Thursday, October 03, 2019


With dawn breaking I heard Robin's chirping in our driveway.  Moments later Kelly and I climbed into the Jeep and headed for London's University Hospital. In our living room window Pheebs with her very saddest little face on peered forlornly out at us leaving.  It was raining and I felt Pheebs would be more comfortable at home for a few hours.  It was 7:08 and with windshield wipers swishing away and skies brightening Kelly and I were on our way.

Trouble free
drive to London with light traffic.  Heavier in London's morning rush but still pretty mild compared to other morning rush hours I have been in over the years.  Dropped Kelly off at the hospital's main entrance at 8:20 and headed myself over to Masonville Mall's south parking lot.  I was the only one in the big lot. Nice.  Backed myself into a spot, hauled out my Kindle reader, reclined the seat and waited for the phone to ring which it did an hour and a half later when Kelly called saying she was ready to be picked up.  It was still raining.  And a correction here....I said Wednesday she was having an MRI but in fact it was a CTScan she had.  Quick stop at McDonalds for coffee to go and we headed for home rolling into our driveway about 11:30.  Pheebs of course was her happy little exstatic self to see us:))

With a dismally dull cold day going on outside and our warm little Vermont Casting stove toastily warming up our sunroom I again wasn't long in contentedly tipping myself back in my recliner and that was about it for the day.  I'm afraid these are not very blogworthy days for me lately but I know this slump I'm in will soon pass and I will catch my second wind again.  It seems I always do...………...
GROANER'S CORNER:((  A woman calls her mother.  'My husband and I have been fighting so much lately. I am going to come live with you again.'  Her mother replies, 'No dear, he should pay for his mistakes. I am coming to live with you.'
Life is like a Rubik's cube...Easy to mess up, hard to solve.
At the zoo I noticed a slice of toast in one of the enclosures.   I asked the keeper, “How did that toast get into the cage?" "It was bread in captivity,” she replied.


  1. It was not a great day weather wise , and ni where for us to go other than hang out here mostly inside with our Blue Flame heated keep us toasty. Hopefully some sunshine soon to give us a second wind.

  2. When one is not feeling well or the weather is dismal it is hard to lift ones spirits at times. The sun will be back soon putting us all in better spirits.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Thank you for going to the trouble to post for us, even though it takes great effort! I noticed the word "toasty" in a comment above. That word accurately describes what it is in North Texas right now.
    92F at 7:15 PM. We are so hoping the weather people have it right, and we'll get somewhat cooler in the next week!! May your weather and your health get better quick!

  4. Oh my gosh I love these pics. Such subtle glimpses of having a little bit of color, but feeling a bit gray.

  5. I really love that first picture of the windowless barn wall, if that's what it is. Reminds me of when I was in the Army in Indiana. On Sundays I would drive in the back country and photograph old barns, some falling down and others just waiting for a strong wind. On time I took my room mate, who was from Indiana. Finally he asked, how come you take pictures of all the falling down old barns, but never one of a new barn? I couldn't think of a good answer. Phil in Phoenix

  6. I gave up looking for a second wind. Hoping to find a third wind soon! ;c)