Tuesday, May 02, 2017



‘ANOTHER’ miserably cold, wet and windy day.  Never even went out of the house.  Flopped myself in front of the television, threw a blanket over me and stayed there.  Our only high point to the day was watching the (pre-recorded) 3 hour ‘2017 Inductees to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame’ show.  We had our sound system cranked to the tunes of Journey, ELO, Joan Baez, Yes, and Pearl Jam.  Oh how we both love those good old Rock n Roll tunes from an era long gone by.


I’m afraid I have become somewhat emotionally hardened over the years but there still are a few things that can move my inner self to tears and shake me.  One of those things is music from many years ago.  Music has always been so ingrained in my being and I am never far at any given time from it.  Although I have trouble remembering where I was or what I did a couple days ago my memory is sharp when triggered by music from as far back as the late 40’s.  Music for me is an instant time machine to the past and for that very reason I do not always choose to go there.  Too many memories are triggered, too many feelings, too many emotions.  I had a rather topsy-turvy life and one I don’t talk about much, not even to the few friends I have.  But oh the music through those turbulent decades bring back so many memories for me.  Happy memories, sad memories.  I can feel my eyes well up at times when I remember how different my life once was.   So much different than today.  I think of all my friends and all my buddies from decades ago and wonder where they all are now and did they make it out of the crazy world we all ran around in at one time.  I think of the good times and I think of the bad times.  And then I have to turn the music off and let my inner self settle down again.  It’s an era I’m glad I experienced but not one I would ever wish to go back to.  I do miss some of the good times but know where I am now is a much safer and a much better place for me to be………………..


GROANER’S CORNER:((  Two caterpillars were crawling along a leaf when a butterfly flew past overhead.  One caterpillar turned to the other one and said: "You'll never get me up in one of those things!"


  1. Yes, I understand what you mean about recalling old memories and
    friends...... It can be very nostalgic.
    Hang in there, still time to make more memories!

  2. Quite a few so songs zap me back to an event from the past also.

  3. It is amazing how the music can bring up all the memories of our past. Back the the crazy 50's, 60's and 70's was an interesting period to live through and I am glad I managed to come out the other side of it too.
    Life is good and one of these days the sun will shine bright again for us.

  4. We too, love the music from the 50's 60's and 70's, and listen to it every day on our Sirius radio. I didn't have the trouble times, but , do often think of friends, school mates and acquaintances from that time.

  5. Music is the universal language..We have a wide range of music on our computer. I take all of my CDs and load them on I-Tunes. I can separate them into genres and play, for instance, just "easy listening" in the evening..We have a couple grandkids who love to perform in musicals and our granddaughter's voice brings me to tears..it's beautiful.

  6. Ditto the music "from then" remaining at the core of the soul.