Sunday, March 13, 2016



Even when I have nothing to write about I generally sit down & write about something anyway & so it is the way I begin tonight.  The urge for me to write every day is as strong as my urge to get up every morning.  Writing was something I enjoyed as a kid in public school.  Writing, drawing, & reading were 3 of my favorite pastimes from early on but as life progressed I was to lose interest in all 3 of them & as it turns out,  for long periods of time.  Drawing was first to go as I recall & it never did come back.  Maybe my interest in photography reflects a bit of that creative drawing interest years long ago.  Writing went dormant in my mind for about 50 years with a short insurgence in the late 60's when I had myself a brief flurry with poetry & a few attempts at short stories.  Neither were anything to write home about & my creative mind again slipped into another long hibernation.  I read many books right up to the age of about 36 & then abruptly stopped.  Kind of coincidental that about the time I started wearing glasses I quit reading & it wasn't until we purchased a Kindle  two years ago that my reading interests once again returned.  And that brings me back around to my first line in this paragraph which says, even when I have nothing to write about I generally sit down & write about something anyway.....………….. 


GROANER’S CORNER:((  There was this man that had a dog. He came home one day, and his dog was belly up with its legs sticking in the air. He wasn't sure if it was dead or not, so he took it to the vet. He told the vet of his problem, and the vet said that there was a sure-fire way to see if the dog is indeed dead.  He left the room and returned with a cat. He rubbed the cat in the dogs face, and after a while came to the conclusion that the dog was indeed dead.  The man was upset and asked the doctor how much he owed him. The doctor said, "$550" The man was stunned. He asked the doctor to explain and the doctor said, "Fifty for the visit, and 500 for the cat-scan".


"A writer is a writer not because they write well & easily, because they have amazing talent, or because everything they do is golden.  A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing they do shows any sign of promise, they keep on writing anyway"...... Author Unknown


  1. I do that too if I have nothnig to write about, I made supper, thats how that started.
    Another part of my day.

  2. 2 really great pictures today.

  3. I think thats why my posts have become weekly. Not much to say that I think others might be interested in.

  4. I borrowed your quote for my Facebook page..loved it!

  5. Sometimes them Saguaros tell a message of their own...I think that one is showing its frustration with this year's election season here in the states...

  6. I currently have a little writer's blog myself, along with a lot of on and on raining ... so not a lot to blog about. The hounds needed a rest anyway.