Wednesday, September 07, 2016



Not a bird in the air not a bird in a tree

Not a bird in the water just Pheebe and me 

No birds on the ground not even a sound

Just two tiny Butterflies in the Marsh we found


With humidex numbers high our morning's air felt heavy and maybe that had something to do with keeping the Marsh birds grounded.   Scooped us a few Butterfly pics then it was back into the air conditioned Jeep and off for home we went.  DSC_0041


With today's humidity factor figured in Toronto weather people said it would feel like 110F and I'm sure it did!!  But no matter as we hung out in our very comfortable 72F cool house.  I wonder how many times this summer I have offered up a silent 'thank you' to the person or persons who years ago were responsible for inventing air conditioning.  Why suffer with the heat if you don't have to.  Looking at the long range forecast for the next 10 days it looks like today may have been our last ‘hot one’.  Happy to see temps dropping into the 70’s and high 60’s starting Thursday.  Very much looking forward to getting myself back on track:))


I’m wondering if there may be something amiss between ‘Blogger’ and ‘Word Press’ at the moment.  My friend Jim’s blog went missing off my sidebar today and I later found it near the bottom of my list and it had not refreshed itself.  While looking for Jim’s blog I also found a couple other current Bloggers dumped down into my sidebar basement as well.  Now here’s the interesting thing…….all 3 dumped blogs are using the ‘Word Press’ platform.  Co-incidental or has something gone ka-flooey between Blogger and Word Press.  This is not the first time this has happened.  We’ll see what Thursday morning brings.…………………….

DSC_0043 DSC_0047DSC_0044

We took Pheebs to the Vet in Zurich Ontario this afternoon after she developed a raw spot on her face this past week-end.  Commonly called a 'hot spot' the Vet shaved her fur around the area then prescribed some medications to hopefully clear it up.  Rather than put a cone around her head to keep her from scratching the spot raw we have taped a sock around her back left paw.  So far so good. 


GROANER'S CORNER:(( A little boy was sitting outside a store eating one snickers candy bar after another, when an older man walked up and said: "You shouldn't be eating so much candy, it'll rot your teeth, it's just bad for you to eat so much candy."  The little boy looked up and said: "My grandfather lived to be 95 years old."  The older man asked: "Oh? by eating snickers candy bars?"   The little boy said: "No... by minding his own business."


Knock Knock
Who's there?
Mecca who?
Mecca me happy!


  1. Must be something going on between WordPress and Blogspot as my list of bloogers I follow that use Blogspot were all listed at the top and the WordPress bloggers were listed at the bottom - and no time as to when they posted. Started a couple of days ago for me. The WordPress entries will be listed at the top when first posted; but after half day or so, they drop to the bottom. Frustrating.

  2. Weird what happens some times with the internet but sure it will all work our soon.
    Hope Pheebs is ok , she is such a wonderful friend.

  3. We have a golden who are prone to hot spots. He usually gets them under his chin, around his neck. What we found that works excellent is Gold Bond Medicated Powder. It helps dry it up and stops the itch. As it is toxic though it has to be in a spot where they can't lick.

  4. I sure hope today was the last HOT one! Summer has become my least favourite season!

  5. I think Blogger is very weird lately. Certain things just don't work like they are supposed to and it's frustrating. Editing an entry after it's been published is such a problem and is time consuming, but something I do frequently when I read the final form one more time. I just wish the programs would put all the developers on leave for 6 months and make no changes during that time!

  6. Same here at Box Canyon... Wordpress not updating on the sidebar, and it's happened before too.
    Same problem on editing sometimes... where every edit of the same post is shown as a new post instead of just revising and replacing the old post. After several edits one time, I went to "Posts" on the dashboard and found 8 listings for the same post, every revision saved separately.
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Looks like I too got lost in the blog wars. ;-( Glad to know it's not personal. Maybe Wordpress and Blogger go together like PC and Mac.

    Hope Pheebs is feeling better! Nice sailboat photo on the header...

  8. Wonderful butterfly, we've seen so few this summer :-( My blog roll has been screwy as well the last few days - didn't realize it was separating them by publisher though. Glad it's not just me and hope it corrects itself soon!!

  9. I only follow one blogger on Wordpress, and I get an email alert when she blogs....Awwwe, I hope Pheebs beautiful face isn't scarred by this ...She is such a beauty!!

  10. Beautiful wildflower photos, Al:) Sure hope Pheebs heals up real soon. Keep us posted, please:)

  11. If the sock doesn't do the job and you don't like the hard plastic cone, they now sell inflatable cones which are much more comfortable for dogs especially when they are trying to sleep...

  12. My WordPress site has been wonky lately, not letting some folks comment and it seems mostly from Blogpot, or Chrome, or..... As always great photos Al. Hope Phebes is back to normal soon.