Friday, February 13, 2015


It has been another rather quiet day here at our house in Congress.  Other than washing the bottom quarter & wheel rims of the Motorhome earlier this morning I haven’t done much.  For a 3rd day in a row I have been tired & just seem to be dozing off whenever I sit down.
DSC_3379 DSC_3378
When was the last time you had an opisometer in your pocket?  Not familiar with an opisometer then try a curvimeter, a meilograph, or map measurer.  Well map measurer perhaps describes it best.  It’s an instrument for measuring the lengths of arbitrary curved lines commonly used to figure out the mileage between 2 points on paper maps.  Instructions inside say….’this instrument is used to measure distances on all types of maps & to give geographical directions.   Well typing this tonight I just happen to have one of them there opisometer Mossmagators in my pocket right now.  So how did I come into possession of this meilograph.  Well Sarge in the never ending process of organizing his garage which by the way is the size of a small to medium house came across it amongst the other 742,389 items he has stashed away in there.  Knowing I like using paper maps for our travels he knew just the guy to give this curvimeter too.  It even has a compass on the other side.  Giving me that opisometer brings Sarge’s inventory down to 742,388 now unless he went to town today in which case his garage inventory may have jumped back up to 742,396:))
Been on my mind awhile to phase out my blue jeans.  Wore jeans forever right up to the early 80’s when several jobs required me to wear dress pants.  I seldom wore jeans again until the summer of 2000 when I packed in the last of my full time dress pants jobs.  I’ve been in jeans ever since with the exception of having to wear dress pants again for my part time Mobility Van job which ended about 3 years ago.  I’ve been back in blue jeans ever since but like I said, I’m thinking maybe it’s time for of a change again.  Think I’ll take me for a drive over to Wickenburg’s TSC store & see what they’ve got for me.  Always figured a ‘Tractor Supply Company’ is as good a place as any for a feller to buy himself a mighty fine pair of pants.
GROANER’S CORNER:(( When the Jones family moved into their new house, a visiting relative asked five-year-old Sammy how he liked the new place.  "It's terrific," he said.  "I have my own room, Mike has his own room, and Jamie has her own room.  But poor Mom is still stuck with Dad."
My husband decided life would be easier if he wired a new light switch in the master bedroom to save us from fumbling in the dark for the lamp. He cut through the drywall and found a stash of bottles and small boxes inside the wall.  "Honey!" he called excitedly. "You've got to come here and see what I found."  I ran in and quickly realized that his next task would be to fix the hole that now led into the back of our medicine cabinet.


  1. My Dad had one of those curimometer thingys and I used to love to play with it on maps.

  2. That gadget looks like an antique - might be worth something on E-Bay haha!!

    Your second "groaner" is why we are no longer do-it-yourselfers! Sounds like something we could do.

  3. Can't imagine giving up my jeans. Always smile when I hear the lyrics from Waylon Jennings "Amanda".
    "I got my first guitar when I was fourteen,
    Now I'm crowding thirty and still wearing jeans."

  4. Tractor supply generally has jeans and coveralls , I guess you can take your pick.

  5. About your jeans...I had a vision of you on one of those 'make over' shows...:) was funny in my head anyway!

  6. My parents had exactly the same opisometer. I even remember I played with it when I was a kid.

  7. After I retired I wore jeans for years. Lately I wear mostly sweat pants as they are much more comfortable. I'm getting so I don't like anything that buttons or zips!

  8. I like my jeans when I can get a size that fits just right, sometimes hard to do.
    I had one of those opisometers many years ago , wonder what ever happened to it?

  9. wow.... love the cardinal shot! your pictures are always amazing!

  10. Hmm. I have found no substitute for jeans. However, lots of guys like you that I know swear by CarHarts!! They would look good on you and they last forever. Colors fit right in with your desert environments as well. I wore them when doing soil survey and lots of people use them for that as well. Bet they have them at the store you are going to go to.