Wednesday, August 27, 2014



What a pleasant relief this morning to step outside into refreshingly cooler air.  I could immediately feel my batteries re-charging.  And cool enough to walk bug free as well. Bonus weather:))


IMG_3698 IMG_3699

Pheebs & I actually had a destination this morning.  The Optical department in Zehrs Supermarket had a deal on for a second pair of glasses free.  Thought I'd take my recent eye test results in & get a quote on new glasses & frames.  No doubt it's a good deal but alas still too expensive for this guy.  Guess I was just in one of my penny pinching moods so figured I'd just put it off for awhile.  Maybe next summer.  It's not like my current glasses are totally wrecked or anything.  Picked up some of my favorite peanut butter while in the Supermarket & had me some bacon & eggs across the road & just up the street at A&W.  A Tim Hortons coffee & we were on our way.  Did you know Tim Hortons was once owned by Wendys as well.  Yep. it’s true. 

DSC_0005-004 DSC_0023-001

Pheebs & I decided to take the long way home so loped along just enjoying the scenery on our way back to Bayfield.  Feeling energized upon on our return I hauled out the garden hose & washed the bottom third of the Motorhome.  That included wheels.  Cleaned some windows & removed some more annoying black streaks on the rig.  Tried out some McGuire's wax for the first time on the coach & was pleased with the results.  And that was about it for my day.  Just so nice feeling Autumn’s early touch.


  DSC_0011-003 DSC_0009

Today being the 27th it dawned on me while driving along this morning that it is exactly one month from today we will have the big wheels rolling for the South-West again.  As I type this tonight I project my thoughts ahead a month & imagine we may very well be in a Cracker Barrel or Walmart parking lot at this time 31 nights from now.  I like that projection:))


DSC_0001 DSC_0003

I really have to keep an eye on the sky each night now while putting my daily post together.  With days becoming rapidly shorter I have to be sure to get Pheebs out for a walk before it is too dark.  She doesn’t like the dark much & is even a little hesitant about twilight.  I am so looking forward to seeing the night sky again when we get ourselves back on down to the South-West.  To find myself a good view of the night sky here in summer I have to Jeep myself out of the Pine forest somewhere to a point where I have open skies.  Maybe I’m lazy but I have not had one unobstructed view of the starry night sky since the night before we left Arizona early last April.  I missed all the summer constellations again this year.  It is one of the reasons I had hoped we could someday have our own little place in the countryside where I would once again lay tipped back in my gravity chair on warm summer nights with my star chart Astronomy book open, binoculars & telescope beside me. Oh to wander through the wondrous Star fields again like I used to do at the old farmhouse years ago.  To meander with eyes wide agaze through heavenly constellations searching for our nearest Galaxy, Andromeda.  To see Antares the Scorpion's heart, Aquila the Eagle & Sagittarius the big tipped Teapot in summer’s southern sky.   And when was the last time I watched the Big Dipper’s slow & steady trek across the northern summer hemisphere.  Yes, when was that last time anyway…………………


GROANER’S CORNER:(( A very devout man who was very over weight decided to go on a diet. One of his main problems with eating was that he would stop for donuts every morning on the way to work. So to make things easier for himself, he changed his route to work to avoid the temptation of stopping. As the weeks went by he started losing a lot of weight and was receiving compliments from his friends and co-workers.  Then one morning without thinking, he accidently turned onto the road which would take him by the donut shop. At first he was going to turn around but then he thought to himself, "maybe the Lord is rewarding me for my efforts". So, he said a short prayer telling the Lord that if this was His true intention let there be an open parking place directly in front of the shop.  And sure enough, on the fifth time around the block there was an open spot right up front.


  1. We too have enjoyed some nice days of cool breezes, so nice! you always make me want to head to Arizona as I read you mooning over your next trip! As always I enjoy your photos!



  2. We'll be right behind you, we are thinking about heading out on the 6th.
    Almost time to start loading up or at least get the lists out.

  3. I think the photos were exceptional this evening.

    I know what you mean about not having an unobstructed view of the night sky. I haven't had that for so long and I miss it.

  4. Hi Al, I notice you're going to be 198 days in the US this year. Do you have to do anything different to be able to stay the extra days? I know Kelly probably doesn't have an issue with her status but I was wondering about you. I know you can be out of Ontario seven months but I thought the US didn't want us more than 182 days. Just curious. John

  5. Soon be on the road to the southwest we are about 3 weeks after you, with the cooler days the itch is increasing.

  6. Al, WOW! 4 weeks left? WHERE did your summer go? I'm already back in school (alas...), but we have a 3 day weekend here in the U.S. coming this weekend. I'll TAKE IT! :-)
    Cheryl Ann

  7. Outer space is something I have a hard time wrapping my brain around...I cannot fathom the distance..Got my grandkids a garage sale telescope,but the night skies around here are full of city lights..
    Wish our countdown was as close as yours, but Dennis will again be helping harvest the corn and beans..and Fall is the BEST for camping, in my humble opinion.

  8. Its been a bit warm amn muggy here too, Hopefully the cool air you enjoyed will move south.

  9. It was so nice of Pheebs to share her loveseat with Kelly! Doggie schmoozes are the best :-). We're looking forward to a few days in the desert next month where we can take in the wonderful starry skies.

  10. John Pickard said "I notice you're going to be 198 days in the US this year."

    I wonder how he computed that? There was your trip to New York that was a few days. You have said that you are leaving on 27 September 2014 but I don't think you have said when you will return.

    Going to be 198 days in the US this year - that is a puzzler for me.