Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Cool enough today for me to throw on a long sleeve flannel shirt over my short sleeve shirt.  Clouds, rain, & a few rare sun splashes in the afternoon.  Aside from taking a utility trailer load of yard waste to the dump I spent a fair chunk of my day inside not straying too far from my recliner.  Think we made it into the mid 60's today.  Nice.


In Monday's post I mentioned the word 'toonie' in relation to Kelly's purchase at the Lakeside Flea & Farmer's Market north of Goderich.  With the overwhelming majority of readers on my blog being American I should have explained what a 'toonie' was.  A number of years ago Canada stopped making paper one dollar bills & replaced that currency with a coin.  That coin has a Loon imprinted on it & soon took on the affectionate name of a Loonie.  Next bit of Canadian currency to be discontinued was the paper two dollar bill also being replaced by a coin.  Because it was a two dollar coin coming after the one dollar 'Loonie' coin it quickly became known as a 'Toonie.  I think if a survey were to be taken asking what Canadians think of that change one would probably find we Canadians love our Loonies & Toonies.  I personally prefer the coins to the paper bills.  And there you have it my southern friends:))



Remembered to upload my latest collection of barn photos to my OLD BARNS, SOME NEWER ONES & A FEW SHEDS ALONG THE WAY site today.  This link can also be found on my side bar.  With somewhere over 700 barns now I have to wonder to myself, when are enough barn photos enough barn photos.  Now that my mind & eye are attuned to barns I keep seeing barns everywhere I go & feel compelled to grab a photo of as many of them I can.  Old barns are a slowly vanishing icon in our rural countryside & in many of my photos their continuing & inevitable deterioration is sorely evident. 


Oh how I have grown to utterly detest TV commercials.  Any time I watch television nowadays I do so with my finger on the remote's mute button.   How many more times must I have to listen to George Foreman touting 'Invent Help'.  And whatever happened to that law or whatever that was a couple years ago about advertisers having to tone done the volume on their pumped TV commercials.  They are as loud & offensive as they always have been.  If I ever come into possession of a stop watch I'm going to sit down one day & time the minutes of commercials in a standard one hour long broadcast of CNN news.  I'm betting commercial ad minutes outnumber actual news minutes.  Ya Ya I know.......if I didn’t watch television I wouldn’t get bugged by TV commercials.


Clearing mid afternoon skies soon had Pheebs & I out of the house for a walk around our forest trail.  Luckily we went when we did as it soon clouded over again & drizzled rain.  If it's sunny in the morning maybe we can slip over to the Hullett Marsh in search of some new photos.  This sitting around the house for a whole day is just about enough to give a fella cabin fever!!


GROANER’S CORNER:(( I'm not keen on taking pills, so when my doctor gave me a prescription to lower my blood pressure, I asked him if there were any side effects.
"Yes," he said. "Longevity."


For years my husband and I had complained bitterly about the lack of sidewalks in our small town, observing often that if only we had sidewalks, we would walk daily and become models of fitness.   So we were thrilled when a community sidewalk project was announced, and watched eagerly as paving neared completion.  Then wishful thinking and reality collided. "Well, dear," my husband said, "What'll we use as an excuse for not walking now?"


  1. We don't watch television. So there are no commercials to bug us!


  2. Al and Kelly, Suzy and I are looking forward to welcoming you back to Arizona soon. Let-'s see if we can't get together for something or other!

  3. The US tried to get us using a one dollar coin some years ago but it didn't go over very well. Probably because they are about the same size as a quarter.

    I mute the commercials too. I'm so interested in some of the shows that after I mute the sound I forget to turn it back on and miss the rest of the show. They swear that commercials are not louder but that people just talk faster. I don't believe that.

  4. Well you're right both about TV and about sitting around the house all day! Just can't do that; have to get out at least a little.

  5. I hated dealing with the Euro coins when I lived in Ireland. If you have 5 one dollar bills, it's much less weight than 5 large coins. I think the US should do away with the penny however. I mute the commercians and Donald Trump!

  6. Have you been to a movie house lately? If you get there early you get bombarded with the same adds as on TV! My big gripe is not the adds on regular broadcast stations. They are supposed to be free because they are supposed to be paid for by the advertisements. What bugs me is cable or satellite TV, because WE pay to see them. No advertisements should be allowed!

  7. Must be an age thing, Al. I too keep the old finger on the mute button to eliminate commercials I despise. Grumpy old men...ha!

  8. Don't watch much tv but find the little that when I do the first commercial puts me to sleep so the tv actually watches me.

  9. I find we watch less and less TV because of the commercials. The only thing they are good for is a nap.

  10. Especially love the second photo, it is so delicate and beautiful. The two-colored toonie is brilliant. I think if "we" did something like that the coin dollars might finally catch on here. Never too many barns :-) Timing the shows vs commercials is very interesting. What I've found is that the commercials increase after the second half of the show, both 30 minute and one hour episodes. Clearly "they" figured out we are less likely to quit watching after we're vested in it's outcome. We often record shows just so we can fast forward over the commercials.

  11. we Canadians love our Loonies & Toonies - fer sure!