Friday, February 12, 2016


untitled house
Knew the higher altitudes would be a little cooler so Pheebs & I took ourselves for a drive this morning up through Yarnell & north along highway 89 for awhile.  Turned around in the small settlement of Wilhoit & headed ourselves back home again.  Just needed to blow a little house dust off ourselves. 
house 7
untitled house 8
house 4
untitled house 3
untitled house 5
Some may have been wondering these past few months if we are still planning on selling our Congress house & the short answer to that is ‘yes’.  Back in early September of last year we made the decision to sell it but after arriving here in October we fell in love with our little place all over again & decided to put a hold on that decision for awhile.  Well the ‘awhile’ is up now & here we are again back to our original September decision.  We notified our Realtor Thursday afternoon of our decision.  We just feel the time is right for us to move on. 
house 10
Our little 1 acre ranch style house & property would be great for any Snowbirds out there looking for a cozy winters nest:))  If anyone is interested just email us at & we can send you the details.  I will also put together a photo album shortly & make that available with a link on my sidebar.  Almost forgot......$85,000 'Firm'!!
untitled house 6
Google Earth Co-ordinates for our house………..
34°10'32.40"N ----- 112°51'22.35"W
untitled house 9
untitled house 11
Whether our house sells or not before the end of March we are busy now prioritizing what we can carry with us back home to Bayfield in 7 weeks.    We will be selling the house fully furnished.  We bought the house as is, made some signifcant improvements & will sell the house the same way we bought it.  ‘As is.’  We are hoping for a cash buyer.  If it doesn’t sell we will simply be back next Fall…………………….house 13
untitled house 14
GROANER’S CORNER:(( At a local Burger King an elderly couple came in and ordered one burger, one order of fries and one coke with two glasses. When they got to their booth, the man placed a napkin in front of himself and one in front of his wife, then proceeded to divide the fries, cut the burger in half and divided the coke equally. A gentleman nearby noticed and offered to buy them another burger, fries and Coke. The woman then said, "No you don't understand. We've been married over 50 years and all our life we agreed to split everything right down the middle."  Her husband then began eating, as she sat with her hands in her lap.  The gentleman nearby noticed and asked the lady why she wasn't eating.  She replied, "As I said before, we split everything right down the middle, and it's his day to use the teeth first."


  1. Wow. Quite the decision, Al and Kelly. I wish you well with this, hopefully a cash buyer will show up right away for your sweet little home with all the work you have done to make it so nice and cozy. Lots of good memories for you there I know. On to the next phase of life. I'll be interested to see how you two choose to get away from Ontario winters next season. good luck to you.

  2. Only you and Kelly know what is right for your future. You both have done a really nice job making it your own. You have put so much into the yard and it looks great.
    Good Luck in your sale.

  3. Wow! Big decision! Hope it all works out well for you both.

  4. Well, we aren't too surprised, a hard decision I know. Fingers crossed it sells quickly and you can move on in a new direction.

  5. Big decision the two of you have come to.. Hope the house sells quickly!!!

  6. I kinda thought this might be coming, although I'm sure it'll be bittersweet to see the place go. Someone is going to get a sweeeet little pad in the SW. I'm sure it'll go quickly and I wish you the best of luck in your sale!


  7. Why wouldn't you include the price...?

  8. Sounds like the time is right. Good Luck with the sale of your home. You have done a fabulous job of making the property "eye candy."

  9. You have a wonderful home, glad that we were able to visit and see it last fall. Should be no problem selling it. Yes the time is right. Hope all goes well.
    God luck !

  10. I am surprised. I know you are getting to the stage where traveling around all the time was not what you wanted to do, so I thought you would keep the house and one day, just fly down to stay the winters.

    Now I wonder what you plan to do for your winters. I'm sure you have a plan, so hope the house sells for cash and you three can move on to your next adventure.

    Good luck.

  11. Wow. Are you going to stay in Ontario, then, for the winters? I thought you were enjoying your desert outings. I guess we all have to face the reality of what we can and cannot do any more.
    Cheryl Ann

  12. Oh boy! New adventures await :-) Now you just have to find another place that has such good pizza!! If only we were ready to get stationary.........

  13. With the exchange rate the way it is, this is probably a wise move if you have any doubts about staying in that house for more than a year or two more. We drove by your place a couple of weeks ago while we were in Wickenburg and you do have the nicest place on the block. What are you going to do with your winters? Go back to RV'ing, stay in Bayfield (brrrr?) Whatcha thinking?

    1. You guys should have stopped in Bob. I'm pretty sure it was you I was talking to at Bloggerfest a couple weeks ago....right??

    2. Hi Al, No, we stayed at Boomerville in Q the whole time. I was thinking of heading over to Blogerfest to meet some of the folks I follow online, but never made it. Perhaps next year? And we didn't stop at your house because I didn't want to impose yet another visitor on you. I did send you a Facebook message asking about boondocking in the area (this is before I noticed the email address on the blog, duh) and didn't hear from you so we ended up at Constellation Park in Wickinburg which is a wonderful place, by the way. I"m sure we will meet on the road somewhere, especially since you seem to be headed back out. In any event, our S&B is near Ann Arbor which is more or less on your way home from the SW so there is that opportunity as well if you even need a "courtesy parking" spot around those parts. Take care and enjoy the rest of the winter and good luck with the house sale! Bob