Tuesday, September 05, 2023


Another hot and humid day complete with mosquitos. Every time I sat down and tried to think of something to write today, I came up blank............... 

Al's Music Box:)) Funny How Time Slips Away by Billy Walker was released as a single in 1961.  The song was written by Willie Nelson.

GROANER'S CORNER:(( A man was sitting in a bar and noticed a group of people using sign language. He also noticed that the bartender used sign language to speak to them.  When the bartender returned to him, the man asked how he had learned to use sign language. The bartender explained that these were regular customers and had taught him to speak in sign. The man thought that was great.  A few minutes later the man noticed that the people in the group were waving their hands around very wildly. The bartender looked over and signed "Now cut that out! I warned you!" and threw the group out of the bar.  The man asked why he had done that and the bartender said, "If I told them once I told them 100 times - NO SINGING IN THE BAR!!

An insurance agent's wife was learning to drive when the brakes failed. "What should I do?" she cried. "Brace yourself, and try to hit something cheap."




  1. Hot and humid with
    mosquitoes, yuck!
    Hopefully tomorrow it will be nicer out and you can enjoy your day,-Mary

  2. Well Al I have been writing my blog for 16 years now and there is definitely blank spots in that time period. What I do these days is write a blog hint on note paper on the kitchen table every time I have a little idea or something happens. My Memory? does not retain short thoughts any more. Keeping ideas for the blog entry has gotten to be a significant trouble for me at only 77 yo. Thus the note pad on the table.

  3. Me too. This heat has wiped the board.

  4. Love the beaver joke. : -) Blank is fine. : -) Thanks for saying hi just the same. Love your shady yard pic. It is an inspiration. We will get there! : -)