Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Judging from how much better Kelly felt this morning I probably owe Del-Taco an apology for assuming something I ate there likely gave me food poisoning last week.  I’m thinking now it was that 24 hour flu & I’m also thinking that is what I somehow passed onto Kelly making her so sick as well.  With her ongoing medical condition we automatically jumped to the conclusion her sudden sickness was related to that.  It may or may not be the case.  Although she didn’t feel like coffee again this morning she did rustle up some scrambled eggs.  Aside from feeling very tired her main concern today was trying to keep herself warm.  Thanks to readers for your concerns, suggestions & advice.  But here’s the problem we are facing……………….


First….I do not want this following paragraph to digress into a political debacle over health care systems.  This is not what this is about.  Keep in mind as you read this we are Canadians in the United States & our insurance coverage & procedures are different.  Yes we have travel insurance but our ‘out of country’ coverage will not include anything related to Kelly’s Auto Immune liver problem because they class it as a ‘pre-existing condition’.  It’s just the way insurance companies work.  If we were in Canada right now Kelly could just go see her Doctor no problem.  Tests, procedures, scans, operations etc are all covered.   If Kelly breaks a leg or had a heart attack etc  here in the States she is covered but if she goes to a Doctor here in regards to her liver condition & the Doctor schedules her for any scans, tests, medical procedures or whatever costs can rapidly skyrocket & come right out of our pocket because her insurance will not pay the costs incurred.  We are not rich folks.  So here’s our dilemma, what do we do??  Does Kelly fly back to Canada & spend the next couple months at home waiting for various test appointments.  Medical appointments back home generally take time.  Too often there is ‘a long wait!!  Do we begin packing up the rig & head back to Canada?  Some days she feels pretty good & some days she does not but she is adamant about not rushing off back to Canada.   This is not an easy time for us right now in deciding what we should do.  It’s not a cut & dried decision.  What would you the reader’s do under these circumstances??  Maybe you can now see why I have been using the term ‘one day at a time’ lately.  Update::  After writing this paragraph late this afternoon Kelly mentioned tonight she is going to make an appointment at the Wickenburg Medical Clinic next week for the same type of liver monitoring blood tests she had done there last winter.  It’s a start & I feel that is at least a step in the right direction right now…………………..



Definitely cooler in Congress than we were used to over at the Slabs in California but still a hundred times better than if we were stuck back home in Bayfield’s winter weather.  We are so eternally grateful for these past 9 winters we have so fortunately been able to spend here in the much warmer & much sunnier climes of America’s wild & wonderfully wooly great Southwest.



Repositioned the rig in it’s spot, unloaded a few more things, straightened up some bins, checked the oil, etc.  Despite a few glitches we are still very pleased with the rig & I’m glad our water pump has not given us anymore problems since a temporary glitch up in North Dakota on our way down.  Since the problem Magnum inverter was removed there has not been a whining noise somewhere in the dash/engine anymore either.  Will be so happy to get this whole inverter thing resolved once & for all.  Temecula RV did call today saying they had just received our inverter but didn’t know if they would have time to bench test it today or tomorrow.  Said if we don’t hear from them late Wednesday it will be next week sometime before they get at it.  Turns out Kelly’s illness brought us home at a good time.


Dam Pack Rats!!!!  Opened the shed door this morning & stuff was scattered about again & dragged into the same corner where I pulled apart a Pack Rat nest early last October.  I did get that nest cleaned out but in moving some boxes up in the rafters another Pack Rat jumped out of a box & scared the heck out of me.  That’s 3 Pack Rat nests I’ve discovered in our shed.  I have since removed any boxes from the rafters & sealed a hole near the door where I saw one ski-daddle through.  Probably going to have to borrow our neighbor’s cage again, catch those Rats & drive them 642 miles out into the desert somewhere.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756




Sitting in our big relaxing recliners last night all stretched out comfy after a nice hot lengthy shower I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘ why would anyone go get in a rectangular box on wheels, drive miles & miles from home only to park out in the desert somewhere.   The same thought always occurs to me in reverse as well as each time we are out boondocking somewhere with no people in sight I think to myself, ‘why would anyone sit around in their house & not want to go anywhere as beautiful as this’.  Oh tis quite a restless & unsettled life I lead.  Never satisfied for long where I am until I have moved to another place where I will soon become unsatisfied enough to yet again move to a different place & once more resume my wait impatiently for that urge to move on to yet another spot again.  While cleaning up in the rig this morning I thought to myself, ‘ya know I could just jump right into that driver’s seat right now & head off somewhere down the road & feel pretty darn good about doing it too.



