Thursday, October 08, 2015




Well it’s about that time of the season where we can count on our fingers now the number of truly nice Autumn days we have left this year & today was one of those countable days.  Sunny & in the low 60’s.  A nice day for a 2 hour drive through the countryside enjoying our areas scenery, but it wasn’t Pheebs with me this time.


It was a coffee morning for my good friend Richard & I as we made the most of our last traveling coffee break until next Spring sometime.  A nice Autumn day’s Jeep drive through picturesque countryside & as usual it was another 2 hours well spent.  We were back to our Park about noon.


DSC_0006 DSC_0010


Didn’t have any photos for tonight’s post & with weather still remaining nice Pheebs & I took ourselves for a short 8 minute drive over to the BANNOCKBURN CONSERVATION area.  A great hiking place with boardwalks, a river running through it, forests, a cedar swamp, natural springs, hills & trails.  Bannockburn has it all & is at it’s finest from September to about mid October.  Pheebs & I didn’t do the whole loop trail but maybe one morning in the next couple weeks Pheebs & I will see if we can get back there again.



DSC_0023 DSC_0022DSC_0021



The grey cloud I have allowed to drift over my head this past week & a half has to do with my last & next medical appointment.   Because my PSA numbers have risen for the third time in a row I have a feeling my Urologist Dr. Bukala (he lasered my large kidney stone a few years ago) may order more tests for me such as a biopsy for example.  Here in Canada with the way our medical system works that would mean a waiting time of who knows how long.  Can you see where I’m headed with this……..yep, our departure date for the South-west is 2 short weeks from this Saturday & I see where that could now be in question.  I know I should not be worrying or assuming things but there’s a real possibility our departure date could be shoved back into November or December sometime & depending on what ‘possible tests’ found (if anything) I could see our whole trip south this winter going down the tubes.  Yes I know I have the cart before the horse here but I’m just trying to prepare myself for a big possible disappointment if it happens & therein I think lies the travel funk I have been in these past 10 days or so.  My mind reasons there’s no point in loading up the rig or allowing myself to get all geared up to go if there’s a good chance we may not be able to go.  It’s just the way my ‘realistic’ mind works.  Next Doctor appointment is Tuesday morning & I suspect we’ll know if & when we’re going South by the time I walk out of that office next week……………


DSC_0026 DSC_0013 


Another important reason for us to head south soon as we can is our upcoming Arizona house sale & we both really need to be there to do that & get the ball rolling soon as we can.

DSC_0031 DSC_0041


Some of our Snow Bird friends are already on the road heading south & I see our good friends JEAN & SKIP have left Vancouver Island & are now in the States heading for one of our favorite scenic places, Lone Pine California east of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  They will soon be boondocked in Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills.  And I think that SASSY Gal is southbound right now as well.  Fellow Canadians GEORGE & SUZIE are at the starting gate biding their time waiting for the flag to drop before they make a mad dash over the border as well.  Yep, RV Snow Birds are definitely beginning to flex their hitches & itches alright.


DSC_0032 DSC_0037


At the time of publishing tonight we have another heavy cloud cover over us & it’s raining again.  I was hoping for a 2nd sunny day so Pheebs & I could do a little gravel run around the area first thing in the morning but weather heads are predicting overcast skies with no sun until Saturday so we just may have to wait till then.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll carry out another pair of socks to the rig.  Now how’s that for being optimistic eh:))


GROANER’S CORNER:(( A friend of mine mentioned that she had an appointment with her son's Spanish-Immersion kindergarten teacher. I knew that regular parent-teacher meetings were not due for a while, and when I asked if there was a problem, she related a conversation she had, had with her son.  "Mom I can speak three languages now!" he said excitedly.  "Three?" she questioned.  "Yes" he replied proudly. "English, Spanish and Inappropriate.


  1. Good luck ... always like your photo's esp what looks like an evergreen (2) in this post with a touch of yellow!

  2. Hopefully he will tell you to have a great winter in the Southwest. Hugs..

  3. Good luck with your tests hope all goes well. Not a great mood enhancer when the wheels fall off our travel plans and have to regroup.
    We ready to go again and hope we can make it happen, also wanna drop in for a visit and check out your Arizona house before you sell it.
    Think positive at it will happen.

  4. positive thoughts, Al, positive thoughts :)

  5. Beautiful pictures Al of the gorgeous fall in your neck of the woods and that mighty fine fungus. We can certainly sympathize since we have no idea whether they will let David go south or not. The only difference is, our rig remains packed and we are just waiting for the word. He's had some strange symptoms lately that may cause the same sort of delay or cancellation. I hate getting older and having medical problems interfere with life. We did everything right and it makes me wonder, why us rather than folks we know who didn't do anything right in terms of diet or exercise. I'm with you in the blues obviously.

  6. I think i know how you're feeling. We had to avoid big travel after my heart surgerylast fall, and now withthe next surgery coming up it looks like no major travel for another year! Jeesh!

