Saturday, July 23, 2016



When we rented an old farm house in the country way back in 1995 I got in the habit of burning much of our paper product garbage in big old steel drums.  That habit stayed with us when we moved to Bayfield so we’ve gone through a few good burning barrels in the past 20+ years.  The barrels generally last about 4 years before finally disintegrating into a pile of crumpled rust and that is just about where our old 4 year burning barrel was when Kelly spotted someone selling a brand spanking new steel barrel. 


Kelly’s always spotting things for sale in the ‘buy and sell’ ads she frequents so this morning we headed off to Exeter Ontario with an address in hand.  The steel barrel was $20 and by 9 a.m. we were headed back out of Exeter with our new barrel aboard in the back of the Jeep.  Knowing there would not be much room back there we had the forethought to leave Pheebs home.





Kelly had a couple A&W breakfast coupons so we popped into Exeter’s A&W…..and found out something.  Little did we know not all A&W’s are the same.  We had just assumed they were.  The $5.99 coupons we had from our stack of flyers were only good for the Goderich area and in fact the A&W area coupons for the Exeter area were $4.99.  In Goderich it was 1 coupon for 1 breakfast but in Exeter we could have had two $4.99 breakfasts for 1 coupon.  But here’s the thing I like about the Exeter A&W the best……no loud ram jam jarring bee-bop noise coming out of overhead ceiling speakers.  Loud distracting music (if you can call it that) in restaurants has always been a big pet peeve of mine!!!!




Well Merikay's latest post had my aging mind in overdrive this morning digging through a thick fog of heavy cranium matter searching my brains cobwebbed archives for the name ‘Wayne’.  Here is an excerpt from Merikay’s post which read, “A funny thing happened to me at a gas station in Whycocomagh, NS: (Nova Scotia Canada) Craig was driving the Alfa, and as is our routine, I hopped out when he pulled into the station to verify where the diesel pump was and to guide him in. There were other cars at the pump, so I was just waiting our turn when a gentleman in a red shirt, who was filling up at the other side of the pump island, said: “I’m glad you enjoyed the Hopewell Rocks.” What? Who was he? I quickly ran through my memory of people I had met in recent parks and at the Rocks, and came up empty. I did not recognize him, so I asked: “Who are you?”His name was Wayne. He explained he had read my blog, and knew Al from Bayfield!  Wow, small world!  What are the odds that I would meet someone who had read my blog, at a gas station in Nova Scotia?  Small world.  Love it”!……..Well after reading Merikay’s post you can imagine how many times I have been trudging through the morass of still functioning brain cells trying to switch on a lightbulb memory of someone named Wayne.  Was this person a reader of my blog or have I actually met him at some point in my life.  I did know a lot of guys in my mid 60’s Navy days on the East coast but also knew it wouldn’t be anyone I met on my solo VW camper van journey to the east coasts New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island sometime in the mid 80.s  I never met or spoke to anyone all the time I was down there with the exception of the very helpful garage fellow in Bridgewater NS who replaced a long broken gas line linkage line in my VW van one day.  In fact I think I wrote a post about that but of course it too is buried somewhere deep in the vaults of my blog archives as well.  Did a ‘word’ search but couldn’t come up with anything.  So Wayne, whoever you may be……..I send you a big Hello tonight:))

