Friday, December 02, 2016



My anticipated sunny day never happened.  Overnight clouds moved back in and that was that.  Instead of a Jeep ride with Pheebs this morning I did laundry.  Exciting eh.  I’m hoping Saturday warms up and holds more promise………………


GROANER’S CORNER:(( Two golden-agers were discussing their husbands over tea. "I do wish that my Elmer would stop biting his nails. He makes me terribly nervous."  My Billy used to do the same things," the older woman replied, "but I broke him of that pesky habit."  "How?"  "I hid his teeth!"


What did the bra say to the hat? "You go on ahead, while I give these two a lift."


A new girl called Carly came to Jimmy's school.Jimmy really fancied her, but was already going out with Lorraine. Some time later he heard that Lorraine's family were emigrating.  On her leaving day he went to see her off. On his way home, he was singing to himself: Note"I can see Carly now Lorraine has gone.''Note


  1. What a groaner tonight! (Carly & Lorraine)

  2. The sun came out here just afternoon and was wonderful, Maybe soon you cam head further south and enjoy more desert places, Good luck there.

  3. I'd really like a sunny Saturday too! After a week of rain out west, rain yesterday, and wet snow today, sun would be really nice! At least you don't have the snow.

  4. The weather guessers have been promising sunshine for the past week or more. So far we got a couple hours of sunlight late yesterday afternoon. Today it's back to gloom. Now they are saying it will be sunny tomorrow. I hope so, hibernation is looking good.

  5. Hope you are having your sunny day but sun or no sun old or new pictures always enjoy your posts.
    Lovely tribute to your wife, Kelly.

  6. After all it's December and supposedly a bit on the cool side. Over here we had a few snow showers but no white stuff stayed on the ground.

  7. OK, the Groaner's Corner made me groan tonight.

  8. Love Pheebs expression...enough already, dad! Love that third Groaner:)