Wednesday, February 17, 2016




Thanks to readers for their input regarding an alternative photo editing program to Picasa.  If push comes to shove regarding Picasa’s future I am leaning towards Adobe’s Lightroom.  I see they have a ‘free trial’ version so I will keep that in mind.   For right now I will continue to use Picasa & keep my fingers crossed.


Had us some running around to do in Wickenburg this morning so all three of us were off again in the Jeep.  First stop was the Pioneer Title Company where we had to pick up some forms having to do with our house should we sell it ourselves.  Next was the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to renew my Arizona citizen card which had expired in 2013.  From there it was a short hop to McDonalds for coffee & a couple Egg McMuffins for which we had a ‘buy one & get one free’ coupon.  Drove a short distance out to the rodeo grounds on Constellation Road & ate our breakfast.  Last stop for the morning was Wickenburg’s TSC store for a few things.  We were back in Congress about 11:30.


Neither Kelly or I are rodeo supporters for obvious reasons but we did watch some cattle roping for a few minutes this morning that appeared to be more humane than some of the cattle roping I’ve seen on TV.  The Cowboys weren’t roping & jerking the young calves to an abrupt halt then jumping off their horses grabbing the animal by it’s horns & throwing it to the ground quickly tying all it’s legs together.  The Cowboys this morning rode up alongside the young animal tossing a rope loosely around it’s neck & didn’t jerk it tight.  Both horse & rider came to a slow stop & the rope was removed.  The calf or steer or whatever you call those little fellers seemed to know the routine then calmly trotted off towards a corner of the corral to a pen where they seemed to know they were expected.  Both Kelly & I were at least glad to see they were not being wrestled to the ground & their legs all tied up.


With a nice breeze blowing up from the south I think it was one of the nicest mornings we’ve had so far this year.  I’m guessing temps may have rolled up over the 80F mark today.


GROANER’S CORNER:((   Suzie was all alone. It was two months since her dear Herbie had passed, and she just couldn’t seem to move on. “Listen here Suzie”, said her good friend Barbara, “maybe you should go see a psychic? One of my friends did it after her husband died and it made her feel so much better knowing that her dearest was happy.” So that’s how, on the next Tuesday, Suzie found herself in a dim room with a crystal ball and a psychic talking in a calm voice. “Is he here?” Suzie asked. “Yes, I sense him,” was her reply. “Can you ask him if he’s happy?” Suzie hesitantly asked. “He’s putting his hand to his mouth like he wants to smoke” said the psychic.  “Oh, of course” said Suzie, “he needs a cigar. Herbie can never last more then a few hours without a cigar. I guess they don’t have cigars up there. Did he say where he is or how I could get one to him?” Questioned Suzie urgently. “Hmm”, said the psychic. “I can’t seem to get that question across to him. But then again,” said the psychic after a brief pause, “he didn’t say anything about needing a lighter!”


  1. There is two different events. This has two cowboys and two ropes. Where steer wrestling only has one cowboy, and the small rope to tie up the steer once he is caught with the longer rope. Neither event actually hurts the animal. Used to be they caught the steer in order to brand it, now that would hurt...

  2. What you saw was heading and heeling. One cowboy ropes the head, the other the two back legs. What you referred to is calve roping and the calves won't have horns. Steer wrestling involves a bigger steer with horns. The cowboy rides alongside and dismounts on the the steer, grabbing the horns and throwing the steer onto its side.

    They still rope calves on the ranch in order to brand them.

    I love rodeo. Have never seen an animal hurt, but have seen many a cowboy hurt during the performances. Rodeo livestock are some of the most expensive and pampered animals around -- they get room and board for working 8 seconds a couple of times on the weekend.

    The front plate on my van for the past 15 years reads: RODEO - America's #1 Sport

  3. I'm with you Al, I don't do rodeos and even the cowboy isn't fond of rodeos. When we had cows of our own I participated in branding--I felt I had to but now that we don't own cows, I don't go near brandings.

  4. Another change of pace day, always something to do.

  5. Did you have an opportunity to check out the small city campground across the street from the rodeo grounds on Constellation Drive? That's where we stayed a couple of weeks ago and found it to be a very nice place, especially for $8 a night.

    1. Although we've never stayed at that campground we have driven through it a number of times. I'm thinking it would give one a nice view of Wickenburg at night.

    2. It is very nice and the sunsets were spectacular1 If/when you sell the Congress house, it would be a good place to stay when you want a little taste of Wickenburg/Congress again.

  6. Nothing is humane about the rodeo, forget the myth of rodeos as all-American sport. Anyone with a heart knows it's wrong to clothesline a baby animal, body slam it to the ground, tie its legs so it can’t move, and drag it by the neck. If this were done to a puppy or kitten, the offender would understandably be charged with a crime, and likely be jailed. In rodeos, however, it's called calf roping, and supporters claim it’s a sport. But the abuse of baby cows is just one of rodeo’s cruelties. Read further and watch some of SHARK's video proof from years of rodeo investigations.


  7. Love. love, love rodeos and scratched The National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas off my bucket list after attending it in 2013. I was raised around "baby cows" and they are resilient--have never seen one hurt and I've probably been to nearly 100 rodeos in my lifetime. Now that being said..I've never understood the desire to watch cars go in circles. :-/

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  9. Great post Al!, Rodeo is truly fun but in this age, and the universal animal rights concern of the humanity is slowly putting an end to this practice. Time may come that this will be gone for real.