Thursday, September 15, 2022


Just me in the Jeep on this sunny 42F morning heading for an 8 a.m. appointment at the  Napa Garage in Goderich.  Kelly and I determined the rattling sound under the Jeep was the tailpipe which had become detached from the muffler.  The Napa Garage had put a new muffler on the Jeep back in 2019.  Up on the hoist, they determined that yes it was the tailpipe so had to order a new one.  I have to go back at the same time Friday morning to have that tailpipe installed.  A couple other stops while in Goderich this morning and I was off for home.
Okay, so what's happening here at the Bayfield Bunch this past couple of days!!  It was nearly 20 years ago when we moved here to our present location at The Bayfield Pines. (formally Five Season's Estates)  It's a land-lease community and it does have its rules and regulations written into the lease.  One of those rules states only 2 vehicles per unit.  I understand and agree with that but when we moved here we had a car, a pick-up truck, and a travel trailer.  Luckily for us, the old owners never enforced that rule and over the years we basically always had 3 vehicles here including various motorhomes.  As of last week and at the moment, we have 4 vehicles.  We knew when the Park was for sale these past few years that new owners whoever they might be could very well enforce that 2 vehicle limit.  We kept our fingers crossed.  However, Thursday afternoon, we and others received notice that we had until November 1rst to comply with the lease which states 2 vehicles only.  The writing was finally on the wall for us and this notification forced us to finally stop waffling and make some difficult vehicle decisions.  Decisions we had been putting off this past year or so.  In other words, two vehicles had to go.
Ever since our last trip to the great American Southwest, we have been clinging to the ever-dwindling thread of hope that at some point we would at least make it back there one more time with our present RV.  Even knowing the odds were stacked against us we didn't give up hope......until yesterday.  Making the decision to sell our beloved Class C Winnebago Itasca Spirit motorhome wasn't easy but it's the logical thing for us to do.  Every RVer at some point has their day when it is time to hang up the keys, throw in the towel, and call it quits.  Thursday was that day for us.  The 2 vehicle limit was the final nail in the coffin and the following reasons are the other nails that finally nailed the lid down on us.
Health Insurance is not something American travelers have to worry about traveling in their own country but we Canadians traveling in the states need to buy extra travel insurance for the time we are down there.  Traveling south of the border without travel insurance is foolishly pushing the envelope and can financially ruin someone if they become sick or are injured and incur very expensive medical bills.  Depending on one's age, health, and medical records it is not unusual for many Seniors to pay thousands of dollars for their winter stays in the South.  I know we did before we even crossed the age barrier or had any serious medical problems.  With Kelly's progressive liver disease and auto-immune concerns and my previous diagnosis of diabetes and prostate cancer, we might not have even been able to get insurance and if we did we could never have afforded it.  Another big concern with Kelly's condition is what happened to her last March when all of a sudden an ambulance had to be called for her.  That resulted in two hospitals, 3 blood transfusions, and a week in University Hospital in London.  What would happen if that occurred again and we were boondocked somewhere out in the middle of the Sonoran desert somewhere.  It is definitely a reality factor that has to be thought about and taken seriously.  Add to that the Covid thing which could rear its ugly head again at any time with all its related repercussions and border madness.  And double add to that the state of our beloved second home right now.  I'm talking about America of course.  I feel it is a powder keg with a lit fuse right now and we don't want to be there when it blows.  We were soooooo fortunate to have had the 13 years of winter travels that we did.  It was a different America at that time and we loved being there.  Loved it so much that we even bought a house in Arizona one time.  We never really worried about anything too much back in those days but it is definitely not the same America now:((  
So, with the motorhome decision made we had one other vehicle decision to make and our first thoughts were the Jeep, but after sleeping on it and thinking about it more, Kelly thought it would be better to sell the 2004 Pontiac Sunfire instead of the Jeep.  And I agreed.  Actually, I'm quite happy with the thought of not giving up the Jeep despite a few problems it has.  It's a good winter and gravel road vehicle for Pheebs and I so we will continue to use the Jeep for our morning travels.  Once the Sunfire is sold, the Subaru will take its place for Kelly to use.  Any trips we do like the London Hospital or day trips we will do in the Subaru.  So, we booked the Sunfire in for a pre-safety check Monday morning at the Bayfield Garage.  I will begin clearing Scooter out tomorrow and we will list it for sale in the next few days.  It will also have to go in for a pre-safety check.  This all came about rather quickly Thursday afternoon but the decision we had been avoiding, had been a very long time coming.............
By the way, I do agree with the new owner's thoughts about a two-vehicle limit per unit and there is a good reason for that.  The words 'trailer-trash' didn't just fall out of the sky one day.  If rules are not in place and followed there are those who would for sure take advantage of that and we have all driven through mobile home Parks where rules were not followed and we have all seen the results of that.  Trailer-trash indeed.  Our Park is by far the nicest mobile home Park in the whole area and it's not only we the residents who want to keep it that way, but it is the new owner's intent as well:))
Does a clean house indicate that there is a broken computer in it?
- Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
- Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
- On electric toasters, why do they engrave the message “one slice?” How many pieces of bread do they think people are really gonna try to stuff in that slot?
- Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?
- Why is it that no plastic garbage bag will open from the end you first try?
- How do those dead bugs get into those closed light fixtures?
- Considering all the lint you get in your dryer, if you kept drying your clothes would they eventually just disappear?
- Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that's falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?
- Is it true that the only difference between a yard sale and a trash pickup is how close to the road the stuff is placed?
- In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?
- How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?
- If at first you don't succeed, shouldn't you try doing it like your wife told you to do it? And obviously if at first you don't succeed, then don't take up sky diving!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Ozzie who?
Ozzie you later!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Pablo who?
Pablo your horn!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Pammy who?
Pammy the key, the door is locked!

