Saturday, May 05, 2018


Couldn’t seem to drum myself up any interest in writing or taking any photos today.  Maybe tomorrow…………

GROANER’S CORNER:(( Little Johnny was having problems in English class, so his teacher, Miss Wilson, decided to stop by Little Johnny's house on her way home. She wanted to discuss Johnny's poor performance directly with his parents.  When she rang the door bell, Little Johnny answered.  "Hello Johnny, I'd like to talk to your mother or father," she said.  "Sorry, but they ain't here." He replied.  "Johnny!" She said, "what is it with your grammar?"  "Haven't got a clue," Johnny replied, "but dad sure was mad that they had to go bail her out again!"



  1. Tomorrow is another day, new thoughts and energy will evolve.

  2. Have a good night, Al. Thanks for checking in. Appreciate you.

  3. I don't know how you do it Al. I promised myself I would write the blog at least every two weeks and I don't. I always check your blog and love reading it. But I hope you write only when you enjoy doing so. We will be here ready to enjoy your post.

  4. Are you going to hit the road by Canadian roads ?
    Every day you will have a lot of good news.. !!