Sunday, August 16, 2015



To the soothing melodic sounds of Will Ackerman's acoustic guitar the Bayfield Bunch rolled through southern Ontario's scenic countryside this morning aboard the Big EEE.  It was time for the rig’s monthly exercise run.  Kelly, Pheebs & I headed ourselves north up to Goderich on a mighty fine summer Sunday morning.  McDonald's were advertising Angus burgers so we pulled into the Speedy Auto Glass parking lot next door.  Pheebs & I held the Fort while Kelly walked over & came back with a couple burgs.  Probably well over 4 months since we last sat down at our rig's table for something to eat.  Burgs were Okay but at $6.99 apiece it's not something we will go back for again.  No matter, it was just nice for all of us to be in the Motorhome going somewhere together again:))









Kelly noticed a heat alert had been issued for our Bayfield area today so needless to say we stayed inside & stayed cool.  I was needing a do nothing relaxing day anyway so it worked out well.


Finished my book THE MURROW BOYS today & must say I thoroughly enjoyed this step back into a past era of early journalism Edward R. Murrow style.  Interesting, educational, & above all a look into the reality of our times then & now.  I’ve always had an interest in journalism but never had the education, the smarts, or the confidence to pursue it years ago.  Life just kept getting in my way.


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Hadn't mentioned this in my Saturday night post but at the time of publishing my post I was not feeling well again due to some dizziness & nausea.  Tonight (Sunday) I am feeling fine again & here's what happened.  Figured me mentioning this might help somebody else.  Having been unable to sleep in my bed for over a week I decided Friday night to give it a try again since feeling so good after my successful Vertigo EPLEY maneuver performed by my Nurse Practitioner last Thursday.  Using a special pillow to help with my sleep I still found myself rolling from side to side & on one of those rolls in the night from left to right I again became dizzy.  Hauled myself out of bed & moved to my recliner for the remainder of the night.  All day Saturday I had recurring minor dizzy spells when bending over again & didn't feel well.  Things were just ‘off’ again.  After publishing Saturday night's post I went in & laid across Kelly's bed letting my head drop down over the edge.  This was my first attempt at the EPLEY maneuver by myself.  Head turned to the right for about 45 seconds then to the left for 45 seconds.  The left head turn caused dizziness but I  held on & the dizziness did stop.  Sat back up, felt sick to my stomach for the next couple hours but then began feeling better with no more dizziness.  Slept in my recliner for the night & woke up feeling totally fine.  No dizziness or nausea all day Sunday which told me my EPLEY maneuver had worked.  But here's my dilemma now.  Can I never sleep in a bed again?  Must I always sleep in a reclining position?  If so that's not so bad because I find sleeping in my recliner totally comfortable anyway.  But oh-oh here's a problem.  We don't have a recliner in our Motorhome..........................


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Ever thought about all the advantages of sleeping in a recliner?  No, well I have been & here’s a few of them I thought of today…………Never ever have to make my bed again.  No sheets to keep changing & washing.  No more flumpy pillows.  Solves my rolling back & forth problem which leads to my current Vertigo problem.  I can fall asleep & wake up with the TV remote still in my hand.  Don’t ever have to worry about falling out of bed & I don’t have to worry about Monsters being under my bed.  When I wake up I’m already half way to where I want to go.  I’ve never had coffee brought to me in bed but Kelly always brings me one in the morning if I’m in my recliner. Bonus.  Pheebs can’t curl up on top of me if I’m in bed but can & does curl up & snooze on my lap when I’m in the big reclining chair.  And if I have to go to the washroom in the night I’m already part way to standing up.  Yep, this recent Vertigo thing may just have put me on the right track to some mighty comfortable sleeping for a change.  Long as them Monsters don’t figure out a way to get under my recliner that is……………………………………….   


GROANER’S CORNER:(( When I went to get my driver's license renewed, our local motor-vehicle bureau was packed. The line inched along for almost an hour until the man ahead of me finally got his license.  He inspected his photo for a moment and commented to the clerk, "I was standing in line so long, I ended up looking pretty grouchy in this picture." The clerk looked at his picture closely. "It's okay," he reassured the man: "That's how you're going to look if & when a police officer pulls you over anyway."


A man walked by a table in a hotel and noticed three men and a dog playing cards. The dog was playing with extraordinary performance.  "This is a very smart dog," the man commented.  "Not so smart," said one of the players. "Every time he gets a good hand he wags his tail."


  1. You are smarter than 9 out of 10 journalists that I have met. Don't know if I've met enough for a representative sample...

  2. Just need to get a recliner for the motorhome, we have one and I love it, but do got to bed a night. Nice to get out in the Big EEE again . Should have went down to cove on the beach for while too, while you were out.

  3. Well sleeping in a recliner isn't the worst, especially if it gives you relief from the dizziness and nausea.We are out of here the first of October.

  4. Maybe you need to get a couple of those long body pillows and wedge them on either side of you, might help with the rolling.

  5. My husband has an occasional bout of vertigo. His doctor told him to take Bonine which is for motion sickness. We can buy Bonine at a drug store without a prescription.

  6. I've had the same battle with vertigo episodes several times. A neurologist told me to purposefully put my head in the positions that triggered vertigo until I started getting dizzy… off and on off and on… and that my brain would learn to ignore the symptoms over time. It works every time… as soon as it feel it coming on I start "forcing" it to happen, and it's gone in a day. FYI
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. It might be wise to purchase a recliner just for the EEE..Better to have it than wish you had it!

  8. Al
    Your doing alright sleeping in your recliner. I have been having problems with my hands going numb and ny neck bothering me. When I fall asleep in my recliner, it's almost immediately, when I sit down in it ant put my feet up. Not too much of a problem except if you have sleep apnea. Hope that you do not.