Saturday, August 29, 2015



Woke up to rain this morning & that kind of set the pace for the day.  Kelly busied herself installing Windows 10 on neighbor Monica's computer & fortunately the install went off without a hitch.  It's the 4th Win 10 install Kelly has done.  After that she linked our computer with her Mother's computer over in Spencerport New York & helped her Mother out with some computer stuff as well.  Closing in on 91 years of age her Mother is a bit of a Wiz on the computer in her own right:))



Having only 32 Gigabytes left on my Toshiba laptop I decided to delete about 60 GB's of photos from my 'RV Travels' folder before we head south in October.  Already have them backed up on 2 separate external hard drives & there's no need to have them all sitting in my Toshiba taking up space.  Still have 177 GB's of travel photos left & if I need to delete more I already have all those files backed up as well.  My Toshiba laptop is my main computer when we travel & our desktop computer is our main computer when we are home in Bayfield.




We have a large screen for a desktop computer & my aging Toshiba Satellite has a large screen for a laptop as well.  In this rapidly changing techy world where the trend seems to be to see who can build the tiniest miniscule reading screens as possible I still like my ‘bigger is better’ attitude.  I do a lot of photo editing on our desktop during the summer months & the same type of photo editing on my Toshiba when we are in the south for the winter so it’s important for me to see as large a screen as I can.  These aging eyes of mine are not getting any younger……………………   DSC_0029

I know a number of our fellow RV'ers are into their own RV maintenance & renovations.  Some of those renovations are small & easy like taking out a few pieces of furniture & adding a few like we did a week ago.  Other RV renovations can be quite extensive comprising of a complete make-over inside & out.  Whether done by oneself or by professionals it is always amazing to see how RV’s can drastically change with just a bit of imagination & good planning.  Oh & a lot of money in some cases too.  Bus conversions & renovations are of particular interest to many like minded bus enthusiasts & if there are any bus folks out here be sure to catch up on what the folks over at TECHNOMADIA have been up to lately.  We met Chris & Cherie along with their bus named Zephyr last winter in Borrego Springs.  They invited a bunch of fellow RV'ers over for a get together & a tour of their bus one night.  And that was before they started their 'latest' renovation which is going on right now.  And this includes a complete new exterior paint job for their vintage 1961 GM 4106 original regional charter passenger coach which was first based out of Nogales Arizona.  They just put together their third reno ‘video’ update & if you click on their site you can click back & catch up with them on Zephyr’s progress.  And may I add these two folks are your 'go to' people when it comes to all the new & latest mobile techno stuff going on out here in the RV world as well.  In their words this is how they describe what they do……"We work remotely as technology & strategy advisors, app developers and authors.  Nice folks these two & you might want to add them to your RV favorites list for sure:)) BUS RENOVATION PART 1, BUS RENOVATION PART 2, BUS RENOVATION PART 3.




Hard to believe next week-end is Labor Day already.  Hard to comprehend how fast time has been flying as of late.  A burst of sunlight through this morning's heavy cloud cover made it’s way through our living room window splashing itself down our hall.  Sunlight in our hallway only happens twice a year for a short time as the earth rotates on it's axis giving the illusion it is the Sun which is moving.  The sun appears to travel northward in the Spring & southward in the Fall passing our eastward facing window casting it’s rays down our hall in a slightly different manner each morning.  We are quickly leaving summer behind for another year as we now swing into Fall.  It is time to begin making lists & organizing ourselves for taking care of the many things Snow Birders have to take care of before their annual migration to the sunny south.  Jeep needs a new tire, Motorhome needs an engine light checked plus an oil change & general check over.  License stickers for all our vehicles have to be taken care of, Jeep needs a protective bra for the front end, travel insurance to be arranged, Coach-Net roadside service to be re-newed......& the $list$ just keeps growing & growing.  



GROANER’S CORNER:(( In the frozen foods department of our local grocery store, I noticed a man shopping with his son. As I walked by, he checked something off his list, and I heard him whisper conspiratorially to the child, "You know, if we really mess this up, we'll never have to do it again."


My mother-in-law recently moved to a seniors' residence where they ask everyone to double-bag their garbage so it doesn't spill or break on the way down the garbage chute.
Since she does little shopping herself, she's asked us to bring her our used bags.  Living fifteen miles out of town, however, it isn't always convenient for us to boost her supply. So the next time we took her shopping, I explained the situation to the cashier, who kindly gave us a handful of extra bags.  The next day, my mother-in-law called. "Robert, can you please bring over some plastic shopping bags?"  "But, Mother," I said, puzzled, "you got 30 extra bags yesterday."  "Oh, no, dear," she replied. "I can't use those for garbage. They're brand new!"


  1. After what happen to Jeepers last year it might be wise to consider some form of shield to protect Libby from stone projectiles.Adding a bra to its front won't stop the damage to the lights or windshield.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Labor day soon here and we hope to get on the road soon, sure do have that itch ya know.
    Good job Kelly did with the Windows stuff.

  3. My mind wanders to leaving Illinois this Winter..We have lots of "ifs"...I am still combating my parathyroid issues...We still have the "elders" to consider..But..I do have our entire Florida trip -planned... We shall see..

  4. I may have to go back to my huge-screen I-Mac computer, but the screen is so large it takes me several swipes of a mouse to get from one corner to another. I use a generic mouse and the Apple mouse works much better except the batteries seem to last such a short time! I need to get a good backup system on both my computers but so far I'm pretty lackadaisical about it.

  5. we only have four weeks til we leave our house, we started early and are working our way through the list.

  6. Suzy and I are installating Windows 10 on our PCs these days, and working on getting Office 365 as well. Not always the easiest and fastest job in the world. Can Kelly stop by here once you get to Arizona?