Thursday, June 28, 2018


Heavy rains in the night had me awake and left us with a foggy morning.  Not foggy enough to deter the two semi-monthly coffee guys from hitting a Tim Hortons in Goderich and absconding with not only a couple coffees but a carrot muffin and a load of banana bread.  The muffin was mine and the banana bread was Richards.  We again solved a multitude of earthly woes and for sure the earth has to be a better place now because of it or should I say despite of us.
Over forty years ago both Richard and I worked at a factory in Stratford called T.B. Woods.  Also working there was a fellow from my home town of Tavistock Ontario whom I used to chum around with back in the 60’s.   After returning jobless to Ontario from British Columbia in 1975 Gary Burton was instrumental in getting me a job where he worked which was at the time called Bettger Industries, later called T.B. Woods.  It was here where I first met Richard who turned out later to be my Supervisor.  Gary worked in the office as Accounts Payable I think.  This morning Richard and I dropped in on Gary and we sure didn’t have far to go to do that.  Gary’s wife sadly passed away about a month and a half ago in Stratford Ontario and Gary was thrust into a world of sudden change.  A change I must say he is adapting to very well and one of those changes was to put his place in Stratford  Ontario up for sale and buy himself a place right here in the 5 Seasons Estates Park where Richard and I live.  You can see why we didn’t have far to go to drop in and see him.  With 3 retired ex-employees of T.B. Woods living here now we just might have to hang us up a sign out by the main entrance saying….Five Seasons Estates Home of Former Disgruntled T.B. Woods Employees.
Although cloudy our comfortably cool temperatures remained until about noon before the sun popped out driving temperatures up and dragging the miserable humidity with it.  Temps are predicted to soar into the 90’s by Saturday and with company coming we busied ourselves this afternoon getting the Motorhome configured to accept guests.  Of prime importance was to get the A/C working which we did.  Kelly’s son Ben, wife Bree, and two small boys are headed this way for an overnight stay.  The kids want to go to the beach and we just happen to live at the beach:))
Happy to say we were finally able to make a little progress on our future RV plans this afternoon.  Some recent events got the wheels spinning for us a bit and I see that as a good thing.  Nothing totally definite but we will probably sell our Motorhome.  We might already have a prospective buyer but we’re not sure yet. 
We do not want to give up the RV lifestyle so in order to do that we have to make some changes.  Kelly has been on the internet these past couple months looking, looking, and looking for a smaller RV.  Yes, yes, I know……we have been down this road before and it didn’t work out for us.  Some additional things have changed from then to now and we have to go with those changes if we want to keep our RV travels alive.  Our hearts are still in the Great American Southwest of course and there are a lot of places out there we have not seen including the Pacific Ocean in California.   And some places we have simply seen too much of.  Those often visited truly beautiful places have not changed of course but we have and in a later post I will tell you why we have decided on this change.
Okay, so what might we be looking for in another RV.  Well let’s put it this way, our Class A Motorhome is too big for the type of RV future we are thinking about and a van like a Roadtrek is simply too small.  We do not plan to tow a car with our next RV.  We have had a total of 4 Class C’s over the past 20+ years so that is not exactly where we want to go again.  That leaves the B+ Vans.  Kelly was keen on the Rialtos for awhile and is now looking at the older Chinooks but they are rare and hard to find so we are expanding our search.  We are not looking for a new RV, just a nice gently used one in maybe the 24’ range and if anyone out there has any ideas we’d love to hear from you.  Or maybe you are looking to sell just what we are looking for.  Of course we’re not completely sure just exactly what we want but I think you get the idea of which ballpark we’re in.  So there you are and those are our plans as of today……………………. 
GROANER’S CORNER:(( Three cowboys were hanging out in the bunkhouse. "I know that smart aleck Tex," said the first. "He's going to start bragging about that new foreign car he bought as soon as he gets back."  "Not Tex," the second cowboy replied. "He'll always be just a good ol' boy. When he walks in, I'm sure all he'll say is hello."  "I know Tex better than either of you," said the third. "He's so smart, he'll figure out a way to do both. Here he comes now." Tex swung open the bunkhouse door and shouted, "Audi, partners!"
- Frank Sinatra once said, “"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. "
- Henny Youngman once said, "When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading."
- "One day I ran into my overweight girlfriend with my car. She asked me why I didn't drive around her. I told her that I didn't think I had enough gas"


  1. I love hearing about your future travel plans. Can't wait too see what you end up getting.

  2. You know our 10 year old 90K mile Dynamax was purchased new, and we still love it. 26 feet. We have traveled up to 3 months in it, and never had a problem. We do love the flexibility of a shorter rig, National Parks, forest service sites, small tight spaces, all are accessible in our rig. Good luck on finding a good one. You know Judy bought an older Chinook as well. Love love love your flower photos. Wish I could follow you around all day as you take flower pictures.

  3. The flowers are so beautiful! Good luck with finding what will make you comfortable to travel in.

  4. In recent years we have been spotting some really cutie, really short class A motor homes. Winnebago & Thor are 2 examples. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  5. There is a place here in the US that sells used RV's. PPLmotorhomes dot com. They show floorplans and pictures of everything they have for sell. You might get an idea of what is out there from the site.

  6. Lovely photos of the flowers tonight, but did miss photos of Pheebs.

  7. We too are looking to down size from our 43 to about the same size Al, and, for basically the same reasons. Good luck Kelly in your search. Glad to read that RV'ing is still in the old spirit there too! :-)

  8. I often felt a Rialta is a good size.

  9. The flower pictures are always nice and colourful. New plans to change your rv lifestyle are always fun. hope you fine the ideal coach for yourselves. So many choices.

  10. Making decisions is hard - but, having choices is fun. 🐦

  11. We have a 24 ft Chinook. It’s blessing is also its curse. It’s small. The big down side is that the bed needs to be made every night. You both have to go to bed at the same time. Our bed (couch plus dinette) was very lumpy no matter what we tried. Our last try were air mattresses. Comfortable, but a pain to set up and take down. We just bought a Class A. Ah. Space.

  12. Have you considered Phoenix Cruiser? Good quality, maybe a good fit. Good luck!!

  13. Is any RV perfect? I've tried them all. Do love my big 5er for a home but don't want to tow it all over the place. Truck camper is adequate right now for playing and I've proved livable for over six months. Won't know til you try it.