Friday, April 16, 2021


We've had a problem with our 2007 Jeep Liberty's rear latch since last Fall.  The hatch door closes alright but the window doesn't and most every time I open the rear door and window, then close it again, I have to use a screwdriver to press down on a piece of metal in the latch so that the rear window will close.  I've lubricated the heck out of the mechanical moving latch parts but to no avail.  I've avoided using the rear door for anything and often stack things like groceries or whatever in the back seat or the front passenger side floor.  Decided to travel a few different roads for a change this morning so Pheebs and I headed off in the direction of Exeter Ontario where we have dealt with a Jeep dealer before.  The latch may need a new part so figured a Jeep dealer was our best bet.  I have an appointment to bring the Jeep back to the Exeter dealer next week and that's okay because it gives Pheebs and I a destination and gets us off the usual roads we so repeatedly travel most every day.  On the way home this morning I took a few photos driving through the Hay Swamp  northwest of Exeter.....

GROANER'S CORNER:((  It's time to give up jogging for your health when your thighs keep rubbing together and starting your pants on fire.


Q: As people age, do they sleep more soundly?

A: Yes, but usually in the afternoon.
Q: Did you hear about the new device that makes your car run 95% quieter?

A: It fits right over your mouth.
Visitor: So, young man, is this your brother? 
Little boy: Yes, sir. 
Visitor: He's very small, isn't he? 
Little boy: Well, he's only my half-brother.



  1. I'm finding the toilet plunger thing very funny and cannot imagine why. But I am. Lots of moss on that log. Hardly ever see moss where I live. But I'm always pleased. Means we haven't dried up completley.

  2. We're big fans of swampland although we seldom visit areas where there are any!