Thursday, December 18, 2014



Watched the CORNER GAS movie last night on CTV & was not disappointed.  Aside from some weight gain in the characters the old Corner Gas gang looked pretty much the same.  And thankfully the writers stuck to the same type of hokey homespun humor that made the show so humorously popular in the first place.  A truly Canadian made production all the way.  A big thank-you to the whole Corner Gas crew for all the hours of relaxing entertainment they have brought & continue to bring through re-runs into my life over the past 5 years or so.  Much appreciated by one of Corner Gas’s biggest fans:))


Was so happy to see a star studded night sky when I took Pheebs out Wednesday night.  Imagine my disappointment Thursday morning when I took Pheebs out again not to see a single solitary star visible anywhere.  Dressed warm & stuck pretty close to our heaters for most of the morning.  Happy to say our day slowly began to clear & warm up as the day wore on.



We were in the Jeep & off to Wickenburg for my blurry left eye appointment shortly after 11.  Dr. J Schrolucke tested both my eyes & his numbers for my left eye were slightly different than the numbers on my eye test in Canada about 4 months ago.  Anyway they have sent my new glasses back to make the correction to the left lens.  Won’t have the glasses back until after New Years.  Meanwhile I have my old scratched up clunkers back on.



We did end the day under sunny skies & our spirits were once again lifted.  Maybe we will get lucky with some warmer temperatures Friday:))  And ‘Oh Dear’ I’m afraid I have not been keeping a close eye on our Blog Follower/Friend Connect box in the sidebar.  Not sure when you made it through the Google maze & found your way to our Blog Follower list Betty Tucker but welcome aboard & glad to have you along on our Snow Bird travels.  


On my sidebar I have a program running called Feedjit.  It shows in ‘real-time’ people visiting this blog.  Another thing Feedjit does that is not visible to the public is show me which of the photos in my posts people click on to enlarge & have a closer look at.  This always gives me an idea of which photos people like.  Wednesday night I noticed someone from Memphis Tennessee clicked on a photo I had in a post a few years ago called, 'OH-OH' THERE'S SOME NUDE GUYS IN THIS POST.  No they did not click on the nude guys but they did click on the photo of myself & 63 of my boot camp Buddies after we had just run an obstacle course in the snow near Digby Nova Scotia.  Sitting here last night looking at that photo I remember that obstacle course ordeal reasonably well & remembered a lot of the faces & almost a third of the names of the guys in my Fraser 65 Naval Division.  Couldn’t help but wonder to myself how many of those fellows are still alive.  I can still hear some of their voices & in my mind’s eye I can still see many of the antics we got ourselves into nearly 50 years ago.  At 21 I was the second oldest guy in the division & I turned 21 while I was there in Boot Camp.  Did I tell anyone about my Birthday?  No Sireeeee not a chance, I knew better than to do that for sure.  If you find the fella with a dot on his helmet then that fella would be me……….:))  By the way, out of the 2,463 posts I have published my ‘Oh-Oh Nude Guys’ post has received the most number of hits of any post I have written.


Liked Merikay’s post recently in which she talks about Living In The Now.  I remember the doubts & fears Merikay & Craig had before taking the big step of selling their house in California, buying a Class A Motorhome & hitting the road full time.  Now content with their new lifestyle Merikay concludes her post by saying, ‘I waited a long time to be here. Now is the best time’.



GROANER’S CORNER:(( My favorite spot at our local zoo is the House of Night, where nocturnal creatures crawl and fly about.  One very bright day, I stepped into the exhibit and was plunged into total darkness. Almost immediately, a small hand grabbed mine.  "And who do you belong to?" I asked.  The answer came swiftly: "I'm yours until the lights come on."


Hypochondriac that I am, I constantly log on to the Internet to self-diagnose my latest ailment. But even I knew it was time to lighten up the day I typed in the keywords "liver disorders." That led me to a medical site. With growing alarm I realized I had each of the first seven symptoms. Then I came to No.8 and suddenly felt much better: "Feelings of lethargy, no longer enjoys romping and wagging tail."


  1. That dotted helmet is just to the left of dead center...looks like a good group. It's pretty amazing that I can remember most of my Marine Corp friends when I was 19 in 1972 but not the neighbor that moved away 5 years

  2. I am happy the movie met your expectations, I watched all the seasons before we left Alaska and I love that show. I hope to see it myself someday.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my bird pic.

  3. Your nude guys post will explode LOL just been there - Looking back at our photos is very nostalgic - brings back memories for sure. Not to mention where did all those years go?. Life moves on I guess.....cheers & thanks for the giggle

  4. I too had a slow time getting motivated this morning. But I did make it to La Paz where it's at least 15F warmer.

  5. It was warm enough here, but the fog did not burn off until about 9:30.
    Yes where did those years go?

  6. Going through all our photos for scanning to disc is my current project, and boy is that a trip back in time - in some cases way back! Love Pheebs at full throttle, she looks so happy :-)

  7. Love those pictures of Pheebes!