Wednesday, December 20, 2017


With temperatures dropping below freezing overnight Tuesday’s rain turned into Wednesday's ice and walking was treacherous.  Carrying things to the Motorhome had to be done slowly with great care.  Because of the damp air it felt very cold and of course it was totally cloudy all day again.

Richard's turn to drive this morning so at 8:30 we headed out and grabbed a couple coffees, a T-Biscuit and a carrot muffin at Tim Hortons in Clinton.  With the necessities onboard we were off out into the countryside.  Noticed most of the snow in farmer's fields had melted and if the sun had been out it would have looked and felt like a nice early Spring day.  We were back home by 11:15 and Richard reminded me it would only be about 10 weeks before we would be home and it would be coffee time again.  Yay team:)) 
Kelly worked away at getting things organized in the rig this morning.  It was so cold in there she had to turn the furnace on.  I kicked on the generator for awhile this afternoon and we plugged away at things.  I think there is always a lot more work for the female side of the team with all the cooking prep and food organization, etc.  Kelly is an expert at that sort of thing and I’m sure raising 5 children years ago had a lot to do with that.  With all the driving ahead of us my busy days will ramp up beginning Friday morning when I pull the Motorhome’s gearshift into ‘DRIVE’ and we get the big wheels rolling on down the road.
First thing in the morning we head for London's University Hospital an hour and a half drive south of us where Kelly will have her Cat Scan.  Pheebs and I have a few errands to run with one of them being Henry's Camera Store where I have a few questions about one of my cameras.  Soon as my 'smart phone' rings I will head back to University Hospital to pick her up.  Probably grab a quick McDonalds coffee to go and make fast tracks for home where we will have the pedal to the medal for the rest of the day with all the last minute things to be done that can only be done on that last day of loading.  One fly in the ointment however may be our weather here overnight Thursday.  Weather people are advising of a snow front rolling into our area possibly starting Thursday afternoon.   We may not get out of here until Saturday depending how bad that weather front coming in is.  We’ll make that decision Thursday night or Friday morning I guess.
And thanks to fellow RV traveler, friend, and author, Donna Blanchard McNicol for selecting one of my photos for a Christmas greeting on her Facebook site.  It’s the one you see at the top of this post and it was Donna who added the ‘Merry Christmas’ wish.  We first met Donna and Stu in Arizona’s Kofa Mountains one day in February 2010 when a bunch of us had ‘A Get Together In The Desert’.  Donna (D.B. McNicol) is the author of, ‘The Klondike Mysteries’ as well as the ‘Lia Rules Series’.  Thanks for the offer of a place to stay if we should ever get ourselves over your way Donna and thanks for all those Facebook ‘Likes’ over the years:))
GROANER'S CORNER:((   A kindergarten teacher handed out a coloring page to her class.  On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella.  The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green, however, Bobby, the class rebel, colored the duck in a bright fire truck red.  After seeing this, the teacher asked him, "Bobby, how many times have you seen a red duck?"  Young Bobby replied with "The same number of times I've seen a duck holding an umbrella."
- “Circus dogs fly through the air with the greatest of fleas.”
- “Did you hear about the lost sausage? It was the missing link.”
- Women are the quickest to learn the three R’s. This is R’s, that’s R’s, everything’s R’s.


  1. Awwww, thank you for the write-up, Al. It is greatly appreciated. I really do hope we four can meet up again someday, somewhere!

  2. Good luck to Kelly tomorrow and happy trails guys!

  3. Nothing but good thoughts for Kelly's Cat Scan results and your escape on Friday.

  4. Thanks for recognizing the female side of organizing the RV but we all know that we could not do it without you fellows as well.

    Having said that we all know many single females and males who travel solo and do it all on their own. Kudos to them.

  5. So glad you guys will be heading south in the coming days. Stay off the ice and have a good trip. Be Safe! Merry Christmas!! Look forward to reading about your trip.

  6. You could sell that Christmas card photo to Hallmark. It is so beautiful!!! We are heading out Sat. from MI. Packing is a lot of work but so worth it!!

  7. If the weather is good why not take the motor home much closer to London and just unhook the jeep. It will save you a lot of driving as you are close to Sarnia and not far from Windsor either. Good luck Kelly. Safe Travels Bayfield Bunch!!!

  8. One more day to go , then "on the road again" looking forward to your adventures along the way as I am sure guys are as well.

  9. Hoping you get out Friday but know you'll be happy to just get out. Good luck to Kelly, I'm sure everyone is thinking of her today. Safe travels my friends.

  10. I am friends with Donna and your wife on FB, too, Al....been following her blog as long as I have yours. We have lots of blogs in common. Hope your weather allows you to get out of town as planned. Pretty BRRRR in our neck of the woods, too.

  11. It's going to be a thrilling departure as mother nature gives you one final challenge in your schedule. Hugs to Kelly for her test and for you as you wait for the call. Safe journey!