top....

6 - 61 Mini-Minor (red)

ImageProxy 34

7 - 64 VW Beetle (white, bought it in Halifax Nova Scotia & drove it back to Tavistock Ont.)

ImageProxy 60

8- 59 Vauxhall (creamy beige & was owned by a quiet little old Mennonite lady)
ImageProxy 70

9- ?? VW Carman Ghia (red & white but a female friend ran into a telephone post with it...no injuries)

10 - 58 Jaguar sedan (dark blue & what a wreck)
11 - 62 VW Beetle (no first gear & red)

ImageProxy 8
12 - 59 VW Camper Van (pink & white & had the word, "VanGo" painted on it)
13 - 64 MGB (red with big paste-on hippy flowers covering all the rust holes in it)
14- 62 Ford Falcon (gray & primer) Yup, I sprayed the whole bottom half with cans of primer!!
15- 56 Austin Healy 2 seater sports car (red) Because of alcohol I foolishly wrecked this car too.  Wished I had this Austin Healy back..................................
16- 60 Pontiac Parisian (robins egg blue & what a tank)
17- 59 Volvo Coupe (black) Nice car but could never get it running right.
18- 61 Chevy Biscayne (brown/tan & drove it to Ottawa & back once )
19- 63 VW Beetle (beige) Rolled this one down an embankment because of black ice in British Columbia.
20 -73 Mazda 808 (new & lime green) Nice car but Al's drinking shortened it's life too:((
21 - 85 Pontiac Fiero (new & red) Took this car back to the dealer after 6 months!!
22 - 62 Volkswagen Camper Van (orange) Toured Canada's east coast in 86 with this wonderful old blister:))
23 - ?? Mazda pick up truck (brown & a hard to steer vehicle)
24 - 73 Oldsmobile Cutlass (customized super sharp car & burgundy)
25 - 74 Ford Econoline Van (beige & brown with a big bed in the back)
26 - 84 Pontiac Firebird complete with T-bar sunroof (sharp car & white)
27 - ?? Chevy Malibu (maroon) Just had it painted, sold it to a neighbor & she rolled it over:((
28 - 82 Honda Civic (gray & one of the best running little cars I ever had)
29.-89 Mazda pick up truck (white & had been my Dad’s before he died) Took this one to Arizona to have a look at the Grand Canyon in 1992)
30- 79 Dodge Converted Camper Van (brown & not one of my better deals)
31- 74 Mazda Rotary Engine....Wagon (gray & a total bust...never did get it running)
32- 85 Honda Civic (gray & another great Honda product)
33 - 92 Dodge Caravan (burgundy. nice van but it had some issues)
34 -97 Dodge Ram pick up (really nice truck & burgundy) Bought for us by my Uncle Harry:))
35 - 93 Ford Ranger pick up (silver gray, bit of a beater but I liked it)
36 - 79 Dodge Centurion Class C RV (white & old but it was our first RV)
37 - 95 Ford Gulf Stream Class C RV (white & took this to Big Bend in Texas but it had some problems)
38 - ?? Dodge Dynasty (maroon & my Mother's car)
39 - 2000 Chevy Silverado p/u truck (really sharp white truck but only owned it for about 2 months)
40 - 2004 GMC Sierra 4x4 p/u truck (tan colored & loaded with way too many options)
41 - 03 Damon Challenger Motor Home RV 33' Chevy Workhorse (took us to the south-west & back for 6 years)
42 - 03 Hyundai Santa Fe  (silver gray & was our first tow vehicle for a couple years)
43 - 99 Dodge Caravan (really liked this all purpose van)

44 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ (present vehicle & my all time fav)

45 - 2012 Chevy Sunseeker 23' RV Class C (too small & we only had it about 3 months)

46 - 2011 Ford Winnebago Premier Access 26' RV Class C (nice unit but again.....too small)

47 - 2004 Pontiac Sunfire (really clean & mint condition)

48 - 2003 Triple E Commander 36' RV Class A Chevy Workhorse (love it & it is our present RV)

?? Suzuki 650cc motorcycle (black, but totalled it in an accident)
84 Yamaha Virago 750 motorcycle (red) Traded it in the following Honda
02 Honda Shadow Aero 1100 motorcycle (present bike - purple & gray)

I’ve grouped the above RV’s here……….
1979 Dodge Centurion 17 Class C

1996 Prowler travel trailer... 24' Nice clean unit

1995 Ford Gulf Stream 24' Class C 
2005 Rockwood 5th wheel.... 28' Nice clean unit

2003 Damon Challenger 33' Class C

2012 Chevy Sunseeker 23' Class C

2011 Ford Winnebago Premier Access 26' Class C

2003 Triple E Commander 36' Class A 

GROANER'S CORNER:((  An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display at that time. "I have good news and bad news," the owner replied. "The good news is that a gentleman inquired about your work and wondered if it would appreciate in value after your death. When I told him it would, he bought all 15 of your paintings."  "That's wonderful," the artist exclaimed. "What's the bad news?"  "The guy was your Doctor."


  1. I sure miss waking up that way with Tucker. Today would have been his 9th birthday. Enjoy Pheebs and her bedtime cuddles, it doesn't get any better than that! :)

  2. WOW, what a list!!! I thought I traded them a lot but now I'm going to find out. By tomorrow night Ill have my list ... of course you do have about an 8 year head start on me. Some great looking cars. I would have liked to seen that '59 VW van.

    Take a look on my blog, at the top tabs..."Past VW Buses". You might enjoy them.

    I have similar early morning hound wake up calls. It is only when Winston is walking around the floor whining to go outside that I wake up and that is around 6:30am.

    I don't know if the hounds get excited they are getting to go outside or the "milkbone" treat they get when they come back inside....lol

  3. Memories of all the old vehicles, its been a while since I thought on mine,back in the much simpler days like you said.

  4. Our 6 year old springer is like that in the morning. It reminds me of a 4 year old kid that wakes up every morning all refreshed and ready to go. It's so great to have that welcome each day.

  5. Going through the list, I noticed the '59 Volvo. My guess is it had those blasted SU carbs? Figures you could never get it to run right. Those things sure were a mystery.

  6. Be careful, Al. You will incite the anonymous shoutbox posters who have a fear of doggie snuggles :-) I resemble your remarks about sleeping sounds and waking up sounds. I might add that if an eye opens, it's all over.

  7. I sure can not exceed you list and for sure just wish I had owned a Healy, I just rode in a friends.

    Been debating selling my 1985 Pontiac Fiero 2M6. 168,000 miles and never left us on the side of the road.

    We enjoyed our 750 cc Virago a lot also and did 3 cross country trips on it. Stayed in National Parks reserved in advance.

    Now I will have to think of all I have owned over the years.

  8. If you still had all those cars, you would have an auto museum!

  9. Best of all is that you have a photo of all of them.....I had lots of different ones myself, but pics of very few :-(.
    Woke up to doggie kisses myself this morning :-))))

  10. Paul enjoyed the list. He use to take a huge interest in cars. Now it is changed to 5th wheels and trucks...lol