  7. here's hoping that the doctor visit goes well and TheBayfield Bunch will be on their way south just as planned! sending positive thoughts!

  8. Thoughts and prayers for positive tests and ability to travel.

  9. We had to cut ours short last year because of cancer for me. But...had to take care of it so we can go for many more years instead of being done forever! Sure is complicated for Canadians without a nice warm place to hide for the winter in your country.

  10. Oh Al...I so can somewhat identify with you and the stones...I finally passed my two. I refuse to give up our trip South this Winter, but I didn't have the giant one you did...Unfortunately, Canada isn't as good as we in the US are about getting things done..I was at Northwestern University Hospital on Wednesday, and my doc called me today to get things rolling for my parathyroid (causing the stones)...She says this could be taken care of before end of November..I soooo feel your bummer mood...hang in there!!!

  11. Hope your get good results when you go to doctor... still think we havei it backwards...retre young when you are physically fit and work when you get older...I would be more content to sit at a desk or walk a freight dock now and have had all the time I have now when I was young

  12. Lots of great pictures...I always look forward to that in your posts.

    If the Doc wants to schedule more tests tell him your departure date. If they can't schedule before then just say you will see them in the Spring. I realize you're worried about prostate cancer but most times guys die of old age before they die of that particular cancer.

  13. Al, I so hope those travel plans can go forward. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Mark Johnson can give you some empathy; he for sure has had health troubles. Let's just think positive. Want to be reading your blog for many more years. Must take care of you. Just hope you don't have to stay in Canada for the winter! Fingers crossed for good news.

  14. Hang in there Al. Yep, things could be a heck of a lot worse! Hope all turns out well in the end and you are on the road south before long. :-)

  15. I can almost feel your hitch itch right here out east. I guess the sale of your AZ house COULD wait another year, but I understand you want to do this now. Hoping the best for you and Kelly!

  16. Sending positive thoughts your way for good results.

  17. I can tell when the winter folk are here in the valley when the Thousand Trails park near Indio starts to fill up. It's already filling up and we'll have temps in the 100's this weekend. Gosh, Al, can't your doctor schedule the tests around your schedule? Maybe not, eh? I wish you the best of luck and I sure do hope you and Kelly make it down here this winter. ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  18. Your health has to come first so you will be able to enjoy many many more winters in the West. Perhaps you can put a positive spin on it in that if you are delayed, you will be able to stay longer into the Spring months. Autum is so beautiful where you are. Cherish each golden day. I know you do, from the images you post!

  19. You are in our thoughts as you get your results!

  20. Al, that looks like an edible Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) -- cool beans that you spotted it.

    Best wishes!

  21. The main thing is to be sure YOU are okay, I'm saying prayers for that. Hopefully all will be well and you will be on the road when you planned. Good luck on Tuesday - I'm sure there are prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from your readers all around the world. :)

  22. Best of luck with the appointment! I hope it turns out to be a lot of "worry" for nothing. :-)

  23. Love all the photos at the bridge and that beautiful fungi. You are surrounded by such amazing beauty, so glad you share it with us every day!! I wish we had an off button for worries about things that haven't happened yet - it would make life so much easier in these situations.

  24. I am of the opinion that any medical appointments for anything whatsoever, are for the convenience of the doctors, hospitals, etc. So if I don't feel really bad, I'll put my convenience in the case of travels, ahead of all the medical stuff. I did that when I had a problem with my gallbladder and had to wait an extra 6 months (I think they did it on purpose to get even with me not rushing to their beck and call). It all turned out ok in the long run, and if it hadn't, then I would have accepted responsibility and also be glad I was able to make the trip I had planned for so long.

  25. Ok, I'm not one to step on a soapbox, but I need to, Al. I am a six year prostate cancer survivor. Mine was discovered at 51 years old. If your PSA is rising, that indicates velocity. Please do not say"see you in the spring, Doctor", as that can make all the difference in the world. I had two other guys who had surgery the same day as me; one had put his off for a trip to the southwest. He was the unlucky one out of the three of us, as it spread outside his prostate. Prostate cancer does not send out a press release when it decides to leave the confines of the prostate, so the sooner it is dealt with, the better. If Canada is too slow for your well being, Henry Ford in Detroit has one of the best in the world in Dr. Mani Menon. Doctors from all over the world who get PC come to him. He saved my life. I don't mean to alarm you, but please don't let Arizona come before your health. I'm sorry if I offend some readers here, but I watched my father-in-law die from prostate cancer, and it ain't pretty.

    Now, with that said, let's hope you have good news. I will pray that you do, Al.

  26. I do know how you feel Al. I just lost a crown that was my front tooth. I have had it for over 40 years and it now came out. I now look like a real heeb! Not sure if I should head south to start an implant process or wait to see what my dentist has to offer. I might suggest that you can always fly back if you needed to in order to take a particular test. Just a thought.