Thursday, September 12, 2019


Bugs me when people advertise things for sale and when you get there to look at what they have for sale it is nothing like the ad described.  We set off to look at a 'Beautiful Condition' older Class C Motorhome Wednesday afternoon and found it to be in anything like beautiful condition.  Why do people do that!!!!!  So yes we have decided to continue our RV search for a suitable little Class C or B+ rig to fill up our empty RV spot and hopefully soon spirit us away once again to not only many of our favorite old spots but new ones as well.  As our good friend Ron at Four Seasons Performance predicted, we are beginning to see more and more Class C and B+ type RV's coming up for sale now at the end of our summer season. 

Under drizzling skies with Richard driving this morning we were once again out and about on another one of our bi-monthly country coffee tours.  Two and a half hours well spent and I can easily tell you a good time was had by all:))

Up until 4 this afternoon I didn't have any photos for the day so Pheebs and I hit the Park's trail for a quick walk around to see what we could scare up.  Aside from a few colored leaves and a Blue Heron on a dull overcast day that was about it. 
With Wednesdays heat and miserable humidity once again out of the air I spent time outside this afternoon taking advantage of today's pleasantly cooler temperatures.  With the exception of last year the previous dozen years at this time in September we would be busily planning and loading up the RV for our upcoming Winter travels to the Great American Southwest.  I very much miss that Fall excitement we used to experience when generally leaving the third week of October.  Last year our plans were all topsy-turvy at this time as well and they are even more so this year.  At this point we just don't have a clue what will happen this Winter and it is impossible for us to plan anything.  Neither Kelly or I want to sit here all winter but this year things may be out of our hands.  Doctor Bukala's office called a couple days ago and wants to see me October 8th.  Could have to do with a third kidney stone that might have to come out.  If that's the case I would prefer to have that done sooner rather than later and not travel off far away from home knowing that stone could kick up and cause me grief at any time.  And I don't know what kind of follow-up will be involved after my radiation treatments which will begin tomorrow. (Friday)  Kelly's next London Doctor appointment is in October so I guess we are just kind of going along week by week right now.  Of course if we don't find the right RV for us soon there will be no travels anywhere.  We have no interest in renting an RV or renting a place down south somewhere then just going there and sitting
like a bump on a log for a month or two.  Staying in any one spot for any longer than two weeks is just not for us.  And we have no interest in flying anywhere.  Anyway that is where our heads are at this week and where our heads will be next week is anybody's guess......…………..Oh and did you figure out what's odd about the first photo??  If not, try turning your computer upside down and looking at it again:))
GROANER'S CORNER:(( A man dies and goes to Heaven. He gets to meet God and asks God if he can ask him a few questions. "Sure," God says, "Go right ahead". "OK," the man says. "Why did you make women so pretty?" God says, "So you would like them." "OK," the guy says. "But how come you made them so beautiful?" "So you would love them", God replies. The man ponders a moment and then asks, "But why did you make them such airheads?" God says, "So they would love you!"
A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's perfect." "Really," answered the neighbor . "What kind is it?" "Twelve thirty" answered the man. 


  1. I love that first heron photo!! And yes, why do people do that—we’ve driven more miles to look at “spotless, immaculate condition, everything works” RVs than I can count. Good luck in your search guys!

  2. I oticed that upside down photo as soon as I saw it, but when did you notice!?

    1. I noticed it in the editing stage and purposely flipped it for the blog. The Heron was too far away for me to even see the reflection in the water when I quickly took the long lens telephoto shot.

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  4. Hope you find your next RV soon. Even if you do not get down to the SW there is a lot of Canada to see.

  5. Love your photos tonight. I saw a great looking RV this morning on Facebook Marketplace & thought of you when I looked at the ad. 24' 2008 Class C
    Hope the right one comes along soon.

  6. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was driving about 400 miles in a cold January to see what was advertised as a Class C in great condition. I wanted it because of the floor plan. The Old Man with me really suffered making the trip, then, it was so cold we really couldn't look at it. A "tell" ( that perfect hindsight!) was that it was supposed to have been stored inside. Hah! "Inside" was an open carport not long enough to cover the entire RV. We soon learned that much of the info we were told that day were bald faced lies. But, foolish us---- We bought it. And did we ever pay a price for the next five years! I hope you find a good RV, and are spared the heartache we suffered.

  7. Love that first photo so cool. Good luck with finding the perfect rv. There is lots out there. Like you we don't like to stay in one place longer than 2 weeks year round.

  8. You have been flexible with your travel plans in the past -- when you needed to be. Why not keep pushing in that direction?

    Why do you have to BUY and OWN a motorhome? Are you making an accurate accounting of all the secondary expenses that ensue after the primary purchase? And what about the long drive from Bayfield to to the Southwest?

    Why wouldn't it be a good idea to fly to Phoenix or Tucson, and rent a standard, NON-CONVERTED mini-van; throw a couple sleeping bags and a Coleman stove, and a couple water jugs into it. And then take off, free as a bird, unencumbered as a couple of youngsters! On days of bad weather, check into a motel and get cleaned up. Forget kitchen stuff, and just eat out of the deli section of grocery stores.