Thursday, June 29, 2017



Well what to do on a gray rainy wet Thursday morning:((  Well not much of anything too exciting methinks so with that thought in mind I plunked myself down in a corner of our sunroom with my book.  Books are well known time honored rescuers of rainy days.


Comfortably settled in I however had failed to take one thing into consideration.  The Pheebs.  She never left my side and sat constantly staring at me.  I knew what she wanted but tried to ignore her.  Then came the paw on my leg with her pulling on me.  About the same time I noticed the rain had stopped.  Pheebs noticed it too and now the pressure was really on.  A small burst of sunlight traveled across the front yard and Pheebs was now standing on her hind feet with her two front paws on the side of my chair.  There was no point in me trying to ignore her any longer and minutes later we were both on our way out the door with camera in hand heading for the Jeep.


Weather still looked and felt iffy so there was no point in going too far.  Picked up a coffee and Morning Glory muffin at the The Charles Street Market Cafe in Bayfield and took ourselves for a wee drive around town.  Even stopped into the Bayfield cemetery for a bit.  Rain was holding off so we swung southeast out of Bayfield for a leisurely cruise around a couple country concessions.  Not too much picture taking but we did enjoy simply plodding along with windows down enjoying Huron County’s rural scenery.  We were back home about an hour after we left.


Short on photos for the day I took a few pics of my D7200 camera with attached 18-300mm lens in case anyone out there with similar photography interests might be interested.  As probably overstated too many times by myself already I really do like this camera and lens combination.  I just wish the photos that end up in my blog were as clear and detailed as the actual photo often is.  I remember some fellow Bloggers complaining about their photos not being sharp last winter and if I remember correctly it has something to do with Blogger compressing or changing the files to fit their format or something.  What looks clear and sharp to me here on my desktop often looks soft and mushy in my blog.  Always disappointing but I know of no way around this except to say some folks did suggest if I used the Blogger writing program format instead of the Open Live Writer program my photos would be sharper.  I was forced to use that Blogger program for a short while last winter but I just don’t like it.



Thursday afternoon at 1 pm found me at Clinton’s Tim Hortons coffee shop.  No not with the Pheebs and not at the drive-thru.   I was inside and seated waiting for my long time good buddy Jim Hagarty from Stratford Ontario to roll in.  And roll in he indeed did.  You can find Jim at Lifetime Sentences.  We hadn’t got together for a coffee in a couple months so with a rainy day upon us we figured we were due for another one of our marathon chin wags.  And wag our chins we certainly did for the next nearly 6 hours.  We’ve all heard of the ‘Flat Earth Society’ but did you know both Jim and I true card carrying members of the Flat Ass Society.  Yes it’s true and for anyone who has sat that long in a coffee shop you know exactly what I am talking about!!  I’ve known Jim about 38 years now and we’re both still as long winded as we were the first time we met which incidentally was probably in a coffee shop somewhere in Stratford long long ago and far far away……………………


GROANER’S CORNER:(( How did we get to the point where were paying for bottled water? That must have been some weird marketing meeting over in France. Some French guys sitting there, like, How dumb do I think the North Americans are? I bet you we could sell those idiots water.


- “I don't know if I just got hit by freezing rain, but it hurt like hail.”


Did you know that heaven and hell are actually right next to each other? They are separated by a big chain-link fence. Well, one day hell was having a big party and it got a little out of hand. God heard the ruckus and arrived to find his fence completely smashed by the wild partiers. He called the devil over and said "Look, Satan, you have to rebuild this fence." Satan agreed. The next day God noticed that the devil had completely rebuilt the fence...but it was 2 feet further into heaven than before.
"Satan!" beckoned God. "You have to take that fence down and put it back where it belongs!"
"Yeah? What if I don't?" replied the devil.
"I'll sue you if I have to," answered God.
"Sure," laughed Satan. "And just where are you going to find a lawyer in heaven?"


Knock Knock Who’s there? Butter! Butter who? I butter not tell ya.


  1. Not a bad day you'd after all.Got out for a bit and coffee with Jim, sound like a pretty god day considering.

  2. I agree reading a good book is always best on a rainy day. Of course coffee chats with a long time friend is great too :-))))

  3. That popup is a big distraction to your wonderful blog. IMO. Your pics are great, I do not see an issue with them. Happy you and the new camera setup have bonded.

  4. When I read your blog your pictures are in focus and very sharp ... and always beautiful!

  5. The pop up requires one second to X out
    Surely we can do that

  6. ...and those seat cushions ain't gettin' any softer, Al!