Tuesday, February 24, 2015



Kelly had some browsing to do so enticed me to go along by suggesting breakfast in Wickenburg.  Well that was good enough for me & off we went.  ‘Ikes’ is a well known eatery so that is where we headed to check out their new downtown location since moving from over near McDonalds on the highway.  Had been awhile since I’ve had bacon & eggs so I for sure I enjoyed my breakfast.  Kelly hit a few stores & that was basically it for today.  We were home before noon & aside from planting a few cactus plants that was about it for the day.  Pretty exciting eh:))


DSC_0005 DSC_0010

When first starting out years ago we had both a Travel Trailer & a 5th Wheel before eventually moving on to a Motorhome.  I remember trailer tires were always a concern & I would sometimes look at those smaller trailer tires & think to myself, ‘how can those small tires support all that weight.’  Well it shows you how much I knew about tires which was basically not too much.  Here’s a trailer tire site with some good info on tires that you trailer folks might be interested in.  Find The Right Tire.


In downtown old Wickenburg this morning we were surprised to see something rather futuristic.  Six parking spaces with Tesla charging stations at each one.  I wasn’t aware we had enough electrical cars on our highways to support an electrical charging system but it’s great to see this kind of technology forging ahead.  Tesla Supercharging Stations 


DSC_0013GROANER’S CORNER:((   This couple was heading to the hospital with their 16-year-old daughter, who was scheduled to undergo a tonsillectomy. During the ride they talked about the procedure.  "Dad," the teenager asked "how are they going to keep my mouth open during surgery?"  Without hesitation her father quipped, "They're going to give you a phone."


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  1. Is Wickenburg South of Alamo Lake State Park about 40 miles? I think when we stayed at Alamo back in 2004 we did our laundry in Wickenburg...and a few groceries...Of course, lots has changed since then...By the way, Alamo Lake SP is pretty nice, but very removed from civilization...and not cheap.

  2. I have never seen a charging station, but I don't spend much time in downtown areas where they are most likely to be. Loved the Groaner this evening.

  3. Borrego Springs has had charging stations for a few years but I have never seen anyone using them.

  4. Amazing that new technology is right there in Wickenburg, Arizona. Maybe it is time for you to invest in one of them new fangled electric cars.

    Loved that Groaner's Corner too.

  5. Food is always a good enticement! especially Breakfast !

  6. Nice to get out and wander about Wickenburg love the town, and a good breakfast is a great bribe too.

  7. My kind of day... get it done and get back home ;-) We've seen those charging stations in Europe but not is the USA...

  8. And the even stranger thing--they just installed four of those charging stations at our local gas station/convenience store in Big Timber, MT of all places. It's a LONG way to anything in our state--

  9. We are starting to see those charging stations more and more here in our desert. I believe our civic center park even has some!
    Beautiful photos of Wickenburg. We need to get back there this summer.
    Cheryl Ann

  10. Wickenburg is such a cute little town. Thanks for the tire link - few things are more important on an RV. I'm glad to see more and more charging stations showing up. It will go a long way towards increasing the number of non-polluting vehicles on the road. Of course I always wonder about the impact of power outages on your only means of transportation.....but then there's always something to worry about if you want to waste the time :-)))))

  11. I don't think there are enough Tesla cars on the road that a charging station would need to be built in Wickenburg. However, if Tesla does not build charging stations in what they refer to as 'corridors' across the USA they will not sell many cars. They don't want to be in competition with the Government Motors Volt that is only good for short trips around town or long charging times if a longer distance is attempted.

  12. Good for Tesla and Wickenburg! There are many Teslas in the SF Bay area where I live. I had always wondered how one would be able to tour across the States in an E-car. This is awesome!!!

  13. Wow, charging stations? I heard about this, but didn't think I would see it in my lifetime! Thanks for sharing, makes me believe our country can move forward from massive gas consumption.