Friday, March 26, 2021


It was so perfectly not a nice Spring day.  Heavy rains in the night dropped temps into the mid 30's.  Our driveway was swimming this morning.  Icy winds drove the chill factor into the low 30's.  Pheebs and I splashed our way to Goderich and back with a few groceries to show for our travels.  Most of the day was spent in the house.  I did get a lot of reading done.  Must say, after struggling through some early heavy-duty hard for me to understand parts in Passport To The Cosmos (Kindle) by Professor John E Mack I am enjoying this latest book.  Very enlightening and I'm back on track with my thinking:))

It appears I was wrong in saying most of our Juncos had left.  We had all kinds of the little fellers in our front yard today.  


Dad: Son, go buy me a soda
Son: Coke or Pepsi?
Dad: Coke
Son: Regular or Diet?
Dad: Diet
Son: In can or bottled?
Dad: Bottled
Son: 8oz or the 12oz?
Dad: Damn you!!! So many questions! Just buy me water.
Son: Mineral or Distilled?
Dad: Mineral
Son: Cold or warm?
Dad: I don't think you want to run an errand.....
Son: Is it obviuos or not?
Dad: Get out of here!!
Son: Now or later???


What's round and bad tempered? A vicious circle.


The inventor of the umbrella was originally going to call it brella...But he hesitated.



  1. We still have waist deep snow but the little song birds have returned. April is our sloppy mud season and the weather guy says it will be late this year.

  2. HI Al and Kelly, Just wanted to thank you both for the thoughtful card and Little Journeys in Colorado. What a delightful surprise! Bobbie and Mark