Wednesday, August 03, 2016




How refreshingly cool the morning air at 7:15 as I puttered around in the dirt planting a few more flowers.  By 9 a.m. like a panicked Vampire I had to quickly haul my old sack of sweaty bones into the house and throw them straight away into the shower.  Our morning’s hot sun had swung up and over the tree tops pouring it’s heated rays right into my shaded working area and that was it for any further outdoor activities for this guy.  Will this yukky hot and sticky heatwave ever end!!!!! DSC_0006-002DSC_0002-003DSC_6279

Half an hour past high noon found me in the Jeep heading for Tim Hortons in Clinton.  But just me this time and no Pheebs. Met my good buddy Jim (Lifetime Sentences) at 1 o’clock for one of our marathon coffee blow-outs.  We timed out at 5 hours this time.  Covered and updated a lot of our usual topics plus hit on a few new ones.  Jim and I as a rule don’t touch on politics too much but today with all the shenanigans going on south of the border how could we not talk about it so talk about it we did.  We’re both on the same page with our views so it made for an interesting hour’s discussion.  If you haven’t read Jim’s blog yet you might want to slip on over and check it out.  His topics vary from day to day and you will find topical issues twinged with clever humor, insightful opinions and thought provoking mind wanderings.  You may find a limerick or six and you will for sure find Jim a great story teller.  We have been best friends now for nearly 37 years.DSC_0010-003


Would you believe I never took a single solitary photo today.  I’ll have to get cracking tomorrow or I fear I may forget what button is for what or even which end of the camera to look through…….it’s a Senior thing:((DSC_0011-001

GROANER’S CORNER:))  A patient was waiting nervously in the examination room of a famous specialist. "So who did you see before coming to me?" asked the doctor. "My General Practitioner."
"Your GP?" scoffed the doctor. "What a waste of time. Tell me, what sort of useless advice did he give you?" "He told me to come and see you."


  1. Nice that you got to spend time with Jim again, I have been enjoying his blog too.
    The heat wave will be here for a few more days, so try to keep cool.

  2. "Shenanigans south of the border"---what a kind way of putting it. I'd say the average American is just sick and tired of the whole thing. It will likely be a disaster for us no matter which way it goes.

  3. Lovely storm photos! Sounds like another enjoyable few hours with Jim. Our upcoming election provides great fodder for a lively discussion. Many of us remain optimistic that level heads will prevail.