Thursday, September 15, 2016




I don’t know if I would call it very cool or slightly cold but I did have to turn around and go back into the house this morning to put on warmer clothes.  Thermometer outside our sunroom said 49F and that was invigorating enough for me to clean a couple windows right off the bat…..but only a couple.  Windows are definitely not my favorite thing to do and I can only take cleaning them in small doses.DSC_0012



My Toshiba Satellite laptop only has 42 Gigabytes left on it’s hard drive and with 252 Gigabytes in just photos alone in the Toshiba I knew I needed to do something before heading off to the Southwest next month so Pheebs and I headed off to Goderich to price some 1-Terabyte external hard drives. (One Terabyte equals1,000 Gigabytes)  I plan to transfer the 252 photo Gigs from the laptop to the external hard drive then delete my laptop photos freeing up a lot of space.  From there it was down around the harbor to the south end of Rotary Cove.  No other people at the dog walking area with their dogs so Pheebs and I headed off for a walk on the heavily dew laden grass.DSC_0014


Lake Huron was calm with wave heights not exceeding half an inch.  A soft faint swish as waves eased in and tickled the sandy pebble laden shore.  Just an absolutely beautiful September day again with the morning sun soon coaxing me out of my warm outer layered flannel shirt.DSC_0013


It was another marathon coffee blow-out for my good Buddy Jim (Lifetime Sentences) and I this afternoon at Clinton’s Time Horton coffee shop.  Bringing it in just under five and a half hours we both agreed that had to be pretty close to one of our all time blow-out records.  We didn’t skip a beat as we sailed through all the things needing to be caught up upon after our last session maybe a month and a half ago.  Always lots in common so always lots to talk about and by the time we meet again next April we will undoubtedly have even more to talk about.  Could very well turn out to even be an 8 hour blockbuster:))DSC_0010


Browsing through TV channels Wednesday night trying desperately to avoid the rough and tumble political minefield of our neighbor to the South on most channels I blundered into a real blast from the past, my boyhood past to be exact.  I had clicked on Turner Classic Movies and there was one of my favorite movies from 60 years ago.  'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'.  As a kid the movie was so funny, so scary, and all so real at the same time.  Watching it for awhile last night it was unfortunately not really any of those fun things to me anymore and I felt sad about that knowing my innocent young boys mind had so long ago left me to the harsher realities and logics of an adult mind.  Oh to feel a young boy's honestly innocent excitement again………………………


GROANER’S CORNER:(( A little old lady goes into the store to do some shopping. She is bewildered over the large selection of toilet paper.  "Pardon me, sir," she says to the store manager, "but can you explain the differences in all these toilet papers?"  "Well," he replies pointing out one brand, "this is as soft as a baby's kiss. It's $1.50 per roll."  He grabs another and says, "This is nice and soft like a bunny, strong but gentle, and it's $1.00 a roll."
Pointing to the bottom shelf he tells her, "We call that our No Name brand, and it's 20 cents per roll."  "Give me the No Name," she says.
She comes back about a week later, seeks out the manager and says, "Hey! I've got a name for your No Name toilet paper. I call it John Wayne."
"Why?" he asks.  "Because it's rough, it's tough and it don't take crap off anybody!" 


A retired man who volunteers to entertain patients in nursing homes and hospitals went to Walton hospital in Liverpool and took his portable keyboard along. He told some jokes and sang some funny songs at patients' bedsides.
When he finished he said, in farewell, "I hope you get better." One elderly gentleman replied, "I hope you get better, too."


Two attorneys went into a diner and ordered two drinks. Then they produced sandwiches from their briefcases and started to eat. The owner became quite concerned and marched over and told them, "You can't eat your own sandwiches in here!"  The attorneys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and then exchanged sandwiches.


  1. Something you might consider from one of your past post

    Your choice of all-terrain tires is your best way to go just be careful of the tread pattern you don't want an aggressive tread they have a tendency to dig in on sand that's not good
    But on rocks that's OK
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    Here in Florida if you told me you wanted to go off-road I would suggest to you a very aggressive mud tire. But if you wanted to go off-road on the beach I would suggest a very smooth tire if you wanted to go rock climbing in The southern belt Southwest I would suggest a very aggressive tread
    Now after reading your posts from years gone by you're not an aggressive off-road driver
    However you enjoy standard 4x4 trail with sand and rock
    So where you go 3 or six ply would depend how hard do you want to play
    But no matter what tire what brand or make you buy read the warranty
    If you go off-road and puncture ( destroy ) any tire will this warranty coverage it
    Will your Canadian warrantee be honored in the US or vice versa
    On my jeep Cherokee my 39in,tires are $320 a piece i've torn up three already (2 tree stumps an a truck frame all under the mud ). thank God for the warranty
    One other suggestion with all the friends that you have the do four wheeling when you were down south pick their brain on aggressive or semi aggressive tires
    Just remember the difference between a Rubicon and a Liberty has a larger pro and con when four wheeling
    The more you explore the more you enjoy

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    Mixed Use “On and Off-Road” tires, which combine semi-aggressive tread patterns with highway patterns

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    1. Been reading a lot of great reviews about this tire Ed so I think we'll stick with it. Thanks for your input.

  2. Nice to get that coffee blow out done again before you hit the road pretty soon, before we know it will be spring again.

  3. I like your refreshing temperatures. Here, at ten o'clock in the evening it is still 79 degrees. My son is working a job in North Dakoda and has come home for a week. He can't wait to get back to the cool weather. He also worked a stint on Alaska's north shore facing Russia.

  4. Al, have you ever checked into Google Photo's? I downloaded it on my laptop and all my pictures go straight there, not on my hard drive.

  5. I've never heard of Autumn Crocus. I love how their blossoms are in bunches, so cute:) Love the morning dew on the flower petal photos:) Do you realize that there was not one photo of adorable Pheebs!?

  6. If you put all the photos on the external hard drive, they will not be backed up unless you put them on two external hard drives. I have heard of them failing before, if that is important to you.

  7. Such beautiful post and photos. I hope you were able to transfer all your files and backed them out for future reference. The beautiful photos can be re-post via research paper writing so others can appreciate the moments.