Wednesday, February 22, 2023


The big winter storm sweeping across North America is now on our doorstep.  Snowfall is increasing and I can hear the wind in the pine trees.  It's almost a guarantee that we will lose our power at some point so we have been preparing for that.  I fired up the generator in our RV to make sure it was good to go, and it was.  We have filled up jugs with water, amassed our candles, brought our Buddy Heater in with 5 propane bottles, and have our two-burner propane camping stove standing by.  I topped up all the bird feeders and charged up my Kindle, laptop, and main flashlight.  I am posting this early before everything goes black!!


8am: Too tired to think.

Noon: Too tired to think.

5pm: Too tired to think.

Midnight: How do dragons blow out candles?


  1. 97F at Falcon Lake Texas today . Boondocking in that heat is not wonderful.

  2. Lets hope you won't need any of these, but you are certainly well prepared. Stay warm!

  3. Time to hunker down. Maybe this will be the last big one?

  4. Even your beloved Arizona is getting it bad.... all the way down to the border!

  5. That storm is everywhere--even in Arizona. The wind blew so hard yesterday in Bisbee that it toppled communication and power poles--I think the weather forecaster said 75mph! The wind took our two person metal swing off the porch and out into the yard. The Dragoons are totally white this morning. This has been the coldest winter we've ever experienced in Arizona!

  6. Yes like the others who are here in AZ. it has been bitter cold in Tucson and yesterdays winds snapped light piles making lots of tooth picks. The night before they said to be prepaired for loss of electric. I made sure all my electronics were charged, I have a small 300w power station so made sure that was ready to go also. Won't run to much but at least keep my e reader and phone charge and some of my lanters. But no loss at my place.
    Stay safe.