DSC_5973Here’s a question we have been asked a number of times over the years and just a few weeks ago we were asked it again,…… “how come you don't do any Canadian side trips in the RV from Bayfield during the summer”??……….(this is an excerpt from a past post of mine) Several reasons for this with the first one being financial.  We came to the conclusion several years ago that expensive travels in Canada during the summer would stretch us too thin.  Unlike the South-western United States with it's large availability of free BLM lands to stay on for RV'ers like ourselves Canada has no such thing or if they do they are very few & far between.  Traveling in Canada during summer months means expensive & crowded RV Parks & neither Kelly or I have any interest in traveling that way.  Back in 06 when we first ventured out traveling down into the States we realized within a month on the road that our RVing dream was going to be over before it barely got started if we couldn’t figure out a way to travel cheaply & not have to stay in costly crowded RV Parks.  In 08 we went solar, embraced the boon-docking lifestyle & have never looked back.  If we could comfortably travel in Canada using our favored boon-docking ways we would definitely have us a second look at some summer travel plans.  Where would we like to go??  Kelly has never seen Canada’s East coast so I’m thinking if we could somehow swing it some day we would head for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and the Cabot Trail, Prince Edward Island, and maybe Newfoundland.  I myself have traveled to all of these places except Newfoundland.  Oh noooooo……… did I just go and put an east coast Nova Scotia/Florida travel idea in my head for this Fall………………… Oh Geeeezzzzz



GROANER’S CORNER:(( Once there was a little boy that lived in the country. They had to use an outhouse and the little boy hated it because it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter and stank all the time. The outhouse was sitting on the bank of a creek and the boy determined that one day he would push that outhouse into the creek. One day after a spring rain, the creek was swollen so the little boy decided today was the day to push the outhouse into the creek. So he got a large stick and started pushing and quickly toppled it into the creek and watched it float away. That night his dad told him they were going to the woodshed after supper. Knowing that meant a spanking the little boy asked why.  The dad replied, "Someone pushed the outhouse into the creek today. It was you, wasn't it son?"  The boy answered yes. Then he thought a moment and said, "Dad, I read in school today that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and didn't get into trouble because he told the truth."  The dad replied, "Well, son, George Washington's father wasn't in the cherry tree."


  1. I read that too in Merikay's Blog. amazing the people we meet on the road.
    Same as you we need to make our dollars stretch plus the fact the we need to be Ontario for 5 months and we spend 6 months in the southwest. I have been to the east coast about 8 times now, once with Suzie, and hope to do it again some day. We do love the Maritimes it is absolutely wonderful. Plus we need to go to Newfoundland as well.
    But don't want to make it a rush tour, we have ailing parents right now so don't want to go too far away in the summer months. If our health holds we will do it plus want to tour all the way across Canada, Vancouver Island and down the west coast as well.
    Put it in your plans and hope they work for you.

  2. There is tons of boondocking and free camping available right across Canada. No need to pay for a campground anywhere. Now, it's not as easy to find as BLM land in Arizona, but it's there if you look. I've written about those types of opportunities a few times.

    Besides finding your own boondocking spots, of course Canada also has it's fair share of Walmarts and casinos where you can overnight for free if you choose. And then of course there are all the free private spots like and

  3. Thanks Kevin and I'll have a look at those links you sent. Yes we have overnighted at many Walmarts over the years. Home Depot and Lowes are always good alternatives as well. Cracker Barrels in the States have always welcomed us too as well as a few Casinos. I guess if we want to go bad enough we will make it work. Has to be a joint decision though and at the moment I think I am the only one on board with the idea......

  4. It is beautiful country, you could chase the Fall colors South like we a few years back.

  5. I don't like to RV the east coast of the US. Way too crowded for me. But with Jim's family in Virginia we do make an effort to get back there sometimes. We hit up a few garage sales this morning and Jim came away with an edger. We were going to rent one to fix up the yard on the house we're trying to sell. We got this one for $20 and I'm sure it would have cost that much to rent one. And once we're done with we just pass it on to our son for their new yard. Gotta love those finds.

  6. Al, you don't have to staz in expensive RV Parks in Canada, There is the "Boondockers Welcome" organisation, where we have been members since the beginning. Free camping on private properties is a great way of traveling and on top of that getting to know a lot of nice people. Hint: I know a great place on Campobello Island. Molly asks to see the Pheebes again!

  7. Well now, I'd say you have gotten lots of great ideas for saving $$ on the East Coast camping idea...I have also been taking notes...GO FOR IT!!

  8. We would like to do the east coast as well maybe one day.

  9. I think that trip might be fun. Do you not have recycling in your area for paper products?