Why did the chicken join the gym?  To work on his pecks!





  1. So very sad to read about the end of your travels. I'd suggest that you talk to your new park owner and ask for permission for the RV to remain and explain it is your last life ability to get out and take in some sights overnight here and there and ask for one more year. Explain you've had it the comfort of 20 years and generally the RV parks there for about 6 months of the year and there has never been anyone who was bothered by it. As a former property manager, exceptions are made and in your case, warranted. The park owner can't address the matter if he does not know the story. A simple explanation of "We are seniors, and our only chance of a vacation is to be able to hop into our little RV and take 3 or so days and go off to explore in a reasonable safe distance from our home. And ask for permission to keep it for at least one more year. I think you will be sorry in hindsight for not at least trying.

    1. But what if others want the same consideration because they can present the same argument?

  2. I think you're doing the right thing in selling the motorhome. You haven't really used it since buying it and with Kelly's health issues it's not wise to travel distances. We did the same thing and it was hard at first but we soon realized we did the right thing. Hope you can sell both of them soon.

  3. As a former teacher, I am all about the rule that what applies to one applies to all. Making exceptions invalidates the rule. I am so sorry that you have had to reach this decision, But do think it is the right one. It's been 9 years since we had to make the same decision based on health. The memories of our RVing days are much treasured when I look back on my life, though. You can revisit when you feel like it via your wonderful blog photos. And most important for selfish reasons, I sure hope you keep us in your life. Good luck in selling your two vehicles.

  4. Here in California RV storage is always an issue. We live in a senior community and they have seaparate strorage lots for owners to use (of course for a fee). You might want to mention that to the new ower as it would make his propety more valuable and attract new owners.

  5. Definitely a logical decision. On the bright side, the motorhome has probably been a good investment. You'll likely be able to sell it for more than you paid for it.

  6. Hey pops, sorry to hear about the RV. I know (and understand) the love of the freedom. It definitely seems to be the right decision for sure.

  7. Sorry to see Scooter go, but I do think you have made the right decision. You can still do some enjoyable day trips. The other option for a couple of nights exploring Ontario, is RVeasy Folks rent out their RV’s….not cheap, but still a way to get the open road feeling for a night or two…..

  8. Your decisions are well thought out - & instead of my 2 cents, I will just wish you health & happiness. Always.! The Bayfield Bunch is a lovely family.

  9. As Cactus Flower said, your decisions are well thought out. Difficult decision to have made. Mike and I wish you, Kelly and Pheebs all the best--you guys are a big part of our RVing history.

  10. These decisions are so difficult. But once you and Kelly were on the same wave length I'm sure you both felt at peace. God bless.

  11. Given Kelly's health, I think you made good decisions. And we both have our memories. I live on my memories!

  12. When you're struggling making a decision and something comes along that makes it necessary it becomes much easier! It's so sad that our wonderful country is a place to avoid these days - but you're so right that this isn't the same safe place it once was. Looking forward to your continued local adventures.

  13. Adam has said we need another storage lot so this is the alternative but he would charge for its use

  14. Its not for me to voice an opinion. Each of our aging selves have to decide what is best to sustain our families. I admire your ability to make such hard choices. Yet but i do hope you continue your blog and posting the uniquely outstanding photos. They are truly professional quality. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty in the mundane all these years

  15. Thank you Emjay, you have been a long time reader.

  16. starflight747@gmail.comSunday, September 18, 2022

    You wrote "but it is definitely not the same America now:(( "
    Yes, I am agree with you . I did 8 trips to Arizona..Now .I think about the spend winter time at Vancouver Island ....but.... o, Boy its another storry

  17. Now those are some hard decisions. Sounds like they are well thought out. Please don't stop with your beautiful photos and your daily lives. I've followed a long time and you are my friends!