I sometimes respond to comments in our Shout Box & other times I just let them go.  Kelly prefers I let them go but sometimes I feel they warrant a response because of their obvious misaligned intentions.  I had actually started a rather sharp response to the comment regarding ‘all the issues with a coach’ but when I saw Sarge, SallyB, Kay, & RV SUE beat me to it I thought to myself………….Yay team:))


DSC_0007-006 DSC_0010-005

I particularly liked Jodee’s latest post over at ON THE ROAD ABODE.  She writes about ‘Why I’m Thankful’ & she writes it with honesty & feelings.  I like when open minded, helpful, & understanding people write like that.  She has been able to make her positive attitude work for her & I have respect for people who are reality based enough to do that honestly.



GROANER’S CORNER:(( The fourth-grade class was studying the development of the auto industry. The teacher had emphasized the role played by Henry Ford, whose assembly lines decreased production costs.  At the end of the unit, she gave a test including the question: "What did Henry Ford invent that made buying a car more affordable?"  One of the students wrote: "0% financing."


  1. Good idea to have blood test. Is it possible to get the ball rolling for an appt in Canada but stay in AZ and fly home when appt gets closer?

  2. I think only you and Kelly can decide what to do about medical issues and when to do it. I was wondering about medical insurance - and thought if you have to pay out of pocket you might as well drive back to Canada. Everyone has the answer for you, but only you and Kelly have the full info and can make decisions for yourselves. All the best to you both.

  3. I agree with Flowergirl. Get the cheapest diagnostic stuff you can in the US and if it merits, you can then decide if you need to be pushing for the border... tough call tho eh guys? Hope Kelly takes a good upward turn the rest of the week!

  4. You have some tough decisions to make. With Jim's recent medical problems we've had to change some plans, too, which was disappointing.
    Hope the Wickenberg Clinic can give Kelly a better idea of what needs to be done.
    This getting old and sick is a real drag.

  5. From the Rick Mercer report: A Calgary couple won 5 mill. in the lottery. They are now fulfilling a life long dream. They will visit the United States with a pre-existing condition.

    That is after a SK-couple got a 1mill. bill after the woman gave birth in a Hawaii hospital. So
    what do you do? PLAY THE LOTTERY!

  6. It will be a hard decision for you to make. I hope Kelly gets better and you can stay in Arizona for the rest of the winter.

  7. I thought Kelly had dual citizenship-US & Canada. If so she should be able to use Medicade or some exchange insurance. Urgent care or Emergency rooms should be covered. Something to check into.

  8. I think getting the blood work done is an excellent idea. Hopefully the results will let you know if drastic measures----returning to Canada---are called for. We totally understand the problem caused by insurance rules. If this was a 24 hour bug, maybe things will look up. But I remember that Kelly did not feel like eating; that's why you ate the questionable food. So she was already a bit down. Hope so much that she feels better every day from now on!!

  9. Tough decisions, we have played the same game around here, luckily it is only a 3 hour hop from here to our docs back home and when we have been lucky the flight home sometimes costed less than the trip to and from the airport including parking. Here's hoping Kelly feels better and the question is delayed for about 5 more months.

  10. All the best to Kelly. I hope that it is only the flu

  11. What John Huber said. As of 2014 because of the affordable care act, i.e. Obamacare, Americans are now covered if they have pre-existing conditions. I was thinking with Kelly's dual citizenship maybe she would qualify for an American health plan that would be cheaper then her Canadian plan. Good luck y'all.

  12. Gosh, sure hope that Kelly did just have some sort of bug and continues to improve. The decision to go or stay is a tough one for sure. I guess and hope you know more after her local appointment.
    Hoping to hear good news...

  13. From someone who is in 61st year of a supremely happy marriage, my wife's health and well being is my first, foremost, and only concern. Whether it be in Ontario or Arizona for Kelly to get the medical care she needs, that is where you have to go.
    I Know you love the desert but Kelly's health is more important. I hope it all works out for you both

  14. I think you're on the right track. See a doctor, get the necessary tests done then decide.
    If at all in doubt, I would head for home.
    Kelly is your world. I wouldn't try to save a buck, or just please yourself, by just hoping for the best. Sometimes the best just doesn't come to pass.
    Take care

  15. I only know what I read in your daily blog but my instinct tells me you need to get back home and deal with these medical issue. I am concerned. Take care and good luck.

