Wednesday, December 09, 2015



I didn’t mind having to return to Wickenburg this morning.  Always enjoy taking in the South-west scenery as it rolls by my window.  And amazingly enough I even remembered to take my Kindle.  Had me a hankerin for some pancakes so stopped again at McDonalds & had me a sit down breakfast.   Jones Ford/Jeep is less than a mile from McDonalds & I was there well before my 10 o’clock appointment.  Went straight away to the waiting room & immersed myself into some Kindle reading.  Straight On Till Morning continues to hold my interest.


I’m afraid the next 3 hours turned my brain to mush as my ears were continuously assaulted by one loud jangling game show after another on an overhead overloud big screen TV.  I was soooooo glad to finally get out of there away from all those annoying bells & buzzers made so much worse by the zany frenzied hollering & yelling that goes along with those types of shows.  At least the fan motor & rear side window in the Jeep are fixed now but oh my at what cost.  Between the game show & repair bill trauma I felt totally drained by the time I arrived home.


Ivan has made it once again from the wilds of Alberta Canada to the Clark Dry Lake Bed east of Borrego Springs California.  He has wheels on the ground there right now & an update on what’s going on.  Borrego Springs ‘Booners’ might want to check out Ivan’s observations.


Had been thinking of & wanting to see Mike & Pat McFall since we arrived here last month.  We just wanted to visit with Mike & Pat themselves as opposed to the usual ‘happy hour’ time.    Both Mike & Pat have been battling serious medical problems these last years & life for them is now no longer what it once was.  Appreciated them giving us an hour & a half of their time this afternoon & I was glad we got to know them both a bit better today.


GROANER’S CORNER:((  I get enough exercise everyday just pushing my luck!


  1. Sorry you're suffering from that game show trauma!

  2. I have a bonus when things are too loud I can take my hearing aides out, pretty quiet every for me then. Glad you got the jeep fixed up.
    And the one on one visits are much nicer than the large happy hours, much prefer that way too..

  3. I despise auto shop waiting rooms, usually ask who long and leave my cell number and go for a walk. Sure helps my frame of mind. Hope the jeep fix's last.

  4. It was good to see you both,,, Sorry to bore you with all our problems. We are very blessed to have so many good friends.
    Thanks for stopping by, we know you guys are busy bee's yourselves!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!