Tuesday, August 13, 2019


It was 6 a.m. and I already had the fan beside my recliner going.  I knew it was going to be another uncomfortable hot sticky day and my outside activities would be curtailed to early morning.  Because of our increasingly hot summers the thought occurred to me if I had obtained an American citizenship years ago we would probably be living in a cooler humidity free climate somewhere in southern Colorado, northern New Mexico, or southeastern Arizona.  A little late in life to be thinking about that kinda stuff now but with summers becoming steadily hotter and stickier for longer periods of time in southern Ontario Canada and cold freezing winters still being cold freezing winters...maybe not huh.
Not a lot of extra energy to play with this morning but Pheebs and I did make the rounds south of Bayfield again.  It's funny how I have glommed on to one particular shorter route and have a habit of wandering along those same half dozen gravely roads about three times a week now.  It's so peaceful out there in the countryside and it's where I most enjoy to be.
Home before ten I cut some grass and doinked around with the camper van for a short while.  By noon it was hot and sticky enough for me to drag myself inside and scramble me into the life saving cool waters of a refreshing shower.  Knowing it wasn't likely I'd be going outside again I put on my pajamas.  It was 12:30.………..  
Thanks for your continuing support folks.  You are all a clear part of making more of my days worthwhile than you will ever likely know.

GROANER'S CORNER:((  A little girl was given a tea set for her second birthday. It became one of her favorite toys, and when her mother went away for a few weeks to care for her sick aunt, the toddler loved to take her father a little cup of tea, which was just water really, while he was engrossed watching the news on TV. He sipped each "cup of tea" he was brought and lavished generous praise on the taste, leaving the little girl immensely proud.  Eventually the mother returned home and the father couldn't wait to show her how his little princess had been looking after him. On cue, the girl took him his "cup of tea" and he sipped it before praising it to the heavens.  The mother watched him drink it and said: "Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?"


  1. Have to agree with you about the hot sticky days getting worse then they ever were years ago.
    Be Safe staying cool and Enjoy the changing seasons.

    It's about time.

  2. I feel peaceful enjoying your and Pheebs rides around the country roads. The heat has taken me down much this year, especially with no fans or AC. A hard struggle with these 90 deg. All the locusts are browned now, so it won't be long until cool weather sets in. Haha, then a struggle to be warm. Life is a challenge for sure. Loved that "groaner's corner". Bless that good father's heart!

  3. Not so hot and sticky for us in the road, but did get set uo nicely in the cooler after noon temps.
    It will soon be cooling down to nice fall weather.

  4. Well Al maybe CO. might be nice or Norhtern NM but southeastern AZ not so much Norteaster AZ yes. The rest of this week we are having heat warmings for temps at 113 or more in southern AZ. I need to make a move myself and I'm about your age. But this is not living down here. I say it every year but after this summer It's time.

  5. Loved the gorgeous photos tonight. Feel like I'm a passenger with you and Miss Pheebs in the Jeep!

  6. We broke another record for 43 days above 70 F degrees and today the high beat a long standing record. Alaska Summer normally 50 to 65 and clouds with drizzle. It may be time for a high elevation South West home. Steve appears to be mighty happy in his new location.

  7. It always seems greener on the other side of the fence if you know what I mean.

  8. Don't feel tooted Al. I read your blog mosts mornings about 0330 hrs. I can't sleep most of the time.
    So enjoy your weather. It's just as hot and humid here.

  9. Just dropping a comment to say thanks for your blog and pictures. Good luck on whatever decision you make about the southwest. Be safe out there.

  10. [From Craig] You are just in the wrong PART of Ontario. In Wawa last weekend it was quite cool, and here in Batchwana Beach it is similarly cool and dry. Ontario being as big as it is, one would expect weather variations, but these seem similar to the differences between the northern and southern extremities of the US.

  11. It seems the best one can do is avoid places that have both getting hotter summers and getting colder winters. The only other choice than to choose either too hot in the summer but good winters or too cold in the winter but cool summers is to keep on the move. The biggest problem for you in the US would be health care. What a mess it is here.