Sunday, November 16, 2014



Guess I had forgot to clean the Big EEE’s windows after washing the coach back in mid October so spent some time cleaning all the water spots off the glass this morning.  Tow bar onto the Jeep & loaded up the rig with stuff.  Hope to be on the road by 10 at the latest Monday morning.  If I fail to post Monday night it just means we have no Verizon signal at Slab City but if I remember correctly we should be alright.


DSC_0005-001 DSC_0016

Tonight’s photos are from Saturday.  Thanks to readers for your kind words regarding those photos in my Saturday night post.  Someone asked what lens I was using.  Actually a couple because I was experimenting around with my cameras & lenses again Saturday.  About a third were shot with my Nikkor 55-200 lens & most were done with my 70-300mm with pretty well all of them set at a full 300mm.  Cameras used were my Nikon D40 & D3100.  All photos were hand held at ISO 800.


DSC_1747 DSC_1758DSC_1779

DSC_1752 DSC_1748

DSC_1750 DSC_1749 DSC_1753 DSC_1751 DSC_1755 DSC_1780DSC_1761

I like my older Nikon D40 better than my newer D3100 so have brought the D40 out of retirement & coupled it with my 70-300 lens again.  I can easily see the auto-focus red lit squares in the D40 & to me that is important when shooting moving targets like birds or running animals, etc.  The D3100 has a ‘pin prick’ auto focus red light which is waaaaay too hard for me to see so I can’t quickly lock onto a subject.  If I had to do it over again would I still by the Nikon D3100??  No I would not & that ‘pin prick’ focusing problem is just another good example of a company taking a time proven great idea that worked well & screwing it up.  Remember, newer is not always better!!


A few days ago when I clicked on the Grand Bend Yacht Club harbor cam I was surprised to see the old lighthouse beacon gone from the end of the pier.  I wondered about that.  Seems the Coast Guard deemed the aging concrete structure unstable & has decided to replace it with a new structure.  From the photo of the pier taken this morning I see they have already poured the base of the new lighthouse beacon.  Glad to see it is probably going to be a significant structure rather than a mere beacon light atop a long steel pole.



DSC_0011 DSC_1705

DSC_0025 DSC_1743  DSC_0029 DSC_1764


I think GEORGE & ED are right about the cigarette lighter/power adapter outlets on the dash of the Big EEE being hooked up to the coaches batteries.  Makes sense.  My mind was thinking cars & trucks etc where there is only one battery for the engine & all electronics.  It sometimes takes my mind awhile to catch up with what it is I am actually trying to think about.


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My eyes bugged out & I thought OMG someone has peered into my life & wrote something about me.  Of course many can relate to this following article which pretty much describes me to a T.  Happened to spot it on Facebook.  23 THINGS ONLY PEOPLE WHO LOVE SPENDING TIME ALONE WILL UNDERSTAND.


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I have always had a fascination with airplanes & the people who fly them.  Years ago I read numerous books about the many air aces who flew in the first & second world wars.  Billy Bishop & Buzz Buerling come to mind but it was an RAF pilot who particularly caught my attention.  I read the book & saw the movie ‘REACH FOR THE SKY.’  I’ve since read other documented accounts about the life & times of this amazing Royal Air Force pilot who flew with 2 wooden legs.  It’s DOUGLAS BADER I am talking about of course & I was totally surprised when I received a comment from a fellow Blogger who actually met this legendary pilot.  And where else did he meet Douglas Bader but in an aircraft.  In fact Bader gave up his seat to none other than our own John Brown from JOHN & BRENDA'S INCREDIBLE JOURNEY.  Here’s John’s comment, “ In the far distant past Douglas Bader was the chief pilot for the company I worked for. One time on a long flight from Inuvik back to Calgary he like I was a passenger on our company plane. Being about 6'6" I was always on the lookout for a seat with a little extra leg room. On this flight I found one, but the crew put the bum's rush on me and said it was for Mr. Bader, he came along just at that time and said heck that kid needs the leg room more than I do, I can just take my legs off. Later on that flight he told me he always sat at the back of the plane. "Further from the point of impact" was his theory”.  After reading John’s comment I did a little more reading on Mr. Bader & it seems sometime after the war Douglas Bader went to work flying for the company John worked for, Shell Oil.  Thought that was kinda neat John got to meet a true aviation legend.


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GROANER’S CORNER:(( Grandparents' Day:

It's one of life's rewards for surviving your own children.

Grandparenthood rarely comes at a perfect time of your life. Either you're too young for it or too old.

Some grandparents see grandchildren as a chance to correct the mistakes they made the first time around. Others view it as a twilight zone where you can love them when they're dry and fed ... send them back when they're wet and hungry. Others relish being a spectator as they watch their prophecy materialize, "Just wait till you have children of your own!"

Perhaps the saddest words in all the world are, "I never knew my grandparents." It's good to remember that in a time when marriages dissolve and the grandparents are dismissed without notice or feeling.

Grandparents contribute a special relationship to a child that no one else can give them. At least ten years ago I wrote a job description for grandparents that bears repeating.

What is a grandparent?

They can always be counted upon to buy anything you're selling ... from all-purpose greeting cards to peanut brittle ... from flower seeds to cookies ... from transparent tape to ten chances on a pony.

A grandparent buys you gifts your mother says you don't need.

A grandparent pretends he doesn't know who you are on Halloween.

A grandparent will put a sweater on you when she is cold, feed you when she is hungry and put you to bed when she is tired.

A grandparent will frame a picture of your hand that you traced over the brocade sofa in the Mediterranean living room.

A grandparent will check to see if you are crying when you are sound asleep.

A grandparent is the only babysitter who doesn't charge money to keep you.

A grandparent will believe you can read when you have the book upside down.

When a grandchild says, "Grandma, how come you didn't have any children?" a grandparent will fight back the tears.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Al, those early years in the north were great times. A lot of folks who came to be legends in their own time were still "just folks" back then, but Mr. Bader was already bigger than life.

  2. As much as we enjoy meeting people in our travels I guess we are like you we both really enjoy our time alone.
    Visits and social time are fun for a short while, but mostly we enjoy the quiet times. Reading, relaxing walkabouts, and for me a trip to the store by myself.

  3. I can't get over how many different birds are right in your backyard. I love looking at them. The squirrel is a cutie too.

  4. Al, I love your bird photos, but I'm really enjoying your little chipmunk! Look at his full cheeks! Cheeky fellow! I know he's a pest, but he sure is cute!
    Cheryl Ann

  5. I think we'd all like to borrow some of your birds so we could take pictures of them too.

  6. Say HI to the Slabs for us!!!!!

    Your Grandparent segment made my eyes water..... dang it!

    ps one of our DC outlets on the dash operates from the chassis batteries... and one we installed runs off the coach batteries so we never have the problem of drawing off something we don't intend to.

  7. Dennis and I are somewhat reclusive when traveling. We would NEVER join a Caravan or go to a Rally...just like it to be the two of us most of the time..Don't like to think we are anti social, but we don't like to plan our lives around other people...Hmmm..guess you could say we are selfish????

  8. I love all the bird photos. Agree with you about taking a perfectly good piece of equipment such as a camera, and then "improving" it. I hate it when something wears out and I have to buy a replacement, and I almost never update software on my computer. Thankfully with a MAC I don't have the constant security updates to worry about.

  9. The quail are beautiful and always remind me of my dad - so thanks for the pics!