Tuesday, December 02, 2014



I have been way overdue for new glasses for quite awhile now so this morning we set the wheels in motion for a new pair of specs.  But heading into Wickenburg to the Optometrist on Yavapai street wasn’t our only mission.  Had a parcel to pick up for Arky.  Monday morning when I drove him to Rileys Auto Parts for a new alternator he also ordered a new steering assembly for his old bus.  Picked that up on our way home from the eye glass place.  John Schrolucke, O.D. OptometristDSC_1999

Quite a time deciding on frames but I knew I wanted to spend more time on the frame selection than last time when I just basically grabbed whatever off the Optometrists shelf & disliked my decision every day thereafter.  Going to try something new this time.  Transition lenses.  My new glasses should be ready in about a week & a half.


Arky was a pretty happy guy when we dropped off his heavy boxed steering assembly late this morning.  Kind of like a kid with a new toy & he was going to get right at it.  Arky’s real name is Frank McClure & he told me on the way home Monday the late actor Doug McClure was his nephew.  Arky said it was cigarettes that prematurely ended Doug’s life.  I remember Doug McClure best from a couple TV series, The Virginian & Checkmate.

DSC_2014 DSC_2023


Les, our happy gardening guy dropped by this afternoon to have a look at a couple little projects needing fixed.  Kitchen taps, a ceiling patch, & a new piece of wood for a doorway between the kitchen & living room.  Les, ‘jack of all trades’ is the fellow who looks after keeping the weeds down in our yard during the summer.  He also put up the wooden posts for our porch a year ago this month.


Temecula Valley RV in Marietta California called early this afternoon saying they had bench tested our Magnum inverter & determined it was the control board in the inverter that malfunctioned.  Knowing it was probably going to either be the control board or the more expensive FET board we were relieved to hear it’s the cheaper of the 2 boards.  They didn’t have that particular board in stock so have ordered it.  They are thinking they should have the control board installed later this week & will ship the inverter back to Solar Mike sometime early next week.


GROANER’S CORNER:((  A hobo came up to the front door of the neat looking farmhouse and knocked gently on the door. When the owner answered, the hobo asked, "Please, sir, could you give me something to eat? I haven't had a good meal in several days."  The owner said, "I have made a fortune in my lifetime by supplying goods for people. I never give anything away for nothing. However, if you go around the back, you will see a gallon of paint and a clean paint brush. If you will paint my porch, I will give you a good meal."  So the hobo went around back and a little later he again knocked on the door. The owner said, "Finished already? Good. Come on in. Sit down. The cook will bring your meal right in."  The hobo said, "Thank you very much, sir. But there is something that I think you should know. It's not a Porch, it's a BMW."


  1. Funny Groaner's Corner!
    Beautiful cardinal!
    And, the cutest photo of Phebes!

  2. Hey there! Your inverter is in my neck of the woods. Just down the street and around the corner. I enjoy your photos and adventures!

  3. I remember Doug McClure ..he was a hotty...and yes, he always had a cigarette in his hands.


  4. Good deal on the cheaper board, Skip has had transition lenses for quite a while and he really likes them.

  5. I hate the eyeglass frames I bought last year and can't wait to change to another frame this coming year. They have never fit properly and no amount of adjustment by the optician has been able to correct it. Hope you like your new specs.

  6. Surprised you didn't make a trip across the border for new specs. I may do that this winter.

  7. I got my transistions in Mexico a few years ago, and really like them.
    Good deal on the inverter.

  8. Be sure to give the transi
    hion lenses a fair trial. Some people have a bit of trouble getting used to them, but they really are more comfortable than bifocals or taking your glasses on and off all the time. Hope you also got ones that tint in the sunshine.

  9. Another thought, keep the perscription. A hard copy is handy if you get down to Mexico.

  10. Hope you like the new specs!! Great news on the "lesser of two evils" with the inverter - a little early Christmas present for you and Kelly :-) I can see Arky's face all lit up with his new steering wheel - it's the little things after all.

  11. I've had transition lenses for several years now. The only down side I have found is that when I come inside it takes a few minutes for the lenses to adjust. Had a friend take a picture too soon; was surprised to see myself wearing sunglasses indoors. I still like the transitions because, too often, I don't have sunglasses with me when I need them. I hope you like yours--- and the frames that go with them!

  12. Back in the days when I was working I never felt right about having transition lenses due to the lag time when you go inside. I was always going in and out of customer locations and that first few minutes would not have gone well with me in sunglasses. Now that I am FREE, I love them. you probably will too.