  16. I don't know what the qualifications are for being Prime Minister in Canada. But if the law allows it, after Obama is done being US president, maybe Canada could elect him PM. Then he could get rid of pre-existing conditions in your health insurance :-)

    More seriously, do I recall that Kelly has joint US/Canadian citizenship? If so, might she be eligible for Medicare?

  17. Not an easy decision and as Gypsy said, only you two really can make it. But you asked what we would do, and for me, if I had some serious medical condition and I wasn't feeling well...as in, not feeling good beyond a short period of time of 24 to 48 hours, I think that I would go home where I could get any appropriate medical care and tests that I might need.

  18. Only you can make that decision. Think I would not rush unless you think it is an emergency.
    A flight home can be done quickly if need be.
    Starting with the Blood work should help you make an informed decision.

  19. Like you said, you had a great nine years of RVing and boondocking on the desert. I hope Kelly improves enough to stay in AZ. But she is the one who has to make the call, not all of us on the outside. I explained to Craig that the pre existing condition clause was in your travel insurance, not the CA coverage. He didn't know that. However I too was wondering about medi care coverage for dual citicizans.

  20. I think getting some tests done is a prudent first step as long as they don't break the bank. Who knows, if the clinic "cooperates" maybe they will slip by the insurance company's previous illness basket. Otherwise, set up an appointment in Canada and wait, if possible, till that time and fly back for it…put the decision to pull out of congress off till then, when you know exactly how serious things are. Waiting out the winter in Congress sure beats going home to the cold and snow, especially with all the Polar Vortexes happening again….Even if you have to fly back a couple of times and pay for it out of pocket.
    Just my opinion,
    Box Canyon Mark

  21. So, so hope Kelly is feeling better soon and you guys can enjoy your warm winter weather. Selfishly we hope you are still around when we arrive in your area!!

  22. AL, You need not have asked what "you would do" people are more than willing to tell you what you should do. Mark Johnson is only the latest to offer up what I would consider useful advice.

    Those that are suggesting ObamaCare do not understand it. Nor is being a US citizen the ONLY requirement for ALL the US government socialized medicine programs.

    The cheapest (Bronze) OmabaCare plan has a $5,000+ deductible IF Kelly were to age qualify. The idea that she could use Medicaid is a good one IF her income is not too high (perhaps divorce Al to qualify). You need to sign up for Medicare during the enrollment period which she could maybe(?) do now but no medical treatment would be paid for until 2015.

  23. There is no doubt in my mind that you and Kelly will work this out in whatever way is best for her. I know she is your number one priority and that your question to us was a way to work it out in your own mind (some of us think better at the keyboard). Worry will make both of you sick, so the tests will help to remove some of the "what-ifs".

    Those pack rats make such a mess!!

    Thanks for the shout-out Al, and for the kind words.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kelly.

  24. Many, if not most, docs and labs will give a discount for paying cash. Be sure to ask if that's how you intend to pay.

    As to the pack rats, if you move them they becomes someone elses problem. Just kill them: http://hardwareonlinestore.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=69496&virtuemart_category_id=75402&gclid=Cj0KEQiAkdajBRCJ_7_j6sCck7wBEiQAppb2i9SCF-HYmao-TpKGYzU9Yldk8zl6TmU5sXgGT77pyEcaAv7d8P8HAQ PRs have been really bad this year!


  25. The link above for the rat trap is a bit unwieldy, but Ace, Lowes, etc. sell them. The one I linked to was the Tomcat Rat Snap Trap. Works great and is reusable.


  26. Best hopes for a speedy resolution to this. I know she has a lot of positive vibes going her way from all your blog readers and friends. Without doubt, you will make the right decision for Kelly.


  27. Hi

    I spent some time this morning reading the past posts about Kelly’s diagnosis and her medication. Since she has primary biliary cirrhosis, which is an autoimmune disease of unknown causes, she will need to watch her diet. Primary biliary cirrhosis can be caused by diet. Studies show that gluten sensitivity to the liver can cause liver disease, PBC. I don’t know Kelly’s diet, but if she is still eating foods with gluten, wheat, barley, rye, then she needs to remove them from her diet. Sadly, many doctors don’t make good nutritionist; so, they many not convey the importance of the correct diet. I have only been reading your blog a short time. Your post August 8, 2014, states that Kelly was doing well with Utsodiol. From that time until now, something has changed, which is why I suggest looking at her diet. Also, have her Vitamin D level check. She should be taking vitamin D3 supplements daily. Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. not sure if this would work for the pack rats but we put some Irish Spring soap in our compartments to deter mice...so far no mice and we are parked in a wooded area