Saturday, March 05, 2022


How do I write about a friend's unfortunate accident by saying what happened to this person made me feel better.  Stay with me here and I will try to explain what I just said.  A fall down a flight of stairs resulted in our phone ringing Friday night.  Minutes later with my severely injured and bleeding friend in the Jeep we were hastily on our way to Goderich's Alexandra Marine hospital.   An hour after arriving there it was decided by Doctors my friend would be staying there for the night to undergo a barrage of tests to determine just how severe those injuries were.  Alone in the Jeep on my way home later I was feeling very good.  Not because of my friend's distress, but because I was in the right place at the right time to be of help.  I felt useful for a change but it was too bad my good feeling came at the expense of someone else's suffering and misfortune.  But, there were more good fellings to come.  A late Friday night phone call had me up shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday morning, showered, and out the door and on the road by 6 a.m.  I felt I was on an adventure and it was a good feeling.  I do like adventure.  Picked my friend up at 7:10 at the Goderich hospital and we headed straightaway for London's University Hospital.  There was talk of possible surgery and we had to be there by 9 a.m. for an assesment.  We rolled up to the hospital's front entrance at 8:38 and in my friend went.  Again for me was that good feeling of being able to help as I pulled away from the entrance to await my friend's next phone call.  It was unknown if I would be returning to Bayfield by myself or with my passenger.  As it turns out, about 3 hours later it was both of us returning to Bayfield.  Some amusing things happened in those 3 hours and I may write about them at some point.  London doctors decided surgery is necessary and I am looking forward to being of help again this coming week when a return to University hospital is required.  Besides, I need more of those good feelings.

As this was going on this morning, Kelly's doctor, also at London's University Hospital, phoned her with the results of her ultra-sound and blood tests last week and with a few irregularities showing up he wants her back to the hospital as soon as possible this coming week for several procedures.  A date and time for that have not been locked in yet.  So, it looks like I will be in a position to be of help again there too.  Maybe two people on the same day.  Takes me back a bit to when I drove a wheelchair mobility van in our area years ago helping people.  I had a lot of good feelings come my way back in those days..................

GROANER'S CORNER:((  A wandering monk walked barefoot everywhere he went, to the point that the soles of his feet eventually became quite thick and leathery. And because he ate very little, he gradually became very frail. Several days often passed between opportunities to brush his teeth, so he usually had bad breath. Therefore, throughout the region, he came to be known as the super-calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis.




  1. Dear Al. I am so glad you were in the right place to help your friend. Not once but several times.
    I'm sure your friend was most appreciative, and I'm glad that apparently the injuries are not life-threatening. Also. I HAVE to tell you that you serve the needs of many people every day! It isn't exactly the same as the hands on driving stuff, but your blog is a lifeline in a really murky world. Your beautiful photos, genuinely thoughtful outlook, and your groaners help so much. Please know that you are being useful every day. Best wishes for dear Kelly with the doctors.

  2. It is always nice to be needed. All we have to do is look at our beloved Yuama and Pheebs. So glad you were there for your friend. You are truly his friend. Sure do hope all goes well with Kelly's doctor visit.

  3. Your acts of kindness give you a good feeling and are so appreciated by those you are helping. Good thoughts and prayers for Kelly and your friend.

  4. Prayers and thoughts for Kelly, and your friend, as well as for you so you can keep helping those who need it!

  5. What a great friend you are and that is what friendship is all about, I guess. Let hope your friend and Kelly are going to come out on top and all will be better soon. As a faithful follower and fellow blogger I appreciate all your posts. Sometimes no words are needed as you treat us to your wonderful photos and take the effort to produce a "Groaner" to lift our spirits. Thanks Al.

  6. Nice to be helpful to someone regardless of the circumstances.