Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Ooooops, guess Tuesday night's post title was a little on the long side & some may have had trouble opening it.  If so here is a much shorter link to my post.  Just click, ‘STANDOFFISH’.  Sometimes my head don't think so smart.DSC_0047

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When in Goderich at the Maitland Valley Medical Center Tuesday I had intended to look for a couple things at the Canadian Tire store but drove right on by it twice without my brain tapping me on my shoulder & reminding me to stop in.  This morning Pheebs & I headed back to Goderich because we knew Harvey's still had their $3 burger on sale & Harvey's is in the same mall as Canadian Tire.  Ahhhhh yes, a method in my madness alright:)) 

DSC_0027 DSC_0016 DSC_0046

A drive down around the harbor & a walk for Pheebs & I at the end of the beach netted me some Monarch Butterfly photos.  As rare as Monarch's have become in recent years I was happily surprised by at least half a dozen of them in one area flitting about from flower to flower.


Pheebs & I were home by 11 & I wasn't long in hauling the vacuum cleaner out to again suck up all the muffin crumbs everywhere.  A  few of Harvey's burger parts were found scattered about as well.  Pheebs & I have quite a time with ourselves sharing our burgs, subs, & muffins.

 DSC_0022  DSC_0036

Loaded a few things in one of the rig's bins & spent some time inside checking out my recliner area.  Hauled my laptop out to see how things were going to work out when on the road.  A few new ideas, a few changes, & moved a couple cabinet contents around.  No matter what, this is definitely going to be the best floor plan set up we've ever had in an RV.  Finally, finally, finally, after all these years we both have recliner chairs.  As Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners would say, "how sweet it is". DSC_0034 DSC_0040

Four weeks from tonight we will be on the eve of our departure & I will be apprehensively anxious to get rolling.  I always experience of bit of apprehension before heading out on a long journey after a lay-up of half a year & the only thing that allays that apprehension is to get that gearshift into Drive & get those big wheels rolling.  Soon as we are on our way that apprehension immediately evaporates, the mission is on & my focus turns to the long journey ahead.  Yahouie Louie:))))))


Again I'd like to express my appreciation to all our readers for sticking with us & tagging  along through another long drawn out summer.  Thanks to ‘Facebookers’ for their ‘Likes’ & the folks getting back to us in our Shout Box.  Thanks to our faithful commenters on the blog & all the email folks for taking the time to send us those encouraging & heart warming emails.  I know I sound like an old worn out record here again but if wasn’t for folks like you reading the blog there wouldn’t be much point in me writing the blog.  And I thank you all for that:))


GROANER’S CORNER:((  I was scrubbing a bulkhead on the USS Kitty Hawk one Sunday morning when the loud-speaker announced:  "Religious services. Maintain silence about the decks. Discontinue all unnecessary work."  An hour later, the opinion many of us held regarding our daily routine, was confirmed with this announcement:  "Resume all unnecessary work."


Two sea monsters were swimming around in the ocean, looking for something to do. They came up underneath a ship that was hauling potatoes. Bob, the first sea monster, swam underneath the ship, tipped it over and ate everything on the ship.  A little while later, they came up to another ship, again hauling potatoes. Bob again capsizes the ship and eats everything onboard.  The third ship they found was also hauling potatoes and Bob once again capsized it and ate everything.  Finally his buddy Bill asked him, "Why do you keep tipping over those ships full of potatoes and eating everything on board?"  Bob replied, "I wish I hadn't, but I just can't help myself once I start. Everyone knows you can't eat just one potato ship."


  1. Nice pics of the monarchs. We'll be going to see one of their wintering grounds near Mexico City again this haven't seen amazing until you've seen hundreds of thousands of monarchs weighing down the branches of the trees. Fun stuff!

  2. Yahoo, soon we be on the road, heading to the southwest! 27 days for us....

  3. Beautiful Monarch photos. I can't remember when I've seen one in person. (in person? in butterfly?)

  4. Great pictures of the Monarchs! I thought your title lat night was great, almost thought i'd comment about it but my life is just too complicated these days. Looking forward to reading about your travels this qinter, but i've quite enjoyed you summer posts. Yours is my favourite blog, love your combination of pix and words!

  5. You are definitely ready to roll down the road. From the sounds of that last paragraph it sounds like you are signing off for the summer. :-) Won't be long now.....enjoy!

  6. Don't always give a shout out but thank you for my daily ounce of goodness. Great way to start my day seeing our lands beauty and catching up on your doings. Plus that added extra ounce or two of Pheebs always makes me smile. Safe travels...we FINALLY get to move again in 5 days!

  7. Beautiful butterfly pics. I miss seeing them everywhere. Remember to take a pic of the garden before you leave - the difference is always so drastic between now and when you get back in the early Spring!

  8. The butterflies are stunning! I groaned at the groaners today!

  9. Half the fun of travel is the anticipation! We hope to leave about 8 weeks from today...Starting to get organized, and we shampooed our Hikers carpets this afternoon. This weather is GREAT for drying them out...